1. Valdo Franc just let him finish so you can use the supposed dumb things he says against him.

    2. @Mason, What happened In cuba? but he didn’t answer the damn question. He rambles on about his lies and never answered the question.

    1. @alex kayode
      Maybe – if Hannibal Lecter were real and we gave him a lobotomy and elected him, just maybe….

  1. Why doesn’t he just say I’m dumb and the task force doctors have a high level of intelligence… end press conference on a high note

    1. iB Amil Why doesn’t he just replace the task force with the (quacks) doctors & scientist that he believes in; the ones that he continues to reference ??

    1. Yeah, didn’t old hermmie cain get some of that?
      I’d like to ask him how’s the weather down where he’s at now.

    2. SkyGemini wow I am not a tRump or Cain fan; but you went to the gutter with that one. That was very debase and classless

  2. Imagine just how stupid and naive you’d have to be to believe a word that comes out of this clowns mouth. Just wow.

    1. @leodragon very well said… It’s pointless to argue with a Trump supporter though Bro… If they’re STILL following this clown at this point, they are too far gone…

    2. @Lewis JL Maybe you have no idea that these chinese posters post tension creating subjects on both democrat and republican channels to put Americans at odds. Same with the UAE.

  3. Pretty soon, trump will be reduced to answering all questions like this:

    “Person, man, woman, camera, TV”.

    1. i don,t know that person, that man was just a coffee boy. i never paid that woman .don,t believe what you see on camera. i,m the lying orange king of tv. VOTE BLUE BE SAFE ALL

  4. If a Democratic president and the Democrats downplayed a pandemic the way that Donald Trump and the Republicans did, the Republicans would go berserk hypocritically!

    1. Obama handed out millions to the terrorist we are fighting.. Hillary drop the ball and let our troops die… Justice is coming… Trump 2020

    2. @keir farnum, they’d also claim credit for all of those accomplishments. “Oh, well, it happened when a Democrat was in office, but it was because of Republicans!”

      It’s how they try to explain away the fact that the country ALWAYS does better economically under Democrats than under Republicans. Recessions happen under Republicans; recoveries happen under Democrats.

    3. You need to inform your self before writing stupidity. First you really need common sense. That’s a most. Is out here. Lazy people keep talking Bull’s Adam Shittf

    1. Melissa H, I’ve noticed his tired looking face also. He needs restful sleep, a healthy diet and a cup of hot lemon flavored bleach.

    1. Trump’s Fuhrerbunker propaganda is warping reality with phantom talk.. The Republicans need to brace themselves for the Blitzkrieg of defeat in November and try to salvage the senate. Trump should be thinking of his escape from the Southern District of New York and the long arm of justice. Time is running out Tik Tok Tik Tok Tik Tok….

    1. Check out my investigation reports on his lies and propaganda, including hydroxychloroquine.
      (Link to the downloadable PDF FORMAT of the reports is also available in the comments section of the videos)

    1. Ducky’s family has the money in HCQ and has for over 3 months. Why does CNN not verify this and run a short special on how much stock they purchased right before Ducky started talking about how great is is.

  5. “Hydroxi” has no support from real doctors.
    However, the doctors who believe in demon semen like it a lot.

    1. You So Sick!!!! Worse than the CoviDems-19Virus. Real Hilarious Hilary Deplorables in action. So Stupid

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