Air quality in Toronto plummets as city blanketed by wildfire smoke, haze 1

Air quality in Toronto plummets as city blanketed by wildfire smoke, haze


Lyndsay Morrison has the latest on the weather in Toronto, where smoke and haze has caused air quality to plummet.

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    1. Its dark enough not to be cast to the screen, the blue specific to backdrops in news stations are closer to a eggshell colour

    1. yeah I thought is was dust cause the place I am living in there is construction and I thought it was dust but when I went to other places it was also really foggy.

  1. What a shame, really. Remember the smog alerts from twenty years ago?
    Didn’t realize Lyndsey was pregnant.

    1. @Karim Are you guys like 20 or something ? Of course it’s normal, it’s what forest fires have done for millions of years, it’s been far worse in years past in my lifetime, but then i’m not 20 and know everything.

  2. “And a potential for water breaking somewhere else besides clouds possibly this evening. Back to you Jim with sports.”

    1. She really didn’t seem too…with the pictures, taken from outer space…stay on a sentence until the very…humid in other parts of the country. Steve? Jim? Anyone? Oh crap. Is it Sunday and I came in a day early? Again? Dave?

  3. yes in winnipeg the rain brought the smoke down to the ground, side effects include not being able to see 100 meters in front of you

  4. The only way we can remind The Centre of the Universe that there’s more to Canada than just Ontario. Yup, it’s summer in The West—forest fires.

    1. Oh no, it’s literally just Toronto that thinks they’re the centre of canuckistan! The rest of Ontario is sick of them, too!

      45minutes outside of the GTA, you run in to folks who also refer to this province as “onterrible”

    2. @Jordon Carlson Kinda hard to disagree with them when the piece of Canada that extends below the straight portion of the border is 50% of Canadas population. If you were to reform the border so it just cut straight across, you’d lose half the population… probably more than half by now.

    1. Yeah we had it bad two years ago, could not see Denman island from the Buckley Bay ferry terminal.

  5. Better catch the arsonists then b/c most if these fires aren’t cause by lightning &/or campers!

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