1. Lol for all his “buck-a-beer” talk, big Dougie doesn’t drink… His brother’s old crack stash may be a different story tho, based on his craziness!!

  1. Roughly 6700 yards per 18 holes but nobody can socially distance themselves…. outside, in the summer.

  2. That’s pretty funny he says they aren’t asking for a lot when we’ve been in lockdown for months and months straight…

    1. “All I’m asking is for you to give up your freedoms and financial security. Is that too much to ask?” Multi-Millionaire Doug Ford

    2. @M. A. herd immunity. Stop the obsession with ‘cases’. Shield the elderly, and those afraid can stay indoors. Life has risks

    3. @M. A. Read what you just wrote, think about it, if you can. “if you like to complain about lockdowns please provide an alternative solution other than no lockdowns.”

      You just said “If you like to complain about lockdowns please provide an alternative solution other than alternative solutions”

      Big brain.. such big brain.

    4. @Neags Oh OK I get it. Keep everything open, let the cases grow and overwhelm the healthcare system. Smart!

  3. JUST A COUPLE MORE WEEKS, AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA, is he hitting his brothers crack pipe? This has been the longest two weeks in history

    1. @Scoot Boot We want everyone drugged up said the Kentucky Derby winner lol.
      Just say no to drugs as we see the horses shooting in an alley.

  4. Yes, his friends!!! Surprise!!!

    Although, he’s almost back to sounding sincere again. 2 weeks to flatten the curve.

    1. 2 weeks to flatten the curve was inaccurate, but to be fair if we had a lockdown like nz or austrailia we would be fine rn

  5. A serious level of fairness is needed Inplay now like yesterday we are all the same or nobody is no one ,pick one and don’t forget it

  6. He says they aren’t asking a lot, just a “couple more weeks?”… Until the end of summer where a new variant of covid comes out and we’re under lockdown again and Ford repeat his same speech on how “we need to be vigilant” and just “a few more weeks again folks”….

    1. Hey Buddy, 15 days to stop the spread is all anyone is asking for. This will all be sorted out before the end of April of 2020.

    2. Sure keep abusing doctors and nurses. Keep those ICUs full and keep wearing those stupid masks. If you don’t take COVID seriously you’ll continue to pay a heavy price in terms of loss of livelihood and life

    3. @j2simpso At this point, I will gladly settle for watching the world burn. Then, and only then, will we all truly be in this together.

    1. @Donicka Budd I agree that these restrictions are awful as are the many thousands of Ontarians who have died from this preventable disease. All I’m asking is can we for once eliminate the virus from our communities rather than saying we just want to get it to a managable level? We’ve tried that for months now and it hasn’t worked. We get it down to hundreds of cases then the sucker keeps creeping up to a thousand then many thousands and bam another set of restrictions.

    1. @jman22shl I guess I look at how full a glass is of the 161m cases the world has a 98.1% recovery rate

      There are fatalities agreed and the virus is real no question some get very sick but 98% recover

    2. @jman22shl you are dreaming if you think hiding at home from a virus will stop it. It will still be there in two more weeks. Just need to face it, catch it, hope you aren’t the .01 % who dies and then move on…

  7. From the Premier’s statement he should be closing the Beer stores and opening the golf courses! The problem seems to be his buddy’s having “A Few Pops” not the golf course being open.

    1. No rationality, no data, nothing from him, just an statement totally out of logic, I thing he is going again the economic and well being

  8. I believe we now are the only region in the world that has closed golf courses, amongst all the other “illegal” outdoor activities we can no longer participate in.

    1. Can’t afford to live in the city where I wouldn’t be able to afford doing any of the things I’d want to do even if they were open and available

  9. “We aren’t asking a lot” understatement of the last 400 days of 15 to flatten the curve.

    1. Agreed. Ontario needs to lockdown hard and make this the last time restrictions are put into Ontario. We’ve already paid a lot in terms of lives lost from COVID and livelihood from businesses, schools and society being cancelled for the past year.

  10. You gotta give Doug some credit. He has gotten pretty far with just a grade 12 education. Image what he could have done with grade 13!

  11. If he asks for more weeks, there should be a team of Canadians on site ready to slap him sideways about 8 or 9 times, just so he can reconsider his ideas. Then he is free to continue his speech.

  12. Don’t worry, kids…just 3 or 4 MORE lockdowns until Christmas. 🎄🎅🏻🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻🎄🎅🏻🎄

  13. They can only implement Emergency Measures TEMPORARILY. I would say the time has come to drop them. This can’t go on.

    1. @ShizNick I wish I could do that as well, but he makes the rules!! Even if you ignore him, what he says, goes. Democracy!🤔😐

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