Activists Jane Fonda, Tara Houska Battle Oil Pipeline: 'This Is Theft Of Land' 1

Activists Jane Fonda, Tara Houska Battle Oil Pipeline: ‘This Is Theft Of Land’


The Line 3 pipeline protest against the new pipeline, which would carry oil across Minnesota's environmentally sensitive tribal lands, is discussed by actor and activist Jane Fonda and activist Tara Houska, who joins The ReidOut live from the protest site.
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    1. Or maybe one day we will stop blowing our gov’t, I have. Never bought a smartphone, don’t use banks or credit cards or social media. Stopped driving. I have so few metadata links as far as the gov’t is concerned, I haven’t even left my home in years LOL Keep them in the dark and see how they like it LOL

  1. In a 2012 study, on some reservations, the murder rate for Native American women is 12x higher than the national average.
    In a 2016 study, the leading cause of death for Native American girls under 20 is homicide.
    And in 2016, the FBI’s data shows that 5,712 missing Native American women were reported missing. 669 remain unsolved.

    1. I did not know about these terrible MMIW statistics–fellow humans–until I moved to Montana 18 months ago from the cosmopolitan state of Idaho. By that, I intend criticism of non-Native communities that do not provide public information concerning the loss of so many women, it should not be so heavily placed on tribal shoulders.

    1. @J you mean to tell me that these Indian casinos font pull in millions a year and that the only excuse they have for not paying taxes is because their a sovbentry nation.

    2. @espada9 I’ve paid more taxes in my life than most people make pffftt. I cured that though in retirement lol

  2. The criminal gov’t never censors or silences liars, it only attacks truth tellers. The censoring of my comments is a compliment 🙂 Hello Leidos, Mantech, Raytheon, CyberSpace software programs for propaganda & censorship.

  3. Back when H. Clinton was Sec of State they rammed through a second line on the same route with NO oversight or public input whatsoever. The new, larger, line was to return the diluent back to Canada for reuse in watering down the oil sludge so that it can actually be pumped.

    1. it’s not watered down, it’s diluted with toxic chemicals. please ask an engineer in the field to get the facts correct. we don’t want to mislead the public about the toxicity of it’s contents.

    2. @J Lol. Watered down is a laypersons term–I was speaking to my audience. Most of the recipes for Diluents are secret and proprietary, and yes, very toxic. ‘Watering Down’ is the correct terminology when you are trying to make a fluid, more fluid, for pumping or other uses. I am an Environmental Engineer and worked on environmental cleanup for over twenty five years. I have even worked in the Athebasca Fields in Alberta. I am All But Dissertation on my PhD in Environmental Engineering. What I wanted folks to take away is that BOTH parties do horrible things for money, but one side is much much worse. You can never trust any politician. Never. We need oversight and politicians need to be removed from the EPA so that it will be able to do its job without interference from politicians and agendas. For the record, there is no way to safely extract that oil for use. It should be left where it is. Due to extraction and processing issues, it is the most environmentally toxic oil on the planet. Canada sold the rights to it decades ago and, with their laws, there is no way to stop the extraction, but we should. This stuff is a nightmare. Nice to meet you–thank you for the reply. I should have worded it better. See you at the protests.

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  5. Do you ever get up in the morning and wash yourself in oil? then go boil some eggs in oil? then drink a cup of oil?
    Cyber attacks are the new warfare so will US weapons, vehicles and battleships now be sold as scrap metal?
    Humans drink water not oil, humans eat meat and veggies not gun turrets and bullets.

  6. 35th generation Deb Haaland must think it’s odd that 2nd generation Traitor Trump talks about patriotism.

  7. They need to clean up and replace where the old pipeline is! No rerouting and destroying native land. Better yet cap it. We need to lessen our oil usage to clean up the earth! Now!!!!

  8. Enbridge pipeline was purchased in Canada by an Enron VP who jumped with his golden parachute just before Enron tanked and took down its employees pensions etc No jail time for this guy.

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