Alabama Doctor Pleads For Folks To Get A Vaccine As Covid Surges 1

Alabama Doctor Pleads For Folks To Get A Vaccine As Covid Surges

Infectious disease expert Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo from the University of Alabama reacts to the surge of Covid cases – largely among the unvaccinated – in her state and underscores that if a vaccinated person contracts the virus that person is far less likely to end up in the hospital.
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  1. A good blues artist has to suffer to create world class words and tunes.

    But this is overdoing it, don’t you think?

    1. @Richard Carver-Hall You will find that a lot of musicians in Alabama are republican by choice, alas.

    2. @Richard Carver-Hall Music has been around a long long time, way before you labeled people liberal.

  2. as many are so, so eager to meet Jesus, well- CONGRATS! you’ve been fast tracked . .
    so STFU!
    does this mean that there may be a real estate bargain basement opportunity?

    1. @justcuzim jordan, yeah. People on here think covid deaths is going to change the demographics of America, but I don’t see it. If you’re under 40, you’re more likely to be murdered than to die of Covid.

    2. No vaccine in 30 + years seen more virus then years you’ve been alive and who up here is scare to die
      Faith its unstoppable

    3. 330 ppl died of Covid yesterday. 149 the day before. 94 the day before that.
      Out of 333 million Americans.
      STFU kid

  3. I’m sorry what are the Flu numbers this year?? I’m sure that you all forgot mention those figures……just an oversight right……

    1. Yes. “Covid Regret” videos will likely be bigger on TikTok than it already is on YouTube already. I predict the most popular last words from these anti-vaxers will be “I think I was wrong” …followed by the sound of them flat lining… Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

  4. You can keep that poison all to yourself. I will never get that shot. All you sheep enjoy those side effects in a few years

    1. Okay no problem. And what would you like your tombstone epitaph to read? I hear the most popular ones for Covid victims are: “I think I was wrong” and “Another one bites the dust”. And do you prefer marble or granite?

  5. I’m baffled by the number of one-shot recipients in these stats… Who are these people that get one vaccination (out of two) and choose to just stop there? What is their reasoning for not getting the second one?

    1. Hmmmm…. I wonder why they didn’t work? Could it have anything at all to do with people not actually doing them? Maybe….

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