Aisha Tyler gives her take on Wayne Brady’s viral Instagram post

Actress Aisha Tyler gives us an insight into a joke from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" that has gone viral online after cast member Wayne Brady shared it on Instagram. #CNN #News


  1. “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.”

    -Verna Myers 💯

    1. Sabledoux – I actually agree with that too- to a certain extent, we are made from our own initiatives.

  2. So she didn’t know POCs existed until now?

    And they “borrowed” the idea from Living Single so…

    1. @brotherfugue My daughter said she noticed there were no ir small amount black people in older tv shows. I was taken aback.

  3. Not only was there a lack of diversity but the premise of the show was stolen from a much better tv series Living Single…

    1. Roommates are common in white culture not black culture. These stories were part of her life.

    2. So where da issue? There was a show with black actors only. That ain’t lacking diversity? Or it’s ok?

    1. @Henry R. This went over your head. Golden Girls is realistic for THAT ERA, CITY, and AGE GROUP Plus they had Black guests and characters [not Extras] towards the end.
      NEW YORK CITY on the other hand is historically ETHNICALLY DIVERSE, and the show did not represent that REALITY until there was protest. Even THEN considering their INCOME LEVEL, it was unrealistic they had NO neighbors which were of A VARIETY of ETHNICITIES.

    2. @Aaron Daniel
      All of that is true & it could also explain why so many young white people started moving to New York, lol.
      Both shows were successful but they could have both benefitted from more diversity.

    1. Odd, I’d heard they basically copied a British series called “Coupling.”
      “They” meaning the creators of Friends, of course.

    1. Yesssss…. My son says it all the time! But that’s nothing new, always appropriating from Us…. “Magical People”…. it’s the norm for them…

    2. Tina Pentasuglia NBC purposely sought out to make a white washed version of Living Single. That’s a known fact. Not speculation or conjecture.

    1. Exactly man. The knew exactly what they are doing. White people are always complicit about racism cuz it not their problem.

    2. Chinchilla man
      But why the fuckk should we care, how long ago was friends. Get over it! We get the point now let’s start to move forward for the sake of our kids instead of pitty parties.

  4. Friends was a sappy show with the standard prerecorded laugh track audio because the show stunk!🦨<~•💨💨 !!

  5. She took “living single” concept and kept a diverse cast off the show, 🤔 maybe it’s guilt!

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