Canada's Conservative Party removed this tweet after public backlash | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Canada’s Conservative Party removed this tweet after public backlash | COVID-19 in Canada


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole was questioned on a tweet from the party's account. He said it was a 'distraction' from serious issues.


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  1. so long as the conservatives spend their time attacking trudeau instead of having any kind of policy i will not vote for them again

    1. i would very much like anyone to provide a true alternative to what we have now, not just a variant.

  2. Keep your house in order O’Toole. You are always backpedaling and controlling damage. You rarely get to speak of your platforms and policy because you are always busy defending incompetence.

  3. Can we just get a normal, middle class person with a decent level of honesty and integrity to run for office soon please? They ones we have today make my skin crawl…just sayin

  4. For once in your lives conservatives can you fight for Canada stop being afraid these are our rights you represent the Canadians we don’t care about the liberals we know what they’ve done

  5. More like doug fords negligent self serving handling of the pandemic. DOUG AND THE CONSERVATIVES ARE WHY WE ARE HERE.

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