Rep. Colin Allred On The ‘Dangerous’ Recent Voter Suppression Laws 1

Rep. Colin Allred On The ‘Dangerous’ Recent Voter Suppression Laws


Rep. Colin Allred (D-TX), a former voting rights attorney, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and what both bills could do counter voter suppression laws that have already passed in state legislatures. Rep. Allred tells Lawrence, “the moment that any legislature in this country overturns an election is the moment that our democracy is irreparably damaged.”
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  1. Joe Biden’s greatest accomplishment will be showing Americans how Great Donald Trump really was!

    1. @FinnFan33 Those numbers are always fraud. Nobody in the right mind replies to those popularity polls. Instead pay attention to the actions and the numbers that actually matter. Who cares what Biden’s favorite ice cream is? I want to know why nobody wants to work, my taxes are raising and why it costs twice as much for gas as it did a year ago.

    2. @GratefulHippieChic You dont even have to move! Just do like tons of democrats did and lie about your current residence, vote for your dead relatives and then cry about voter ID.

    3. @J- Bob good gravy, you do realize that of the NINE total “dead voters”, one killed his wife to vote for her (R), three voted using their dead mothers’ SS #’s (R) specifically to vote for Trump, one woman voted using her husband’s name (D – Mrs. Bob blahblah), and four voted & then died before it was counted. Dumdum boi.

    4. @J- Bob Nobody wants to work for a pittance (thus the hiring of immigrant labor for our worst jobs – hirers usually Repubs); yr taxes are only rising if you make $453K, which I highly doubt; and gas, having not been needed during lockdown is in greater demand than is the supply (see supply-side economics derp).

    1. And who told you they were “Integrity” laws? The Republicans? FOX news? OAN?
      They wouldn’t know Integrity if it sat on their face!

  2. Manchin: “We need to work with republican on this.”
    GQP: “Cool, I didn’t know you were for voter suppression.”
    Manchin: “I am as long as my name’s on the front page, you feel me?”
    GQP: “Attaboy!”

    1. GOP: “Our stated goal is to block all Dem legislation, regardless of what it is.”
      Manchin: “We can’t do it without the GOP. Even though I’m paid to, ‘oppose,’ them, the polls in West Virginia show that conservatives AND democrats are OVERWHELMINGLY in favor of it, and everyone else in my, ‘party,’ wants it.”
      GOP: “Your cheque is in the mail . . .” . . .

    2. @Ro G Manchin is the dem’s babysitter. It’s understandable the crying kids won’t always be happy with him.

    3. @Bryan Speaking of crying, I wonder if the Stable Genius has stopped whining about losing the election? Either way, from the way he looked on Saturday, he def needs his Depends changed!

    4. @Ro G Don’t worry, we will soon have House Speaker Trump in 2022 (3rd in line to Presidency) followed by impeachments of Biden & Harris

  3. He speaks about a serious situation but how can we take someone that played sport seriously?

  4. To all of you Congress people that keep talking about how dangerous voter suppression is, stop with the talk and start doing some action about it!!! I mean what’s next, are you going to present a piece of paper to the other party stating that we want our democracy back so can we negotiate

  5. Kids ask “why would anyone NOT want to prove who they are when they vote wouldn’t that mean ineligible voters could lie and vote?” Exactly communists want that.

    1. This is hate speech, me and my gang of white, virtue signaling, pinkos are going to cancel your twitter from our safe space.

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  7. The 2022 Senate elections will be held on November 8, 2022, with 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate being contested in regular elections, the winners of which will serve six-year terms in the United States Congress from January 3, 2023, to January 3, 2029.
    DEMOCRATS, Do NOT let the Republican Voting Restriction laws stop you from voting!! Start planning now. Request time off, plan babysitters, caregivers, coordinate with your neighbors, especially the elderly who can’t drive themselves to the polls.

  8. Good conversations! First to get free and fair elections you must throw out the Supreme Court!

    1. Stop your hate speech or I’ll get my gang of virtue signaling pinkos to cancel your twitter

  9. Still waiting for A SINGLE LIBERAL to provide evidence of how ANY of the new voter laws or proposals prevents ANYONE from LEGALLY casting a vote?????????????????????

  10. How dare those radical right wingers say you should prove you are who you say you are in order to vote! How dare they!

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