AG Barr Tells Manhattan U.S. Attorney Berman In A Letter That He’s Been Fired | MSNBC

Attorney General William Barr writes a letter to Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman saying that he has asked President Trump to "remove" him from his position.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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AG Barr Tells Manhattan U.S. Attorney Berman In A Letter That He's Been Fired | MSNBC


    1. Trump sides with russia over his own country.. just like trump supporters side with trump over their own country. #TRE45ON

    2. @Richard Parker In January, the Dems were siding with the terrorists of Iran over their own country.


    1. Too many of them haven’t been held accountable for too long. If we elect them and then just leave them to do whatever they want, how can we expect anything else?

  2. “Obstruction of Justice as a Way of Life” as what John Bolton says is what Trump and Barr is all about.

    1. He did say trump told the Turkish president that he’ll get rid of them all down there in the SDONY

    2. They are all scum. And Bolton should of testified as soon as he was “fired”. Nah all about money. He only cares about war and money. He waited for the right time that it was good for him. Not America.

  3. Cant imagine the people he investigates and prosecutes has anything to do with it. Needs to be jailed also!

  4. Trump is ensuring when he loses the election he’s protected, barr can’t protect trump without nazi’s

    1. Can’t be prosecuted till he is out of office (January). But Biden will move to put some in there quickly that can prosecute him. Unless he just did this to give himself enough time to flee to another county when no longer President. Only reason I can think of him doing this.

    1. Everyone is Beautiful OK, how about this one: “My biggest regret was impregnating Donald Trump’s mother.” —Krusty The Clown

    2. @Everyone is Beautiful — are you blind, was hittler beautiful, Charlie Manson, is Trump and Barr

    1. Joe Holton is it the record deaths due to incompetence, the record unemployment, the record deficits, the top military speaking out against him, or Biden crushing him by double digits nationwide that really has your confidence up?


    2. @Eli Dicken Joe Biden crushing ??? Hahahahaha .. look Trump is the LAW and ORDER president .. that’s nuff said !!

    3. @Sam Smith he has on his oath of office. he isnot a arm of the pres h eis a check to it (or woudl be if he was not a taitor)

  5. *Investigate Barr‘s Father..He was getting up to “Super Shady Stuff” before he died and Barr Junior has been “Cleaning it up” ever since he got into office!*
    *It was a very big motivating factor behind his initial ‘Audition Piece’🤫*

    1. Farmer Bob True! It was Barr’s father who appointed Epstein to teach at the school where he was principal! Remember Geoffrey Epstein had no teaching qualifications – but it could be argued he and Barr’s father had other things in common!

    2. Oh brother. Remove your tin foil hats. I see you conveniently forget how close slick Willy Clinton was to Epstein, huh? 🤣

    3. Papa Barr played around with young girls or boys and Epstein had the dirt on him. Hire me (Epstein) or damming information will released. It could be that Barr junior is trying to save daddy’s reputation or he is just as guilty of molesting.

  6. This is Agent Orange’s way of trying to get rid of the threat of prosecution from the Manhattan US Attorney’s office once he’s out of the WH.

    1. You tards don’t even know that the mueller team dropped all indictment charges on the russian clickbait farm that actually showed up for court a few months ago.
      You idiots think they have anything on trump?
      None of you morons know this do you?

    2. Well.. thats not gonna happen. The full weight of the power he will once have had will be unleashed on him , and his family

    3. cj p aah the irony, you calling everyone a moron, when all your posts clearly show you have a single figure IQ, I’d say you were a fuckwit, but then have to remind myself you only understand three letter words.

    4. @cj p yeah right appointing federal judges as fast as they can with no experience. Getting people out that will send him to jail just like he got rid of everyone who is not a yes man for him,while Barr is playing his personal lawyer instead of the office lawyer. They are trying to get rid of accoutability and investigations of a President as if a President is above the law. Believe what you wish as long as you are still able to.

    5. cj p  Mueller didn’t drop the charges.  He only stated he didn’t believe a sitting President couldn’t be prosecuted while in office.  That’s why Trump is terrified of going to jail after he’s defeated this Nov.

  7. He was also involved with investigating Trump and the Deutsche Bank etc. this is reason he is being fired. Trump does not want anyone around who might charge him with criminal activity. So get rid of him and put someone else in place to give him any information that might have him arrested beforehand like he has done again in the past.

  8. Lol, this administration is pathetic! What’s this 100+ people who have either left or been fired from this administration?

    1. Sheri Snyder – you have to remember his impeachment, there are coequal levels of government. The house and senate. The house impeached him but the senate did not. The House is majority controlled by the Democrats but the Senate is majority controlled by Republicans and they are scared to go against Trump.

    2. moojuice369 Tsunami of Democratic voters??? You made me laugh out loud! CNN has you believing Biden stands a chance with their fake polls. 🤣

    3. @moojuice369 that sounds nice… if your elections arent complete frauds now. Doesnt Bunker Boys daughter have some kind of ownership in the election machine company? Trumps master putin destroyed democracy in his country in less than 4yrs. You guys are in serious trouble!

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