Airbnb CEO: Travel activity is back to 2019 levels 1

Airbnb CEO: Travel activity is back to 2019 levels


Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky says travel activity on the platform has reached 2019 levels even before cross-border travel, which he says is half their business, completely reopens. But he doesn't expect business travel to ever return to the way it was before the pandemic. #CNN #News #Business


  1. That’s doubtful with, with the resurgence in road rage incidents, and mass shootings happening constantly in this country.

    1. Perhaps if complete idiots like Obama has not given EVERYTHING away for free , creating an entitlement society, then having a real leader like Trump, that champions hard work, and now people are pissed! Where’s my Obama phone fir free? Where’s my food stamps?

  2. I agree. Business travel and office work will never be the same again. There’s a lot more flexibility on where and how people can work. Commuting to work is a pain and business travel is expensive for companies. Airlines are gonna have to adjust their business models too.

    1. Nah…unless people are lying about being vaccinated and aren’t and also are then ditching masks as well and then congregating in large crowds as well. IF that’s the case, then yeah a 3rd wave is likely.

    2. @Scahoni Having lost persons known to me (great aunt, cousin, and GF’s grandfather) as well knowing several people who lost members of either their immediate family or extended family to Covid-19, it seems by empirical evidence that you’re the one who has been duped and mislead.

    1. Hahahah this is the most ignorant thing I have ever read on any form of social media, congratulations thats tough.

    1. Hey, look at us and our fake outrage .. we are fighting for justice, and we might loot a few stores and destroy innocent peoples business’s along the way .

  3. Yeah, people ate traveling again and hotel/resort management are taking full advantage of it. Everything is pretty much doubled and even more. Absolutely no need to charge someone $300/night and more for a hotel room with 2 queen beds. Greed is what’s going to destroy this country.

  4. Hahaha anyone against Israel will be on the loosing side Israel should just take over everything over there enough is enough..

  5. بدون شك اختارهم الله تعالى على كل الأديان والأعراق

  6. مدافع مجاني كنت ومازلت واستمر في الدفاع عنهم بأمر من الله تعالى

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