Afghanistan Expert On Withdrawal: Planning Is Everything 1

Afghanistan Expert On Withdrawal: Planning Is Everything

The White House says 33,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan since July. But pictures coming out of Kabul now show a chaotic scene outside the airport, where the British military says 7 people were killed in a recent stampede. NBC’s Joshua Johnson spoke to Mark Jacobson, a former deputy senior civilian representative for NATO in Kabul and former senior adviser to Defense Secretary Ash Carter about the Biden Administration’s handling of the evacuation process.

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Afghanistan Expert On Withdrawal: Planning Is Everything


  1. All the important Afghan Officals? They have already left with the Treasury. This guy was part of the biggest shake down of the American government and people in history. The Government we put in collapsed in 11 days. That should. I repeat should be enough evidence to just get out. Also what a monumental failure and grift perpetrated on the American and Afghan people. Our facist cable news, defense contractors, military, and intelligence communities must be completely reformed.

  2. This whole situation could have been avoided if Biden called Lebron James and asked him for his advice.

    1. Agreed, along with Mark Garofalo…all this would have run smooth as silk…that being said this, is the media crisis du jour and will be in the rear view mirror in 6 months…

    2. Well why don’t you just go back and ask Donny boy he was after all former reality game show host he owned beauty pageant so he has plenty of foreign policy experience on how to handle this!!

    3. @E Smith there was Syria who bombed their people with chemicals, trump had his fair share of border crisis, and now we have Afghanistan which trump initiated troop removal last year and in Jan of this year. so yeah its all trump

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis It wasn’t Trump. Trump had a conditional withdrawal with an escape clause if conditions were not met. Biden surrendered. Left Americans, Military hardware, and all the people that helped us to the mercy of the Taliban.

      And the current situation at the border is all Biden/Harris…

  3. That great philosopher from Brooklyn New York, Mike Tyson said, “…everyone has a plan till they get hit in the face…” .

  4. Congrats to MSDNC on being the last media outlet supporting Biden. Lies don’t matter.
    Just like Nadler not calling a single hearing on this debacle!!

  5. Probably would’ve been a good idea to withdraw the American citizens and 80 billion dollars of military equipment we left to the taliban before rushing the military out. Insanely incompetent. Joe should resign or face the 25th ammendment

    1. Shane Alan trump withdrew the troops first, he didn’t withdraw ant civilians at all , our military brought back what they could, you need to look and see what we left behind in Vietnam and Iraq.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis trump hasn’t been in office for over 7 months? I dont see how thats relevant, besides another attempt to point fingers towards trump

  6. My preferred pronouns are Master, Guru or Doctor. I feel like so empowered; I’m walking in my majestic truth and owning my bravery. I’m making the world a better place by radiating lavender light and luminous love, unconditionally, from my prolifically polyamorous heart core.

    1. With that level of ‘lived experience’ and stunning bravery, you’re just the sort of person we need to go out there and secure the airfield. Have you thought of joining the US marine corp?

    1. Keith Moschetto trump withdrew troops last year and in Jan of this year trump NEVER withdrew civilians, Biden had to send in troops to evacuate people

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Maybe true. But Biden was free to change course when elected. He owns this one.


  8. I’ve seen the army ads. This could have all been avoided if there were more intersectional feminist and trans soldiers. The type of ‘lived experience’ that gives you is invaluable when fighting insurgents.

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