After Trump Embrace, Police Unions Find Top Dems Pushing Back 1

After Trump Embrace, Police Unions Find Top Dems Pushing Back


Early voting is underway in the election for New York City’s mayor. Thirteen Democratic candidates are running to replace Bill de Blasio, including Maya Wiley, who is differentiating herself from other top Dems in the race who have been touting endorsements from police unions by plugging her lack of police union support. The former MSNBC contributor joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss police accountability and public safety. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. **this woman is brilliant,,, and pragmatic!!!!! And I’m certain she would be very competent,,, if elected!!!!**

    1. I don’t think Maya’s response was ruined. It sounded like she had finished her thought & was done…Ari was probably just rushing to fit into the mandatory time constraints he’s under for each segment. He probably had someone in his earpiece telling him to wrap it up for the commercial break.

    2. @Dach absolutely stupid. Well my private army will just take your home and all of your possessions. See how this works?

    1. @L T well the way they are going…they will have done that already and have no money for their taxes and therefore will go to jail too.

  1. I had no idea she was running for that position. She is a smart woman. Seen her on a lot of networks. If she wins, it will be interesting to see what happens.


    2. @John Edward If I lived in NYC she would have my vote. She has been around long enough that my late Mom knew who she is & would vote for her if she could as well…

    3. I didn’t know that either, she needs to get out there in front and let people know that she’s running

    4. @Cerone 747 Surely, actual New Yorkers – the voting bloc – do know that she is a mayoral candidate.

    5. Crikey, I’m an Aussie and have known for months that she’s running! Yes, she is a smart woman. I always remember the talk she gave to Sam Nunberg, on air, that helped him do a big turn-around on trump.

  2. I think every police force should have a special unit specifically trained to deal compassionately with people with mental illness…and as I’m writing this, Maya suddenly says the exact same thing. Groovy.

    1. @mike hunt to be fair, she’s not required to care about my safety…I live in Massachusetts. And I certainly can’t begrudge her her private security…if she can afford it, good for her. It’s a logical precaution for someone in her position. Who cares?

    1. @Amel L. Tell them to listen to Beau of the Fifth Column. If you don’t know him you could give him a try. I’d be interested in what you think. He covers a wide range of topics from keeping safe to the realities of the constitution. For example, during the Texas freeze he showed ways of keeping warm.

    2. @Canadian Sociologist the police don’t need to be re-trained it goes well beyond that… Full on reform full on systems to make sure police officers are held accountable… The end of this game if investigate our selves and take 3 years to do it while there now direct video of the incident online. Will there be some kind of retraining sure but that’s only in service to policy. Every trainer and chief should be in court telling us if what the officer did goes with the policies and trainings taught to them… That’s what should be used to sink bad cops.

    3. @Margaret Nicol It’s not difficult to understand. It makes perfect sense.

      But what you don’t seem to understand is that there is no simple, direct, logical connection from the slogan to the situation. *Those who don’t want to understand* will (and do) read the slogan as meaning the first scenario you describe.

      I realise there probably isn’t a short, snappy hashtag that accurately embodies the second scenario, and acknowledge it’s a problem, but I still think the slogan is confusing and open to the wrong interpretation.

    4. @Christopher Bedford Free the Police! might have been better but of course it would have to be explained that they are not being freed to do anything they want.

    5. @Canadian Sociologist

      I think you’re misunderstanding defunding if you think retraining police is a better goal. Here’s how defunding works:

      1. Government accountants look at the police budget.
      2. They figure how much money in that budget is going to things *that aren’t supposed to be the responsibility of the police*. (This part is critical, and it often gets glossed over. Defunding police proposes that police limit themselves to policing crime, instead of having to pull triple duty as cops, social workers, and mental health professionals. Asking police to do those jobs isn’t fair to police, isn’t fair to homeless or mentally ill folks, and does not serve the public interest.)
      3. They take the money for things that aren’t supposed to be the responsibility of police out of the police budget.
      4. They put the money taken out of the police budget into the services/supports/etc that are actually supposed to be dealing with non-police issues.

      Let me use a example: Fake City PD’s budget is $100 million per year; $2 million of that is spent on policing homelessness, and $5 million is spent on responding to mental health crises. $2 million would be taken out of the police budget, and reallocated to directly fund housing initiatives, supportive housing, and services proven to reduce homelessness. $5 million is taken out of the police budget to fund mental health supports/services and properly trained mental health crisis response teams. Mental health crises and homelessness would be handled more effectively and more compassionately this way, homeless and mentally ill folks would have better access to services with far less risk of being victims of police violence. The Fake City PD would have $93 million remaining in its budget (i.e. *the same amount they already had to handle crime), and fewer calls to handle because the things that never needed police involvement are now being handled by the appropriate services (instead of being forced onto police to handle, as we’re currently doing).

      You suggest retraining the police to deal with non-criminal issues is a better goal than funding supports, services, and the appropriate first responders for non-criminal issues (leaving the police to police actual crime). Why? What role, aside from handling crime, do you believe the police should serve in society?

    1. @mike hunt
      In this millennium the fights are done with brains.

      It is the few fossiles refusing to upgrade that necessitate physical security.

      Please update from Neanderthal 0.9 to Human 1.6 like the rest of us.

    2. Nope, she is not.

      Because you see her on TV as a pundit spewing an ideology you like doesnt mean she is a warrior.

      We dont need rhetorics, all we need is concrete plan of action and how it will be implemented especially for all the challenges facing NY.

      I have not seen any major plan from her other than the political speech.

  3. She’s speaking the truth mental health is a huge problem, now they give them pills and throw em in prison. Big yards open, med lines are now open. Its really sad. Murica

    1. Reagan’s beginning…throwing disability with homeless. Housing rules make homeless not want the assistance. And definitely defund the police or keep them out of black Communities…

    1. She seems naive for not knowing you can defund the police without discussing it in the media or wrting an article about it.

      Whatever plan you have on policing, you can keep your mouth shut and not give ur opponent talking point to rubbish you.

      When you are endorsed by AOC, then you know you are not a well rounded candidate that will represent all people of different ideology.

      In my opinion, she is not the best candidate.

  4. Well if you can honestly do that you’ll have a very desirable progressive government in New York. Your plans put forth here sound quite promising.

    1. @Helen Pierce-Lamoureux I hope she does, I don’t like to see a progressive candidate lose to a lot of mis-truths and empty campaign words. Too many GOP politicians are in office because of their ability to rally voters without a workable plan for their constituents. This woman sounds different, she’s got solid plans for making a change in the way it goes. I’m on the side for giving her a chance, but I don’t live in New York, so be sure to get out and vote, it’s really your only voice in government for the people.

  5. She will be amazing in this position. Give her 4 years and see how she does in NY, and the. Hopefully up to president. Her and Mayor Pete would be amazing.

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