Biden White House Sees Opportunity For Police Reform Bill | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Biden White House Sees Opportunity For Police Reform Bill | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Susan Rice, White House domestic policy adviser, talks with Rachel Maddow about the urgent need the Biden administration sees for policing reform in the United States, and the work being done on a bill that at least ten Republican senators will join Democrats to vote for.
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  1. Reform the Police. YES!!!!!
    How about reform for inmates in Prison?? Education, job training, counseling, treatment for addiction and anger management!!!!

    1. They used to, but recidivism was so high, it was deemed a waste of money by the Obama administration

    2. And once released, restore voting rights and stop using their prison time against them in employment, housing and targeting by law enforcement. This would go a long way toward reducing recidivism rates. If you can’t get a good job and decent place to live once out… many turn to crime patterns to survive.

    3. Do you know that the US has the highest number of people per capita incarcerated? Do you know that in the US, a man in Louisiana was convicted of one count of attempted simple burglary and served 23 years of a life sentence, before being paroled, for stealing garden shears? Yes, he’s Black!

      How about the homeless man who sold $20 worth of weed to an undercover cop and was sentenced to life in prison? He was released after advocacy on his behalf, but had already served 12 years. Yes, he was Black too!

    1. Here in Canada, you cant be a cop without a university degree. Stop hiring h.s drop out goons to be cops America!!!!

  2. The problem is, it is still continuing and will until someone forces change. Vote for new House and Senate members, ones who will support everyone, not just corporations, who are not in it for just greed and power alone!

  3. Rachel: “the date of George Floyd’s death”
    Susan: “the date George Floyd was murdered”
    That’s an important correction.

  4. In my country Norway. The basic police education is 3 years. And it is like any other study. You have to pass exams on the way in order to move on. As I understand the police education vary through the states In USA. I think that should be looked at in the police reform. And a standard education like they have for say electrical engineering should be implemented.

    1. Hiring prerequisites should include an expected IQ of at least 120 and a Bachelor’s degree in addition to an initial training and educational program after hiring and before approval, certification, and active policing duties. An end to qualified immunity, requiring the officer to obtain and maintain a personal malpractice insurance policy, reforming police unions, increasing civilian oversight by outside civilian agencies, requiring the use of dash cams and body cameras that upload their video in real time to the cloud and are in constant operation and cannot be tampered with by any officer or any unauthorised person, the removal from police duties of any calls of a psychological nature, an end to the drug war and an end to police agencies enforcement of drug related offenses, the demilitarization of police agencies and the removal from their inventories all military grade weapons, equipment, and-or clothing-uniforms, as well as ending the use of military techniques by policing agencies, permanent loss of policing certification nationally in the case of any officer who’s amassed a determined number of excessive force or racism complaints or complaints of coercion, etc. Furthermore, required ongoing education and training, periodic reviews conducted by outside, non affiliated organizations. I could go on. But these should be adopted policies as a starting point.

    2. Also get rid of local police departments, and have one force per state which would lead to more uniform proffesional standards.

  5. Police need education requirements, more psych evaluations, and full background checks through their employment history and social media like other jobs do. More training dealing with people than tactical and shooting.

  6. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so that we all make it to heaven

    Like so more people can see this

  7. Maybe the manager at that plant can have the employees bring their families also by offering an incentive or giving something free ( movie night, free yogurt, bag if popcorn, etc).

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