Alberta isn’t fining international travellers who refuse to quarantine | COVID-19 in Canada

International travellers who don't quarantine are not being fined in Alberta. Kevin Green reports.


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  1. I’ll tell you why. Money makes everything move in Alberta. And we have a conservative government in Alberta. How is this hard to figure out? They would rather play politics then actually fix the problem. Same old same old in canada. This is nothing out of the ordinary. As a tax paying Canadian, this is what ive actually come to expect from our government. Both Liberal and Conservative. Ya’ll are a bunch of clowns to worried about how much you can make for your friends. Makes me sick

    1. @Nataliya Sharlay He’s already here. Another basement dwelling complainer with no solutions.

    2. @Richard C Why? Doesn’t matter. They are all the same crooks, just in a different wrapper.

  2. Why should they???? Calgary International is a FEDERAL airport. Trudeau rules should be enforced by Feds. Why should Calgary taxpayers foot the bill??

  3. Everything in Canada should be opened up, just like in Texas, Mississippi, and Florida.

    1. USA got 82% like more than 265 million Americans got shot vaccines out of 335 million, that why new cases been drop and fall down, Americans did listen to Biden but Canada? Canada got only 45% like 17 million Canadians got shot vaccines out of 38 million, cases been rises really bad and worse than Mexico because too many Canadians ignored health guidelines and keep more spreading virus make me think many Canadians really love virus very much because virus is Canadians new girlfriend? what disgusting! I can see why many covidiots in Canada worse than anywhere nations

    2. @Antilowlifes 420 just a coincidence, i’m sure, that the surge in ‘cases’ correlates to the surge in vaccinations. mind you it also correlates to the surge in testing.

  4. I love Alberta. Province with no rules. Just do what you please. Now I know where to go when coming back from a resort vacation.

  5. Charter right: every Canadian citizen has the right to leave and enter Canada freely. House arrest does not fit the definition of entering the country freely.

  6. Everybody want to fix this nonsense? Then stop VOTING for it. And more importantly, stop PAYING for it.

  7. How dumb can journalists be, letting out such information will make more passengers using Calgary airport and not do hotel quarantine.. This raise the risk of covid spread

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