Actual Elections Experts Head To Arizona As Trump, GOP Fixates On Clumsy 'Audit' Stunt 1

Actual Elections Experts Head To Arizona As Trump, GOP Fixates On Clumsy ‘Audit’ Stunt


With President Biden marking the 100 day milestone of his administration with an ambitious plan for the United States, the Republican opposition, with Donald Trump still its leader, is fixated on a cockamamie scheme to overturn the previous election. Rachel Maddow reports that after days of a bumbling pro-Trump ballot examination in Arizona, actual elections experts are being sent to supervise.
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    1. @Kelly Thomas-Sanders Some of us just aren’t ” into” Marxism, or exploiting black people to achieve it.

    2. @Maggie B and most of you aren’t into democracy if it
      Means you have to give up your whole privilege. So who is using who?

    3. @Kelly Thomas-Sanders Excellent rebuttal. Those idiots don’t know history. I am afraid your words fell on deaf ears.
      After WWII there was a Nazi movement in America. It was related to Russia being an Allie at the. I imagine it had to do with Russia being upset with Germany for trying to be more fascist than they were.
      White Supremacy has been a long history in our country.
      There was the internment camps to round up all the Japanese after Pearl Harbor and now the hate crimes against Asian Americans!!!
      So hard to believe that we have Americans who can’t evolve past this

  1. There’s always the FBI and federal prison sentences to be handed down to anyone who tampers with votes.

    1. @David Ogg yes they did test every ballot if you look at the guy in blue table he double checks the stack by removing his mask licking his finger for each paper we call this guy that paper taster lol on camera

    2. Only before they are counted. Not at all certain that there are any restrictions afterwards, probably just the assumption that nobody would be that stupid. It took Trump to find people stupid enough.

  2. The location of the current recount is legitimately occurring during a carnival in the same location. I wish I was making this up.

    1. @Pj Romanov Dude, you are just short of incoherent. You can’t move those fingers fast enough regurgitating every buzz point promoted by trump, and Qnon and you want to point fingers calling others brainwashed?

    2. @Pj Romanov How about starting with the fact that the company conducting this charade is NOT an auditing company……….
      Then how about addressing the fact that the company is being paid in part with funds raised by private donation……..
      And finally, let’s discuss the fact that people who have not been vetted in any manner have access to private voter information……….

  3. what do you mean the GOP just took ballots and voting equipment?!? that’s like failing a test and then taking it home because “oh yeah..that can’t be right…i’m gonna just take this home…and recheck it..”
    how is this in any way legal or possible?! WTF is wrong with your country??

    1. Years ago I knew a guy who was stopped by the police for speeding. He showed his id that confirmed he worked for the outfit that calibrated the radar the police used and the cop didn’t have the calibration certificate with him, which he was supposed to Then my friend removed the radar unit from the car for checking the calibration. Told the cop where he could collect it in a couple of days. Well to end the story the radar was found to be seriously ‘out of calibration’ and my friends speeding offence was dismissed by the cops.

    2. Republican Party should’ve stayed away from Donald Trump! Now all Trump’s nonsense is front & center . Complete nonsense

  4. It’s just whacko that those ballots were released in the first place. I thought ballots were under rigorous securit? The person/s who allowed this to happen need to be held to account.

    1. What are you all afraid of? Let the Audit and this
      is a REAL AUDIT, continue. Stop trying to delay delay delay… It is happening, get over it! Let truth come out, whatever the truth may be. Unless… are all just petrified of what that truth WILL be.

    2. @Nora Dawn it’s not a real audit. Your logic state, that you should let social services at your home just to make sure you are treating your kids right. Even if nothing is wrong.

    3. Welcome to fascist dictatorship just like in Russia in fact Putin used this exact move to retain rule over Russia I guess he’s directing trumpet on how best to destroy American from with in.

    4. @Michael Zoller Come on, Laws and Taxes are for the little people. How you think our owners’ going make MORE MONEY

  5. Trump has commandeered the UV lights he recommended to fight Kovid in the body for use in ballot checking. His expertise in UV lights is astounding.

    1. Can’t you just hear Trump now
      “These are going to be the best UV lights up

      Nobody knew. But I knew. They are the best anyone has seen.
      They ask me how do I know so much. I tell them because I have a big brain. The biggest brain anyone has ever seen!!!”
      Sorry Trump you don’t think with your big head but use your little head all the time!!!

    2. Haven’t the ballots not been vaccinated yet against the Trump virus? Probably not if they need the UV light. Hurry up before the trump virus takes hold of them.

    3. Yes This is the same thing I thought of! Donald Trump unironically fixates on the damndest things and then all the talking heads on the right talk about these insane things with straight faces! It is C R A Z Y !

  6. So they released people’s private info to a private company without the voters knowledge or consent? Doesn’t that go against the Patriot ACT.

    1. @TheHugeDwarf if you don’t have anything to hide why worry?
      It is crazy how people still belive msm.
      Looking from outside of the USA it looks like you are brainwashed.

    2. @Julia Julia Find a sugar daddy quick honey! what little looks you have are fading fast and your not real smart.

    3. @Pj Romanov showing people’s faces ? why does it matter ? Isn’t there the entire thing being live streamed ?

  7. If i lived in Arizona ide be wondering what personal info these cyber ninjas are gathering on them

    1. If I lived in Arizona, I’d embrace and revel in the fact that Biden got more votes than Trump and that white men are wanting to overturn the election, this all we need to know

    2. @blahblahblah blah white? Nope ALL ethnicities voted and ALL ethnicities votes should count .
      It’s their voice.

  8. Trump discussed the recount for 45 minutes, that is more than he ever discussed the pandemic
    at any time. He is well and truly the most sad POS the US ever had as a president. How he gets
    away with bragging about non achievements is truly mind boggling. He will not go away until he
    he is where he should be, locked away.

  9. I really hope while they are there they will make sure the ballots were not tampered with. Like I said before these ballots went thru 3 different audits with no one saying they were tampered with. If they have been changed in anyway because of their handling of the ballots then all of these people and the company itself need to charged and put in jail. If these republicans think this is the way to go forward then they are the most idiotic people alive.

    1. @Bobbie C I’m not going to waste my time explaining to you what’s happened over the past five months. You should’ve stopped listening to corporate media and you would know exactly what I mean.

    2. @Nai Saephan There still is no forensic audit being done now. Putting a ballot in a taped up box and using a black light flashlight is not in any shape or form of a rightful forensic audit.

  10. He’s still desperate to overturn the election as it would be the only thing that could keep him out of jail

    1. @BrokeredHeart what money?
      Oh you mean the money he scammed out of donators how we scam them out of 164 million that he had to pay back.
      We all know Trump’s not a billionaire let alone in multi-millionaire he’s a con artist a grifter and nothing but a liar

    2. Lol this election is a joke MSNBC is a joke and in a whole this entire democratic party is a joke.Go comedy central

    3. Trump didn’t call for this audit. The Legislators of Arizona did. The Constitution gives plenary power over elections. They are doing what their citizens want.

    4. Probably about 80%% of all Americans are “desperate” to overturn that fking boondoggle of an election.

    1. ” Mobster Lobster”, “Agolf Twitler”, “Mango Mussolini”. Atleast “tRump” has been the first president, that I at 65 know of, to have had so many aliases/monikers made of his name and character.
      But should he be proud of these names?
      Not in the least. Agolf Twitler thought riches, fame and power would be his for the taking by running for president. I’m thinking he has only opened up his world to the scrutiny of the legal eagles of our government. I seriously hope to see him and all in the circus that is his world brought to face the consequences of his shady life long businesses, taxes, and WTF his kids were doing in the White House?

    2. It will not matter from a legal perspective, but that is not what they are after. The will say that they found many irregularities thus proving that Biden’s presidency is illegitimate. That the steal did happen.

    3. @aquelpibe This is just another grift. They realised how much money they could get their victims to hand over by crying Stop the Steal, and had to find a way to keep it going….Sadly, it is working in this respect.

  11. They’re not just ‘certifiable’, they’re shameless! After what they did TO Merrick Garland and FOR Amy Coney Barrett, even the most unintelligent among us can see that today’s republican party is absolutely shameless!

    1. Yep. And Republicans will cry saying Democrats are trying to pull a power grab and Biden shouldn’t fire this guy and put in his own guys. But trump did that his whole presidency. They said nothing when trump fired someone that wouldn’t cheat for him. Then trump would hire his own flunkies. Nobody said a word. Same with them stacking the courts. It’s ok when they do it. But if Biden fires someone that was a trump guy, then hires his own candidate that he feels is suited for the job, then bidens a socialist and he’s corrupt and trying to take over the USA etc. These clowns are the biggest pos hypocrites I’ve ever seen.

    2. It isn’t just today’s GOP. They’ve been shameless for a long time. It all goes back to Newtie standing up in an empty US House on CSpan, angerly shouting about the Clintons night after night.

  12. The donation sources must be made public. We need to know if foreign $ is involved. This is completely unethical & insane!

    1. @Joel Rivard uuuhhhh you do realize that the “money” aka the votes have been counted 3 times already right?

    1. @evan doe I’m not a religious person so I’m not familiar with what it’s like to belong to a cult. It looks sad from the outside to see how people are sucked into so many lies.

    2. Imagine the damage Joe will do in 4 years, when he’s almost totally destroyed America in only 100 days !

  13. Be accompanied with FBI agents in hand to force them to let you in and when the evidence is found that they are in fact trying to change the ballets in favor of trump they can be expose and arrested when they arrive.

  14. It really is hilarious how they’ll claim everything is rigged even when there’s oversight, yet they demanded to conduct this ‘recount’/farce behind closed doors…

    1. And then you start suggesting shoving them up your butt to cure COVID. Jesus Christ, I wish I could pour bleach on my brain after that press conference

  15. It doesn’t matter what the outcome of the “audit” is. As soon as they were put in private hands, they became tainted and nothing can be done to make them valid again.

    1. It matters a whole not, just not legally. After this ‘fraudit’ they can declare they found thousands of tampered or invalid ballots, thus continuing the Trumpist lie of a stolen election. If his base continue to believe his long con, he’ll continue to fleece them and remain King-maker of the GOP. The destruction of democracy comes with the failure of trust in democracy. You think 1/6 was bad? Give these nut jobs ‘evidence’ of election theft, they’ll tear the country apart. All for a narcissistic fraudster.

  16. They’ve had 5 months to create any kind of shenanigans they needed to show a different outcome. That’s why they got busted with markers right off the bat. Note how the only media allowed to be ‘back stage’ is OANN. The whole thing stinks like bullsh!t.

    1. The fact that they were using blue markers is absolute proof of incompetence and throws into doubt any results they might obtain.

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