Greyhound ending bus service in Canada-wide shutdown | How will this impact small communities?

Carleton University associate professor Ian Lee says the shut down will be 'devastating' for smaller communities.

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    1. That would require a whole lot of wires. In the northern areas towns can be hours away from each other.

    2. We don’t even have electric trains in Canada. They are common for long distance travel in other parts of the world.

    1. It’s been coming for a long time, with Greyhound pulling out of the Western provinces years ago and with the remote rural scheduled routes having as few as one passenger if at all. In the short run. Regional companies will pick up the major centers and network with other regional providers for wider travel. In the long run, this opens up the market for on demand autonomous electric or hybrid vehicles perhaps the size of vans or mini-vans with dedicated cargo versions. Station to station travel on known routes most of which being highway travel greatly simplifies safe automation. Such vehicles already exist but mostly for midrange cargo. Sinking Greyhound just sinks the costs of changing technologies by centralizing the old technology in a company that will be intentionally managed to fail while investments move to newer companies using the newer technologies hence leaving much of the costs with the few investors that aren’t in the loop, mostly private middle income citizens.

  1. I guess I will have to take a train to get back to Vancouver if I want to go back from Ottawa sounds pricey

    1. Greyhound hasn’t been serving western Canada for quite a few years already so you couldn’t have taken a Greyhound from Ottawa to Vancouver for quite some time. However, when they shutdown western Canada, smaller regional companies took up some of the slack for the major centres, it was the smaller destinations that suffered the most.

      The TransCanada Via rail is down to a once a week trip for tourists hence it’s quite expensive.

      Basically, you’ll have to fly now.

    2. @Little Bee Flying is less expensive than taking the train especially if you get a sleeper compartment for such a long trip. The economy train trip where you just get a reclining chair with everyone else is on par with flying. If you must take the bus, there will still be regional providers serving the major centers, you’ll just have to buy separate tickets for each leg of your trip with separate companies and possibly some local travel between the respective stops.

    1. This will open up a market for small on demand autonomous electric/hybrid vehicles perhaps the size of vans or mini-vans. Such vehicles have already been built, just not widely marketed. On specific highway routes between stations, the autonomous driving would be greatly simplified.

  2. Canada Greyhound was very poorly managed and maintained. I took it last year to do montreal-toronto and it was scary how bad it was. Rude drivers and poorly maintained buses and terminals.

    1. Your opinion means nothing.
      What about the economy or the lost jobs.
      Self serving complainers only care care about themselves , until you need help. Smmhh.

  3. Travel is verboten. Mingling punishable by death. All unsupervised communication will end. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

  4. well maybe there’s something else going on here? like human trafficking? well it won’t be the last company to go belly up

  5. How about Ontario Northland Bus. Why does government think they can leave small northern or off beat locations transportationless.

    1. Ontario Northland has an opportunity right now. They have already extended their services, and recently added Ottawa, Winnipeg, Toronto and Thunder Bay.

      They also offer ‘parcel/shipping’ like Greyhound did…and rates better than Canada Post.

      Fingers crossed….!!!!

  6. I’m surprised we haven’t heard of major Gym companies declaring bankruptcy yet. Goodlife, Movati…. those multi million dollar gyms still have upkeep and taxes to pay.

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