Are Race Relations Improving? NBC's Melvin On Battle Flag, Juneteenth, New Book 1

Are Race Relations Improving? NBC’s Melvin On Battle Flag, Juneteenth, New Book


As an NBC and MSNBC anchor, Craig Melvin covers a wide range of stories and was on the ground when South Carolina finally took down its "battle flag." Melvin reflects on reporting that day, the six years from then to today's clashes over voting rights, teaching slavery in schools, and the new Juneteenth holiday – and shares intimate details about his new book, “Pops: Learning to Be a Son and a Father,” in this interview with Ari Melber. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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“The Beat with Ari Melber” covers politics, law and culture on MSNBC nightly at 6pm ET, anchored by Emmy-winning journalist and attorney Ari Melber (@arimelber). The Beat focuses on original reporting and in-depth interviews with a wide variety of guests, and was nominated for a 2020 Emmy in the Outstanding Interview category.

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  1. Lol bro they just signed into law that holiday and they are alreadying patting themselves on the back for fixing racism. Bonus: an NPR report today was talking about how businesses are going to “honor” the holiday, because thats what it is – an opportunity for corporate america to advertise.

    1. Newsflash for you. Nobody liked Biden. They just despised Trump. You know nice guys on both sides as the nazis marched through a college at night with torches. Biden does not get all the racist to come out in to the open like Trump did. Can you cite your source? I could do this “I like little kids” – Bryan on youtube.

    2. A racial jungle… aka where the races at each other’s throats like animals. He did not say anything negative about his kids growing up in a melting pot.

    3. @Enchanted Homeschool, he said it in opposition to busing. How does busing put races “at each other’s throats”?

  2. If we constantly need to keep talking about race then race relations clearly aren’t what they should be. In any case, who decided skin color in particular should be the all-important factor? Why not eye color?

    1. Black entrepreneurs don’t have as much money as white entrepreneurs that’s why they generally don’t have lawyers or accountants.

    2. @Billy Pardew Trump Supporters are the most gullible, Trump lead them down the path of insurrection because he didn’t want to leave the White House and face his legal problems, in the meantime, he swindled Trump Supporters out of 207.5 million to fight the steal when nothing was ever stolen, you know what they say? A fool and his money are soon parted.

    3. @Bryan Of course you are as out of touch as Trump. he made the same mistake by insinuating that most blacks live in the inner cities, and he made this mistake just before election time!

    4. @Nathan Lewis That statement is debatable, Trump had Cohen as a lawyer, he has flipped on Trump and will testify against him and then there is Alan Weisselberg, Trump chief financial officer, New York prosecutors are waiting for him to flip because there will be dark days ahead for Trump. Maybe, all the high-priced lawyers in the world don’t mean anything if you’re a crook.

    5. @B Taylor I certainly agree you that trump is a crook. He has committed so many crimes that he can’t get away with them all though he has gotten away with a lot so far.

  3. Race relations are improving into the war the Arab controlled media planned it to be.
    The replacement is moving forward.

    Citizen United allows Corporations to act like a Human Being with rights.
    IF they have RIGHTS then they have Responsibility too. Right?
    Why can’t we SHUT THEM DOWN for a YEAR or LIFE if they commit a Crime? – m.

  5. *FIXING ELECTIONS with Fewer Candidates:* _Are the Wealthy Fit?_
    What we should do is ELIMINATE BILLIONAIRE Candidates who are too WEALTHY from running for Office since they represent almost NO ONE with the same LIFESTYLE……

  6. *Defund Billionaires – & – limit inheritances* to siblings to no more than 1 Million Dollars each.
    Put the money in the USA and RAISE Minimum Wage to $60 Dollars an Hour.
    Use Technology to reduce the Work Week to 25 hours a week..

  7. depends on the mentality..if one race considers itself more higher than the other..there is no peace between all races that live together in one country.Unless they can accept,acknowledge,respect and tolerate to each other….if not,just look at how the other minority race is being treated right now at San Fransisco and New’s that is called the relation of race,huh?.Still be blind and deaf about that yet?.Oh,perhaps the incident wasn’t a rating boost for the MSM,just flipped the event if there is one bad cop causing it..the news will bombarded the MSM for sure!.Looks if America can only TWO races to allowed to coexist,(white and black)but not for the other of race of minorities!.

  8. One is improving, it’s just not fast enough, because it’s been broken for so long….

    1. Hi saw this nice comment of yours that caught my attention but we are not friends here on YouTube, I hope you don’t mind us being friends .

    1. Coming from a virtue signaling white liberal the people that Malcolm X dead are the worst enemies of black people

    2. @Billy Pardew
      neverland vs. reality… you can make believe all you want… but it is never going to go away…

  9. Race relations will improve when everyone has the same access to opportunity. It makes no sense for black college graduates to leave college with debt and making $45k based on their race or education. Giving everyone access to the same capital will improve and make societal issues lessen.

    When you have money and capital for yourself it is easier to manage your own neighborhood and lessen societal issues with that money.

    When everyone is on equal footing then societal issues can be solved easier and your will have more capital and streamline in the economy.

    The issue is that white people need to learn how to share and let others build their own communities and have that same access without feeling theatened.

    Minorities don’t care anymore about your feelings they want the same comfortable life as everyone else. When they have the same opportunity then you will benefit as well as the minority community.

    If a black person wants to build their own developments for their community it is not racist nor are they hating you, it is being responsible and entreprenurial.

  10. No one is holding me responsible for something that happened 100-200-300 years ago…..joe biden

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