Trump Loyalists Ignore Damning Testimony From Capitol Police 1

Trump Loyalists Ignore Damning Testimony From Capitol Police


Responding to the first hearing from the Jan. 6 Select Committee on FOX News, both Jim Jordan and Elise Stefanik completely ignored the emotional and damning testimony given by officers who faced off against the pro-Trump mob. Jacqueline Alemany reacts.
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  1. No one’s afraid to ask questions. It’s just that it’s been hard to get republicans to allow questions to be asked, they’re doing everything they can to stop questions.

    1. @Mr. Tambourine Man .. we can start with this list;
      mtg, boebart, gosar, gaetz, hawley, cruz, tuberville, brooks, r. johnson, Clyde, jordon, nunez, abbott ….

    2. Pelosi was scared of Jordan. He would have her subpoenaed & questioned as to why she did nothing after being warned about a handful of right wingers attacking the capital. She had all the evidence beforehand, and she hid that and allowed it to happen. She’s responsible for January 6

    3. @Steve Austin So trump said the sky will fall on August 47th,you’ll believe it,won’t you?.

  2. Gym Jordan ignored sexual assault against wrestlers at Ohio State. Why would he give a hoot about the testimony of cops?

    1. @Khris Khristie wow brilliant. Perhaps you will want to gargle drano after you dems lose the mid terms and Pelosi will be gone forever. That’s all you got. Actually I have a better Idea. Take the bus go get a job and a I d and then vote

    2. @Mary Elizabeth Jordan is a Representative–only, thank goodness. His 1 vote in the House has less weight, but his yelling mouth is soooo annoying. McCarthy knew Pelosi would veto him, therefore McCarthy could scream, “It’s not bipartisan!”.
      He forgets that most of us don’t have amnesia that he gave up an “even stevens” bipartisan commission AFTER negotiating for just that. He Blew it!!

    3. @Steve Austin Leaving out a lot of facts and adding some of your own BS. How convenient!🤣😂🤣😂

  3. Well, of course they do! Donald Trump and his lackeys at Fox News and talk radio have thoroughly brainwashed these people. If Trump told them the sky was green, they’d believe him.


    2. @Lynda True you’re right about that. I wouldn’t be looking for truth on any legacy media. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and such are all the same. But if you watch all of them you can sort of piece together the real story

    3. Trump told them, they do not need masks and vaccination, and they followed. Trump told them to look straight into the sun with naked eyes, I wonder why they did not?

  4. Rep. Jim Jordan is a poor excuse of a US Congress man! He needs to be sent home! Let’s roll on this! He is very negative. And ….extremely kindergarten- like. Yup! A toddler in dc. I apologize for this political message from southern Colorado! Yup!

    1. @SimGuns he was pulled because he would of made it a circus act instead of an investigation. The truth is the last thing the GOP wants to be known.

    2. Why didTwitter, Facebook u tube delete all sites that are covering the foresnicaudits across the STATES? Try bitchute, rumble, gab, telegram. ,

    3. @Shane Drew You guys are soooooooo easy. Say one thing you don’t understand or agree withand you immediately resort to name calling and trying to demean people.

    4. @SimGuns truth hurts does it? You made an ignorant ill-informed comment to be controversial. That shows your arrogance on a subject that is well documented. Gym has no intention of searching for the truth. The fact you support that says more about you than me.

  5. McCarthy cannot initiate an official committee, or preside over it. Those are the privileges of the majority.

    1. Please vote in 2022 to keep our majority in the house and Senate. Can’t let these criminals come back to power

    2. Pelosi was scared of Jordan. He would have her subpoenaed & questioned as to why she did nothing after being warned about a handful of right wingers attacking the capital. She had all the evidence beforehand, and she hid that and allowed it to happen. She’s responsible for January 6

  6. This should not surprise the majority of people who are sane, but throw in kookoo and you get this reteric from the team of felchers for Teflon Don

    1. What about when you add at least 3 koo-koo’s, along with two possible pediofiles/perverts with a bunch of “yes” men into the mix with the Don?

    2. I learned a new slang word. And I wish I hadn’t. But – it does fit. Jim Jordan certainly is a felcher.

    3. Had to look up “felch” in the Urban Dictionary. It’s the something Jim Jordan probably has too much expertise with. Just look at his tired face.

  7. McCarthy messed up bad. There’s going to be continuous, unchallenged, testimony and Republicans will only be able to do damage control after, in small press conferences.

    1. They had numerous chances to play a major role in an investigation of Jan. 6th. They refused to move forward with it, blocked it any way they could. Now, they’re outside looking in with very little control of the outcome. Just add it to the list of failed political strategies by a political party that can’t strategize, legislate, or even litigate. The incompetence and willful stupidity of the Republican Party today is laughable yet breathtaking. I will never vote Republican as long as I draw breath in this world.

    2. The GOP screwed itself little sound bites on fox attempting damage control is nothing compared to gut wrenching hours of testimony that they can’t give another side to. The dummies had there chance with the independent committee idea 💡 and decided to pass like dummies.

    3. Well, yeah! That’s why Terrorist controlled legislatures around the country have to enact voting restrictions to impede the democrat vote, so they can slow or attempt to cement their states’ legislative power over elections. That’s the only way they can even come close to remaining competitive in federal elections.

    4. @It Was A Good Idea At The Time They are jumping ship, the losers jumped holding onto the anchor.

    1. Yes EXACTLY and had gotten every single thing they demanded as well too.😁
      But Mitch asked the GOP to vote against it as a “personal” favor to him …🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      Gee I wonder why?🤔🤔🤔🤔

    2. @John Godley You forgot that the Republicans will find Pelosi Complicit in the Insurrection, and that it was done by AntiFA, BLM and the FBI, and maybe even Hillary Clinton too. Because that’s what the Republicans would’ve done if Nancy let that idiotic screech owl Jim Jordan on the commission.

  8. Well Gym, the Capital wasn’t secure because the HEAD OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT DIDN’T WANT IT TO BE SECURE.

    1. @David Spence Biden had a vaccine, and a year of already knowing about the virus, testing and hot spots. How’s his glorious record? Over 250k dead in a few months. I’d say neither Trump or Biden r good at reducing cv death.

    2. @Duramax Dad and he has made every effort to get as many people vaccinated as possible. He has also encouraged masks. The reason we are having the uptick in covid cases is due to the MAGA crowd following the Republican effort to downplay the efficacy of the vaccine and masks. Just take a look at the people who are against both…..
      primarily Republicans 🤷….🤦

    3. Hmm! Yes that’s correct so hopefully these politicians who are willing to cover up this event from the American ppl to get the truth! 👍🏼🇺🇸

  9. If they make a new Batman movie, Gym
    Jordan could be the riddler and Elise could be the Penguin! Uncanny!!!!!

  10. Jim is afraid to answer fundamental questions…about insurrections, sexual abuse of athletes, Donnie’s duplicity and criminality and you know…stuff.

    1. @Ellen Casteel I believe that, hope they prove it. He is only half as bad as trump so only give him life, with no chance of parole.

  11. Why would we need more security if they were all there with “love and kissing” and “touring”? Hmmm…. interesing.

    1. Good point! Where they hugging and kissing in the neck bearded Antfia and BLM uncover FBI tourist folks love fest? Is that why they need more security? So hard to keep up with.

  12. The GOP: “It’s Pelosi’s fault for not defending against our terrorists”…. what a PATHETIC Red Herring!!

    1. @BitBuhkit You seem as confused as normal. Trump’s circus doesn’t allow anyone with a detectable IQ. Stay safe.

    2. @Nunya Business I have always been confused that people like you exist. And of course dumps circus doesn’t allow detectable IQ’s, that’s how you made the cut! You stay safe too, Ivan…

    3. This is a blatant propaganda “LIE” It has already been researched that two Heads of the Capitol police. Were responsible for the protection of the capitol building during the January 6th Insurrection. In fact they were hired by you know who, “Trump”. And both were fired. Most likely because they purposely left the Capitol building with insufficient protection. Blaming Pelosi is like blaming the Pope for Hitlers destruction of Germany.

    4. BREAKING: Twitter Suspends ‘Audit War Room’ Accounts For WI, PA, NV, GA, AZ While Dems Start 1/6 ‘Show Trial’

    1. @Rick Simon really ok. In the meantime liberal cities have the most crime and it’s killing you guys at the polls. Enjoy your crime.

    2. @Hahvok123 yea good luck with that. Keep watching CNN and you will see a lot of nothing. Get a job and an I d then go vote.

  13. Claiming that the Jan6 insurrection wasn’t an insurrection should be grounds for expulsion from Congress, if Congressional oversight existed, and Congress followed its own rules and the Constitution.

  14. They don’t call him Gym Jordan for nothing. The GOP is corrupt and must be sent packing. VOTE BLUE in 22.

    1. @Asheron Windspear No, it was the fact that he knew what his head wrestling coach was doing & chose to keep quiet.

    2. Vote Blue in 22. That’s a good one. If God is not a Tarheal, then why is the sky Carolina Blue.

    3. @Duramax Dad False equivalency. Dems did not attack our Capitol. Dems are not trying to cover for the instigator of the insurrection. Vote BLUE in 22.

  15. If they wanted a broad-scope commission, then why didn’t they take the opportunity that was originally presented to them?

    1. Because their temper tantrums would look even more ridiculous. Republicans not throwing a temper tantrum would be frightening.

    2. Because as we both know, those republicans want to control the narrative away from themselves and their bumbling orange messiah

    1. Do you think we will ever get a result? One that is truthful? They probably had to send out to China for some ballots with bamboo. Lol

    2. You call facts a sham on AZ audit??? They have more EB33(mailed out ballots received) then EB32(mail ballots sent out) *Numbers don’t lie.* They have thousands of mail in ballots that are missing or faded serial numbers on them. Thousands of duplicate ballots. They use only non-bleeding secure paper with sharpie marker. Now finding mail in ballots that are bleed through!!! It’s like people that print money. They get caught by NOT using the right paper, and when using the same serial number on bills when buying high items. Thinking people won’t check the serial numbers. That is called fraud! Maricopa County Registration servers were breached in November. They shared it privately with select voters but did not bother to share with the public. Sent out letters to voters that were effected by the breach in Jan. 2021 There is more but this is enough for now! That’s all.

  16. Republicans doing their own “investigation” would be like the foxes getting together to investigate which one ate the chickens, even though every one of them had a taste.

    1. Yup, I can see them sitting together: _»So, who else can we blame for this? Antifa? BLM? FBI? Mexicans? China?… Any other suggestions?«_

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