Neal Katyal: DOJ Decisions, Bad For Trump, Are ‘Pro Rule Of Law’ Decisions 1

Neal Katyal: DOJ Decisions, Bad For Trump, Are ‘Pro Rule Of Law’ Decisions

The DOJ refused to block ex-Trump officials from testifying about his efforts to overturn the 2020 election and refused to defend Rep. Mo Brooks in a lawsuit for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection in which Trump is also named. Neal Katyal discusses the implications of these rulings that did not go well for “Trump and his minions” and could expose Trump to criminal liability: “The truth is going to come out. These folks will be held accountable.”
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  1. Citizens are subject to policing and the military have their own police. Why not a real Capitol Police Force, who not only protect the Capitol from external threats but internal ones as well. Elected officials are just people, not angels. Why do they get a pass?

    Among the many duties, they see to it that decorum is observed. No political stunts in the halls and public spaces. No yelling taunts through the letter boxes of office doors. Also they would investigate unethical or criminal behaviour by staff. Staff includes the elected staff as well.

    1. They should be setting the example. Who would want their kids to take their cues from the GOP’s goons? Lie, defy authority, act up for the crowds? Come ohhhn . . .

    2. I’d definitely vote for a police force for government officials. There would have to be strict, impartial/unbiased, and clear guidelines. It blows my mind you have to have a degree in the study of law… they should be written so plainly that their meaning is not obscure. Without those strict guidelines, it would be easy to turn that force into a gestapo that could reinforce a dictatorship.

    1. @God’s Groom of the Stool yeah, it’s not like an employer who just fires a guy over a frapacheeeeno. Its like, oh hes dead? Dont worry about it.

      Unless there’s footage.

    2. turbo2ltr, how can you even try to portray this specific decision as the *exact opposite* of what it is? Are you that dumb? Decisions that limit the privilege and legal immunity of the highest of powers are clear efforts towards universal application of the rule of law.

    1. Performed by Sammy Davis Jr:) Blew my mind as an adult when I realized I had forgotten that fun fact.

    2. @Heart Strings I grew up on Air Force bases.. and we had one channel to watch American programs in Germany..

      And they played all the hits.. Sanford and Son, Air Wolf, A Team, Battlestar Galactica, Sigmund and the Seamonsters…

      and of course Beretta..

    3. @daniel guth That was a cool channel to have so many good U.S. programming in the line up. I love old 70’s tv shows and movies. Been watching The incredible Hulk 70’s tv series on you tube, as well as the ” After school Specials”, 70’s and 80’s tv movies of the week and the Patridge Family. Gotta get my dose of laughter from Danny Bonaduce as a kid in Patridge Family show:)

    1. @iamthe partyone fool. It was Rachael Maddow only, as “hyperbolic and unreliable”. YOU look It up. Typical of a FOX viewer to be hyperbolic and unreliable about the story.

    2. @Roxanne Hale not Rachel Maddow only, it was both MSNBC and the Rachel Maddow show together. The judge literally said no one should believe them because they dont deliver the news but entertainment and opinions. I’ve read the entire transcript from the judges complete statement and ruling. I’m not a fox viewer, they’re no better, dont make such ignorant assumptions. How dare I speak the truth about your preferred propaganda outlet.

    3. I just read the ACTUAL judges statement that ” MSNBC does report news” but that the Maddow single 2017 lawsuit about OAN was hyerbolic, etc” . in contrast Tucker Carlson was called out by a judge as total fiction, not just one particular episode. FOX has relied in multiple lawsuits describing themselves as entertainment not news, all the way back to Bill O Reilly.

    4. @Roxanne Hale no where in the judges statement does your fake quote exist, anyone can look up the judges statements for themselves and see she said much much more than what you’re saying, and even said that no one should believe them because they deliver opinions and exploit the actual news. Yeah fox is garbage, MSNBC is no better, dont be such a fool. Fox and MSNBC are both complete garbage, only fools believe anything they say.

  2. Ttump (his spelling not mine) won’t get on the stand. Lawyers will debate this till we are all moldering in the grave.

    1. He may not get on the stand, in front of the public, but he may have to behind closed doors, either way, he can’t squirm out of it.

    2. He’s no longer president, executive privilege is also out the window. I suspect if he gets subpoenaed he’ll run to Russia.

    3. @Pedro Noa He can’t run anywhere, if his passport gets pulled, like his accountant Weaselberg and his billionaire buddy, just bailed out Barrack. I doubt he would go there anyway, his puppet master Putin, is done with him

    4. Your post showed up in my notification, but didn’t show up here in the thread, so I will respond with I wish I could make it so for #1, but we will just have to be patient and wait it out, black bird :))

    1. 51% of Americans find election fraud affected the outcome of the election. You might want to spend more time vindicating the alleged results rather than covering it up with political partisan attack.

    2. @R. Clarke What percentage believe the earth is flat? Are they correct as well? Belief is not truth or fact snowflake.

    3. @Crispin Fornoff It’s just a term of endearment. Like the term that “there was lots of hugs and kisses during the insurrection of Jan 6”.

      Try not to make your panties wet over it.

      Have a great day.

    1. I find it hilarious when the left watches the media and it will say “an anonymous source” the left will quote it for the rest of their life’s like when trump supposedly called dead vets losers but then go on about the right using qanon I’ve never used qanon but I assume the anon stands for anonymous which means it should be taken as just as serious as when the media uses anonymous sources.

    1. Pls keep your defeatism to yourself. It has never been more important for us to realize WHO the country is: us. The government is us. The legal system and the LE systems are us. IT IS ALL “US”.

      When we sigh and say “That’s the way it is, we can’t do anything about it.” we are helping nail ourselves to economic slavery.

      The Powers that Shouldn’t Be dearly want us to believe they are unbeatable. The rest of us don’t appreciate people HELPING them spread their message: that they have already won, and will continue doing what they have been doing to us. And they feel so confident that they are willing to wag it in our collective faces whenever they like.

      Think of their big street theaters, like shooting JFK brutality in full view of the public eye. They didn’t just “put it to us”, they did it to our face. It said

      “We can do this to ANYONE!” YOU HAVE NO CHANCE.”

      From the time of the Great Flood, mankind has grown and developed. We have developed more and more just and fair societies. There is no future in always saying “We never…” or “We always…”

      Every day we do things we never did before in recorded history. People who say ‘That’s not the way we do things” are still clinging to trees and looking away from the strange sight of their brethren walking on TWO LEGS!!

      SAME with people who say “We can’t.”

      So, while I understand it is important to realize that WE DO NOT have a fair/impartial/equality system, it is just as important NOT to promote it to more reality than it deserves.

      Where there is life, there is hope. Any problem we can realize/recognize is something we can fix.

      We MUST apply the rule of law to the persons who consider themselves the HIGHEST in the system, or the whole system is exposed as a sham.

      We allowed JFK’s killers — and their puppets — to run the US because we thought nothing could be done about them.

      We allowed a completely false attack (it wasn’t a ‘false flag attack”) to get America officially into the agency’s war in Vietnam. The response had been provoked, but didn’t actually occur. Vessels under control of Langley had been attacking naval facilities in the Tonkin Gulf on the previous nights, and Intel was of the opinion they WOULD attack, being on a “hair trigger”. Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex wins big!! Americans lose drastically.

      And I’m not really getting started on JFK, 9/11, or Bin Laden (“Tim Osman”, on the Agency payroll) or whatever. (Look it up, but obviously not on Wikipedia or Scopes. Actually, always compare the actual evidence to Wikipedia, because they always provide the “Intelligence sanctioned” view of everything.)

      But it is an insult to the human race to say, of any great achievement we can imagine, “We never will.” Just as you cannot say we will never have the Cattlecars and Death Camps again.

      We grow because we remember, but we cannot grow when we are held back by “We never will.”

      So, while I agree wholeheartedly with your first sentence — even laud the satire of understatement — I find your second sentence completely worthy of a vigorous thumbs down, due solely to the final three words.

      Nothing personal.

  3. I will be glad when somebody finally gets the proof and put Donald Trump into prison where he belongs he’s tore our country in half with lies good show keep the good work up

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