1. They’ve been reinvestigating for a year. There’s no way they would have pushed for his release if they thought he was guilty. They would’ve waited for the dna results.
    He’s was granted & then denied retrial on appeal years ago & his conviction was definitely unsound for multiple reasons.
    Let’s hope there is some real justice for Hae-Min Lee in the near future or at the very least some answers ❀️
    I don’t know if Adnan is innocent, but I’ve not seen anything that convinces me he is guilty.

    1. Apparently there was a suspect who threatened Le’s life and was later arrested for serial rape. The prosecutor conveniently didn’t notify Adnan’s lawyers of this other suspect and allowed this suspect to go on and violate other womenz

    2. @Major Lazor prosecutors should be tried for serial rape and sent to prison. So strange how a rapist doesn’t get executed while innocent men languish in jail.

    3. @Dan I Am I so you are saying Wilds and Syed had nothing to do with the murder, burial and dumping of the car? Everything was just fabricated by the police?

    4. @Fulltime Duddoo Scene the witness, Wilds could easily state that now that his probation for accesory is long over. There is a hearsay witness that we have not heard from… the anonymous caller. He repeatedly took the 5th at the grand jury hearing. It would be good to question him now.

  2. My mother went to school with Adnan. She knew everyone involved with the case and her grandmother was good friends with Adnan’s mother. Everything about this case was just out of character, and the dude that accused Adnan in the first place was kind of shady. She new something was up even before the serial podcast. Thank god Adnan got his long awaited justice.

  3. there’s just not enough concrete evidence, I hope for justice for Hae Min Lee but I just don’t think he got a fair trial and the evidence isn’t strong enough. They need look at everything and then try him again. Otherwise, for now, I think this the right step. Imagine he’s prison for no reason this entire time, he’s spent his entire adult life in there

  4. Happy for my brother Adnan and his family but my thoughts and condolences go to Hae Min Lee’s family. I can only imagine the grief and sorrow they have felt over the last 20 odd years. May Allah ο·» clear the fog and bring justice in this case. I hope Adnan does not forsake Hae Min Lee’s family and is willing to help find the real murderer.

    1. @Luke What are you laughing at Paulist? I know it’s shocking and hard for you to believe in the truth… but we’re nothing like you. AlhamduliAllah.

    2. @Rania Qasem …stoning people is justice? Suicide bombers are justice? Cutting off a thieves hands is justice? Spare us true believers of your evil.

  5. Since when do prosectutora push for the release of someone “just in case” they’re innocent? They must know he is innocent.
    Condolences to the victim’s family.
    May real.justice be served in this case.

    1. They have two prime suspects they’ve been investigating for over a year. The prosecution in his original case hid evidence (a Brady Violation) that makes it blatantly clear he’s innocent. These men had a history of doing this; they loved playing the hero and β€œclosing” cases fast regardless of whether or not they got the wrong person, or in this case, the wrong child.

  6. what’s wrong with that guy from CNN?! he seems even resentful, she had to remind him, this admission by the DA is unprecedented and not to be taken lightly!!

  7. Regardless of if someone committed a crime or didn’t, sending them to prison on bad evidence is immoral. Most people forget “not guilty” doesn’t mean you didn’t do it. It means you haven’t been proven guilty. The judicial branch shouldnt care about people’s intuition and speculation. Youre either convicted unreasonably or reasonably, THE DEFAULT IS INNOCENT. their case was bad. It’s better to free criminals than imprison innocents. Sending someone to prison on bad evidence is immoral independent of if they did it or not. (I think he did it but should be free)

  8. Prosecution can’t say that he’s innocent because that will open the flood gate of lawsuits!! I’m so happy for Adnan and his family.

    1. No amount of money can bring back over two decades of your life. He’s still owed money tho regardless by those pigs

  9. I knew he was innocent when he decided that he would rather stay in prison than admit to something he didnt do. If I had any doubts, that cleared it up for me.

  10. When they find the real killer they better pay Adnan for those 20 years! Listened to the Serial podcast last year and knew he was innocent! Happy Allah granted him his freedom ❀

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  12. Hae min Lee family just wants someone to pay for they daughters murder but they must think that why let an innocent man serve time for it, why not get the right person. He lost his youth and I feel bad for him, don’t see anything in his eyes that suggests he’s a murderer, infact reading his aura I see a beautiful harmless soul that was taken advantage off.

  13. Prayers to the Lee family. I hope the truth is uncovered and the true killer is punished. I can’t imagine going through this all over again. No matter how much time that goes by, it’s raw for the family. With much respect to the Lee’s for how they’ve handled this whole thing.

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