Black Voters Matter Cofounder On Voting Rights Legislation 1

Black Voters Matter Cofounder On Voting Rights Legislation


Cliff Albright, cofounder of Black Voters Matter, Sam Stein of Politico, and civil rights attorney Judith Browne Dianis discuss Sen. Joe Manchin’s efforts to find compromise on voting rights legislation and the cold response it received from Republicans. 

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  1. If Joe wins after the audits im done with politics. And leaving the country and moving to Washington DC
    rather then live under socialism and sloppy joes

    1. There is no if. The issue is closed. All legal challenges were dismissed by the Court. There is no clause in the Constitution for audits in June.

    1. Orange toddler? Did you see Biden trying to form a coherent sentence on the world stage? EMBARRASSING!!!!

    2. @No Show Joe Did you see Trump on the world stage, everybody laughing at him. Literally! You need to come up with something new, Biden did right by the United States of America and our allies are grateful we voted out the orange buffoon.

  2. I am not American, but I think black votes are the most important. I remember hearing ‘the biggest fear of a white man, is a black man who can vote. ‘

    1. If we put any race on a pedestal they might become a self proclaimed superior race for that matter. . All votes matter in the end !

  3. What has to be passed: Voting rights, police reform, new laws for people in elected and government positions that hold them accountable to our laws, accountability for all in the trump government who have acted illegally.

  4. All legitimate votes matter, it’s not the 50s anymore, you can stop being a victim….

  5. Stacey Abrams lost her election, picked herself up and dusted herself off and worked harder to serve the people of Georgia resulting in wins in two crucial midterm races. Donald Trump lost his election and tried his best to burn the entire house down. Now, who is making America great again?

    1. And Stacey had a legitimate case for improper interference in the election with the person in charge of it running against her. Trump just lies.

    1. It’s not a takeover. They have a Constitutional imposed responsibility to ensure everyone’s civil rights are respected. States are overstepping their power in elections for federal office and DC has every right to intervene. Nice try though.

  6. He said it because they saw some Senator would have supported a Manchin Bill are now labelled a loyalist or a Stacy Abrams supporter. It was a very smart move to end any possible division.

    1. @Bryan I care about actual actions and policies, not 3rd grade issues like this one. It’s the same reason why the world is laughing at the trump cult, they wanna point out the few faults of Biden like trump is a saint lol. He is literally the only politician in history to tell his followers to physically attack someone who was heckling him, THAT’S what I care about.

    2. @atheist28403 Lol you assume that I agree with Biden’s moves so far just because I’m a democrat, and you also act as if that excuses trump and his horrible actions. At this point a wet dog on the ground would make a better president then trump.

  7. Pence calls himself a Christian, a conservative and Republican, in that order; but he never calls himself an American. He isn’t. He’s a rebel (CSA).

  8. *IMMEDIATE EXECUTIVE Ordered DoJ Special Prosecutor as Promised for SWORN-OATH Jan6 COUP Operatives in Congress, FedAdmin, Pentagon, +LawEnforcement. Also Funders, Organizers +MassMedia Promoters*

  9. *DoJ must RELENTLESSLY Vigorously Imprison +Prosecute ALL VIOLATORS of Fed Code Title18 Section 242 til CRIMINAL LEGISLATORS no longer Occupy democratic Government*

  10. Voter Nullification is the new Voter suppression. 21st Century Version of Jim Crow. republican governors in Florida, Texas, and Georgia are the new plantation owners.

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