Trump-Backed Candidate Loses Special Election In Texas 1

Trump-Backed Candidate Loses Special Election In Texas

In a blow to Trump's endorsement power, Texas Republican Jake Ellzey won a U.S. House seat on Tuesday night over his Trump-backed rival Susan Wright. Mark McKinnon reacts.
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  1. Susan Wright finds out that Donald’s endoresment is the kiss of death. Bet she wishes she hadn’t kissed that ring!

    1. @Banned Account first I’m not speaking anything you more on do you hear voices ouy vee comrade earn those rubles you Muppet Trump is a munted show so mate stop taking up for Trump why don’t you tell USA banks to give Trump a loan to pay those German bank account duece marks

    2. @Banned Account Trump is in exile and maleria Trump engwish is swow Czechslavocia ivanka Czechslavocia born commie mommi achour babies

    3. @Stew country songs Stew mat geits unaccompanied dates with desantis yep both pay to play undocumented dates

    4. @Dustin Benford crenshaw giving the stink eye red flag laws Texas and Ted Raphael Cruz Canadian and Abbot all are losers and yes I can explain why each are bad with miles yes miles in line for food boxes and Texas own citgo closed in Venezuela and bush Jr lives down in Texas

  2. “Pendulum starting to swing?” SERIOUSLY? SERIOUSLY? STARTING? This tool has been nicknamed “the kiss of death” since the previous midterms! Does no one in this country have a working memory?

    1. The country and the world has but not the GOP given to the theater they’re dedicated to bring upon us on a daily basis.

    2. Obviously not McConnel nor McCarthy. They were awfully quick to bend the knee again after 1/6. But then, pushing the big lie must be more comforting to their egos than to think that maybe the fault was not merely with their reality stars, but themselves.

    3. @Kevin Knerr McCarthy yes, but McConnell not so much. His support for Trump has been lukewarm, at best.

    1. @Baby Teano oh ye of little faith. Granted, there probably won’t be because they’re both Republicans, but they’ve opened the door now and there are a lot of little Trump wannabes.

    2. @HamburgersMmmmmm that’s why they’re called wannabees… Trump is an actor before he run for president, he has lots of fanatics, they will do anything for him like a die hard fan..the wannabees will not get the support of the cult, they’re for Trump only…

    3. @Baby Teano you’re forgetting something here though. Trump supported the candidate that lost. I guarantee you that people are already saying that the only reason they lost is that it was rigged by Democrats to make Trump look bad and to further the Democrats agenda.
      Guarantee it.
      Don’t underestimate stupid people.
      Again, an audit probably won’t happen, but someone out there wants one for sure.

    1. @Polite Rude Guy you seriously want us to think a traitor like you hops on to social media every day, says what they say, thinks how they think, excuses what they excuse, blame who they blame, twist what they twist, lie about what they lie about, all to comment in support of Trump DAILY and we are supposed to believe you serve God? You serve Trump and the GQP. You want New Russia. You want authoritarianism. You are pro fear and control. You support liars daily. You are everything BUT what God tells you to be. Kneel commie kneel.

    2. @Polite Rude Guy that guy is losing influence and rumors has it they want ron desantis to become the new GOP leader

    3. @Polite Rude GuyI live in West Texas .
      North American family since
      1654,. More than 100 years before the USA . Semper Fi
      Me = loyal PATRIOT
      You = cult member
      I recommend you educate yourself and become a real American instead of a personality cult member .

    1. So, you deride Trump for a medical deferment, yet biden had TWO of the same. I wonder why HE isn’t being called a draft dodger?
      Twice as much dodge as Trump, zero call out. Double standards? Well of course.

    2. @Megastick93, Maybe it’s because Biden has more class in his baby toe, than Drump does in his whole fat ah…. Yeah. Biden has more class.

    1. Wow clever you people sound so salty. He’s a political candidate. You know hating Trump dosent count as a personality right?

  3. If you haven’t figured out yet that Trump’s endorsement is the “kiss of death”to your campaign and political career, you deserve to lose.

    1. @Jrdfgy Krtysf i think ur taking that out of context.number 2,if thats the dumbest thing u heard from biden,its not as bad as what that trainwreck trump says on a regular basis.this fool was praising hitler.thats who u chose to back?a losing candidate with losing ideals?anytime trump mentions black people,something negative is usually his message.ur hate makes others happy.not me.i feel like ur mad at the wrong person.u been lied to for the last few years n instead of smartening up,u double down in stupid.

    2. @Jrdfgy Krtysf Yes, I vote for Biden- one of the best votes of my life. I can tell you voted for Trump: he loves the uneducated ( it is Biden not byden). Your next mistake was bringing race into this. When you have no valid or intelligent response- just play the race card.

    1. Maybe their STARTING to understand !

    1. @greg wayne Make sure we have electric planes while we are at it. Ill buy you a ticket on that flight.

    2. @Alex Ordonez Is that really the biggest argument you have? Just f***** gas prices? Wow, you guys have really been splitting hairs after you realized that Chinese solders weren’t marching the streets the day of Biden’s inauguration. So much for “Beijing Biden”. We are about 6 months into Biden’s administration and it isn’t the end of the world yet, I am sorry you got lied to, but deal with it.

    3. @greg wayne cars aren’t the only thing that use petroleum moron petroleum literally goes into every single product out there one way or another so higher petroleum prices means higher prices across the board but I suppose a tesla will be a good place to live once you can no longer even afford your house

    4. @dc not just gas prices look at the border crisis the employment crisis or rampant inflation a non existent foreign policy weaponized government agencies i mean cmon man you have to literally try in order to not see the dumpster fire our country is right now all in just 6 months this country won’t exist by the time bidens first term is up

    1. I don’t know how these Republicans never learn. Kiss the ring of Trump now, get kicked in the a$$ later.

    2. @Lori Nelson you guys are pretty dumb when another republican took the seat. Sorry for your daily brainwashing

    1. Good question, we will have to wait…………..well, until after our morning coffee at least as he is still off Twitter.

    2. i wonder when he will turn on voters – “you guys in TX are such losers, not voting for one of my chosen ones. You are the ones ruining this country. TX is a banana republic. You will never know the greatness of countries like N. Korea. Where by the way i am so loved. Such a lovely letter. And we fell in love”. Lol. Just wait, it’s coming.

  4. You can’t fix stupid and anyone who desires anything named Rump, is stupid beyond repair. Let’s hope this is a trend that grows and grows.

    1. @Ziggy Blue They said as Trump himself was known to make childish names for people he disagreed with, we got all the classics like Lyin Ted, Nasty Nancy, Sleepy Joe, Shifty Schiff and many many more!!! I mean that is if you support Trump, wouldn’t wanna be a hypocrite right?

  5. As far as I remember, everyone he’s ever endorsed lost, including those two senators from Georgia.

    1. Some have won, but plenty have lost, as well. This isn’t the first time his endorsement didn’t mean anything. He’ll find a way to blame it on something else as usual

    2. The white nationalists lost to a Black and a Jewish guy down there. “Muh Western Civilization”.

    3. @Lea Smith Lol, I swear Jan 6 was the day after they won those seats and I knew they would act up because had lost everything, white house, Senate and House. I wasn’t surprised at all.

    1. November 3rd 2020…he went all in trying to beg republicans to cheat for him and failed miserably… hence the storming.of the capitol and assaulting police

    2. @Stagg 21 November 3rd 2020 Biden was hiding in a nursing home crying racist for closing borders on China

  6. “Nobody knows more about losing than I do. Casinos, businesses, charities, my beautiful university, and wives. I am the bigliest loser in the world. I just wish I could lose these extra 160 lbs of fried chicken and hamburger fat.”

  7. No surprise, too many people during the last election lost after getting trump’s blessing, kiss of death.

    1. Mary- meanwhile under Joe Biden crime and inflation is going up. China and Russia are eating our lunch like Trump predicted.

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