Brad Paisley: ‘When People Realize Vaccines Are Patriotic, They Will Get It’

Grammy Award-winning country music singer Brad Paisley discusses the disinformation he sees his fans being fed on vaccines and how to combat it.

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    1. “yeah but what about this summer? You know, the summer we were screaming ALL LIVES MATTER and running people over with our pickup trucks. They did a lot of damage too!!”

    2. @Chett Baker that sounds like a terroristic you are making. I screen shot your comment to dispatch.

    1. @UC4cQ_lpfb9LFGqWYUWzZDEQ – You have zero proof that that’s true and your ‘opinion,’ is a potential hazard to everyone you interact with personally. Shameful bunch of selfish and delusional crybabies are the only ones not getting vaccinated.

  1. Being patriotic has taken a 180 degree turn from what it use to mean, it’s a roller coaster of psychosis today.

    1. The term “patriotism” has been appropriated, commodified, cheapened and pimped out. It’s a ridiculously comical term.

    2. Patriotism has always meant supporting wars and worshipping America above all, even God, and raising her up while crushing and demolishing and decimating everyone and everything else. Protest the war in Vietnam? You’re an un-American Commie. Speak out against the war in Korea? You’re a traitor. Dare question the Iraq War during the Bush era? You’ll get fired from MSNBC, called a terr—t, get death threats, your business boycotted, your reputation in ruins.

  2. Some Americans seem to think that
    throwing themselves off a cliff
    because they don’t want to be told (Don’t stand on me)
    is a winning strategy (Unless You crave a Darwin Award)

    1. @Soren- if only they followed thru with that cliff thing, I’d be cool with that. As long as they don’t land on me

  3. hes giving too much credit to moscowMAGAS, they arent patriotic in the way he is thinking Americans used to all be and they are the exact group that isnt getting the vaccine :/

    1. @TheU2001 MIA try countering a point if yer gonna comment on something instead of going off on an unrelated butwhatabout tangent, you’ll sound more like someone worth listening to that way

    2. @TJ I made it quite clear. You are not a Patriot yourself. You haven’t done anything Patriotic. Is that clear enough?

    3. @TheU2001 MIA you used words, congratulations a child could do the same, I told you that you sounded like a ranting fool basically unless you could expand on your words to make a point other than labeling and posturing like yer the end all be all of greatness, get over yerself and try having a conversation

  4. Not when, if they recognize it’s the patriotic thing to do they might get vaccinated, but you shouldn’t be holding your breath waiting for that to happen. Many of those who are most against getting vaccinated also think it was BLM and antifa that stomed the capitol, and any Trump supporters there were patriots.

  5. Ignorance doesn’t require a party, state, ideology or musical preference to be destructive and counterproductive…. Cmon folks, drop the dumbbells and do the right thing for your own and the protection of everyone and everything you hold dear…🇺🇸☎️👍🏽😷

  6. More like: when people realize they won’t be able to travel to other countries without a vaccine passport, they’ll get it.

    1. @Romeo Adams literally NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO GET VACCINATED, so you can calm down. We exercised OUR freedom of CHOICE, just as you are exercising yours. There’s no need to get up in arms over this. It’s a free country

    2. @SeanPat1001 even more to your point, hospitals across many states are now reporting that ONLY 2% to 5% of their hospitalized patients with COVID are vaccinated. In other words, practically all CoVID hospitalizations are of unvaccinated people, which means the vaccines are not only working, but working exceptionally well.
      As far as that Romeo Adams Sheeple COVidiot commenter— well, he’s a perfect example of natural selection in action. We must respect his freeDUMB and his God-given right to make stupid choices. Such is the lottery of life.

  7. In before all the trump crazies down vote this vid 😂 how do they not have better things to do with their time 🤔
    P.s. Amen Mr Paisley

  8. Patriotism has nothing to do with getting vaccinated for Covid-19. Neither does politics. Common sense, taking care of your heath and consideration for others are the best reasons. Everything else is just the situation we find our country in now.

  9. Many people believe vaccines interferes with their freedoms. Darwinism will get a chance to run again.

  10. Where would this country be if people in the 50s had resisted taking the polio vaccine. This is no different.

  11. During my 20 years serving in the US Army…… I’ve been vaccinated and immunized so many times that my body has morphed into a walking vaccine lab.

  12. This assumes the Qult will one day leave their feedback loop and come back to reality, which I’ll believe when I see it happen…

  13. The Insurance companies should declare they will not pay for hospitalization and medical care for those who refuse vaccinations. Why should the rest of us have to pay higher insurance rates because of the unfounded fears of others who require treatment.

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