Sex Crime Probe Bombshell: Gaetz Could Be Charged In July As Witnesses Speak

In a major escalation in the federal sex crimes investigation into Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, prosecutors may charge Gaetz as soon as July, according to ABC News. NBC News has not independently verified ABC's reporting. A Gaetz spokesperson says this is all part of a "partisan smear job." Gaetz has not been charged with a crime. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber is joined by attorney Dave Aronberg and columnist Laura Bassett to discuss the latest in the case. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Scott Harrison You’re high Pipe Boy…get a better high and quit embarrassing yourself.

    2. ​@Emil Szegner Because Gaetz has admitted he’s being investigated? Because intrepid reporters have linked payments from Gaetz to Greenberg that suspiciously match payments Greenberg made to prostitutes? Because guys like Greenberg don’t usually get plea deals that drop the as many charges without providing info on someone more important. Who exactly do you think he gave up?

    3. @Betty Veronica Drunky Ghouliani already had his moment when he shoved his hand down his pants to try and pump anything for the girl in the room on BORAT II.
      If he thinks that won’t follow him around…wait until he goes through the prison Gaetz (😉😎)
      He won’t want to be caught doing that in front of the Inmates.
      They know who RUDY is!🤣🤣🤣

    4. @Scott Harrison Trump used the term ‘lying press’, ‘failing New York Times’, ‘lying Washington Post’ all the time. I don’t recall him using the term ‘leftist media’ at all, or calling Fox News ‘right wing media’ per se. Trump was not a conservative or a Republican for most of his life – he was a Democrat. It wasn’t until Barak Obama ran and won the presidency not once, but twice, that Trump developed his schtick of a campaign that made him look like the racist and bigot that he truly is. The irony of Obama winning a second term, and Trump defeated in his bid for that, has driven poor Donnie totally off the rails.

  1. the funniest part of this whole thing is that people actually believed trump was going to “drain the swamp” in DC. the guy who stole from his own charity… the guy who started a fraudulent university.. the guy whose campaign team was chock full of felons… THAT GUY was going to clean up corruption!!! hahahahaahahahahah!!!! what’s next — is trump going to start counseling sexual assault victims, too? LOL

    1. @Laurie Lat- you didn’t see the snopes article.
      You are like the 20th person to argument my point, yet you are wrong. What that tells me is that a large population of the US is willing to be misled as long as they get their freeloader money.
      How low can you go to get that free money?

    2. @Mickey Rosa- how dense [ate] you?
      Did you see the snopes article I posted 5 times in this thread.
      You are wrong about it and it’s not your fault. You are easily misled.

    3. @james zimmerman – 😆. Nope. You need to do your own research.
      Where did you get this one? Morning Joe? Rachael Maddow?
      You do realize that they are not journalist. They are activists who lie for a living

    1. @Tod Brown sure. and the right never does anything similar. when is trump going to be reinstated… august, right? remember when it was supposed to be in march?

    2. @K K Trump can still be president…President of prisoners’ welfare club. For sure his fellow inmates will choose him as their president/mayor.

  2. This should like a domino effect. Him the trump and his family include Jared and some of his corrupt and lying administration members

    1. @Tony Smith Obama is a proud black man and True American and one of the best President we ever had and haters like you and Trump try to bash the man and for what? I tell you why ✊🏽You see the color of that.Makes me wonder by your comments.Anti American? Gtf out of here with that racist nonsense.

    2. Tony? GOP members Matt Gaetz, Ruben Verastigui, Ben Gibson, Mike Folmer? You know, I don’t believe in gallows. Even for GOP members. Don’t you want to check your own party first?

    3. @Paulus de Boskabouter what r u talking about?? I don’t dial 911 if I’m being shot at. I don’t call cops or anyone else. I’m a wounded decorated combat vet I don’t need no cops. Report what ?? I could care less if people walk to the moon. Answer whatever ur question was ?? I wish nobody any harm. Even if they got it coming. Shalom.

    1. Maybe, everyone said that about the Daybells too (why taking so long?) and they aren’t public figures. There are hundreds of legal boxes that need to be checked just right or the person could get off on a technicality. Would it matter that he was arrested 2 weeks sooner if he gets off because of some paperwork process not done just right?

    2. Regular citizens can’t afford to buy the lawyers that trump can. Government case better be airtight or his lawyer will bust it to shreds. That takes time.

    3. @Rod When Trump was in office, he and his cronies on Fox, etc were all crying that even hard questions from reporters was disrespecting the Presidency and treason. If you like to focus on real crime and be a patriot, support investigation and prosecution of whoever. was responsible for the US Capital being sacked and police inside being beaten/ killed – that is a true crime. How is that a meh, no big deal thing, for Republicans and Hilary using the wrong email server for work emails (like Hawley also did) a screaming headLine for months to years?

  3. When talking about trying to get the best “deal”, don’t you think they should be talking about the victims, not Gaetz?

    1. Perhaps the victims would prefer to be given appropriate support rather than being the subject of more talk.

    2. @JB I concur. When I said “deal”, in regards to the victims, that could be whatever each victim desires.

    3. @Garret Olson Sorry I misunderstood. While I I think it is important that Gaetz has to be held responsible for his actions, these victims possibly don’t even realize just how much they have in fact been victimized. For that they do need support. Mind you, it would be poetic justice if, after the hoped for criminal trials, Gaetz, Greenberg and company lose a civil case and have to pay out huge amounts to support the victims through therapy and establish a new lifestyle.

  4. trump: “I dont know anyone named Gaetz, is that his name? Did he get me coffee once or something? Maybe i met him in a crowd one day? I don’t know. By the way, did you know that i won by millions of votes?” 🙄

  5. He’s gained weight back, can see in his face, and those bags and dark areas around eyes. Dude isn’t sleeping well. Makes me sleep better 🙂

    1. Yes, I noticed that too. 🤣
      He’s putting on the weight cuz he knows, IN JAIL, He’ll be eating ..
      3 meals a day!! Consisting of BEANS!
      yep…. breakfast too. 🤣.. ofcourse
      That’s if someone dosen’t take it from him !

  6. What ever happened to the Republican “Law and Order” party. Now they will support any illegal and immoral behavior so long as the perpetrator is a Republican. Shame on them.

    1. ABSOLUTELY ! But…
      We DEMOCRATS understand that there are NO HEROES in the REPUBLICAN PARTY ! NONE !

    2. That was bs from the beginning. Part of the Great Mindfuck. It takes years to develop and look at the results. They got Republican voters crawling around on all fours and barking at the moon. Republican voters have sold their babies. And like soulless robot zombies, they repeat everything they’re told to. Like, Democrats are the communist devils who are coming for your blood cells and weapons. Don’t believe me? Look at the Republican officials at every level of our government.

    3. “So much fun, I’m loving it, everybody having a good time? USA! USA! USA! . . .(disruption in audience) . . knock the #$%$ out of him, would ya, seriously? Settle down, get him out of here. In the good old days this doesn’t happen because they used to treat them very very rough, and when they protested once, ya know, they would not do it again so easily. I’d like to punch him in the face, I’ll tell ya. I love the old days, you know what they used to do to guys like that, when they were in a place like this, they’d be carried out on a stretcher folks, yeah, it’s true. In the good old days, they’d rip him out of that seat so fast. In the good old days law enforcement acted a lot quicker than this, a lot quicker. I AM THE LAW AND ORDER CANDIDATE!” Donald J Trump (speaking out at one of his campaign rallies, when a black man in the audience attempted to create a disruption)

      The PARTY of LARCENY and MALICE.
      The PARTY of trump/Putin the long ARM of Russia

  7. “Are you worried you will be indicted? Nope: Looks at Camera like, someone help me, anyone? Q? Donny? Maga Terrorists? 2:13

  8. “I don’t obstruct justice, I obstruct the Department of Justice.” I actually kind of admire that one. Cockroaches are very good at what they do too.

    1. Let’s not forget that the investigations into Greenberg and Gaetz started during Trump’s Administration so Gaetz was probably referring to The DOJ of Bill Bar.

  9. I mean why else would they give Greenberg such a huge deal if they weren’t trying to use him in order to charge someone like Gaetz?

    1. Well they better DOJ show us plain Americans some Justice or maybe we can’t believe them either?

    2. @Cindy Hidalgo Those “others” being looked into will end up being some of his buddies in the Senate. Remember how he was showing pics of “women” from his phone to them?

  10. “Are you worried you’ll be indicted?”
    Matt Gaetz: No. (Starts his imitation of a deer in the headlights about to meet it’s demise)

  11. Just like Tweety, the feds are finding more & more crimes as they dig into Matt Putz’s activity. Give them time, they’re building their case.

  12. Reporter: you think you might be charge?
    Geatz: No
    Everyone: Yeah cause we expect you to say yes 😆🤣

  13. Why the criminal is still in office is purely disgusting. This proves how little the republican party cares for the US.

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