Here's how the massive Microsoft Exchange hack impacts your computer 1

Here’s how the massive Microsoft Exchange hack impacts your computer


Canada and other allies are accusing China of being behind a massive email hack on Microsoft, technology analyst Carmi Levy explains how it impacts you.

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    1. @paladro Kind of, yes, except we don’t “implode”, we just keep going, that’s evolution.

    1. @thevoicesaysdo so correcting someone grammar proves them weak? You must have not made it far in university kid.

  1. Wow i was wondering, i got security alerts on my Microsoft email last week. I was concerned for sure i changed everything, this makes alot of sense now.

  2. Assume anything u upload to the internet is being exposed to 3rd party whether they are domestic or foreign

  3. I have nothing to worry about because Microsoft support called me from India and fixed the Windows security issues on my Apple computer.

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