New Covid Variant Data Prompts Change In CDC Mask Guidance 1

New Covid Variant Data Prompts Change In CDC Mask Guidance


Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the CDC, discusses the new data, learned only in the past few days, about how the delta variant of the coronavirus can be transmitted by people who are vaccinated, leading the CDC to recommend masks indoors in high-risk counties, which happen to also largely be low-vaccination counties in the U.S. 
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  1. Can someone please add stupid to the list of incurable diseases please!?!
    So the CDC can account for it in a good portion of our country’s population!!

    1. the portion of the population that believe:
      1. You can control a virus
      2. You can control the lives of 7 billion people until there are zero cases

      If they keep trying to take over our lives, there’s going to be a snapping point and the covid death toll will look like nothing.

    1. @Sara With an undergrad degree, I’m aware of a lot of the terminology and jargon, but you really need a background in virology and immunology to answer any questions. I read one of your comments and I don’t want to ever give out misinformation either. My whole opinion of covid is that I don’t think the authorities have been honest with us. All the information has been disseminated with the purpose of scaring us into taking covid super seriously. Like a doctor you tries to scare an obese person into changing their habits by bringing up heart attacks. Scare tactics sometimes work, but with not with everybody. I think a lot of the vaccine hesitancy is because a lot of people are sensitive to being manipulated and feel like the authorities broke their trust.

    2. The delta variant is a lie. It is just a way to extend this pandemic and to explain why vaccinated people are still getting sick. Don’t believe the lies anymore and just live your life. FEAR IS THE REAL VIRUS!!!!

  2. USA saw this coming from the future and other countries and still not vaccinated for free!! So sad …

    1. Because there’s not sufficient evidence to suggest to the consumer that the vaccine is safe not to mention you’re dealing with a virus that is highly transmissible and prone to mutation at a higher rate thus relegating the vaccine as useless

    2. It’s not all a matter of seeing it coming when it was most likely played with in a lab. For instance taking the SARS virus, and putting it directly into lung tissue to see what variants that would cause. Having a high level lab that is known for having leaks for lack of procedural safety caused by under paid staff making sales of lab animals to wet markets as food! There would have been a very much smaller chance for those variants to manifest outside the lab because most people don’t walk around with their lung tissue hanging out! …………….. That’s my opinion, man is often times our own worst enemies.

    1. Mask off, mask on, lock down, two weeks, dont hug your mother, stay home, open up, go to work, you can’t say that, take a shot, your cat has covid, stand over there, mask off, close your business, take another shot, you’re banned, you’re not essential, mask on, two masks, show your papers, lock down, take a shot, etc.

    2. @Mangez le Gluteus No, it’s not. Still, please cite your source and link to it. I do love to learn and our knowledge of COVID is evolving daily. Thanks in advance!

    3. “The rules are whatever we need them to be.”
      Well, yeah! Of course they are! DUH!!
      What do you _want_ their “rules” to be? UN-needed??

  3. Merica… common sense really isn’t that common!!!
    Leaders who doesn’t follow science.
    Followers who… well the number says it all…

    Should have kept the masks on considering how “smart” we are…

    1. @evan doe it’s very clear I’m not the one confused about Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (one P 2 As). HIPAA protects sensitive information being disclosed WITHOUT patients consent or knowledge. So again if they are entering an experiment it is WITH consent. Its things like this that clearly shows why we are where we are today. We have people who think they know, who don’t know and doesn’t even know they don’t know it. Humility is also not very common.

    2. @evan doe people generally speaking. If they are not involved in an experiment then like I said one can ask and one doesn’t have to answer.
      If you are walking around and someone coughs on you by accident, whether you know or not they have it, would you rather have a mask on or none at all? If a friend has it and doesn’t disclose it and pass it to you and your family and may cause someone to die, how would you feel? Are you violating their freedom of privacy or they are violating your freedom to you and family/friends to live? Who’s freedom is more important?

      I dont understand why Merica is still here debating whether masks work or not, fine don’t wear it, perhaps certain folks has higher risk tolerance HOWEVER, if they infringe on others right to live and cause a spread, they should be criminally prosecuted similar to someone having HIV and passing it without notification.

    1. Juan Thompson Ive not worn a mask, not socially distanced, not been vaccinated. I’ve traveled the entire US, and I haven’t gotten sick or gotten anyone sick

  4. Thankfully, I’ll be leaving the states for awhile. I can get away from all this madness for a few months.

    1. Lol, you are not getting away from it by leaving…you forget I guess…that this virus everywhere…good luck getting on a plane or ship unmasked

    1. When asked by the press/reporter, Jen Psaki White House Press Secretary said ” Why do you need to know?”.

  5. “Mostly” Safe and Effective. MSNBC knows all about the creative use of adverbs.😉

    Anyone else notice the Thumbnail map roughly follows the jet stream?🤔

    Babies like their binkys. It pacifies them when they’re feeling anxious. 😭🍼😷

    1. BREAKING: Mask Mandate in St Louis County is Overturned by a 5-2 Vote in St. Louis County Council Meeting Tonight
      By Joe Hoft
      Published July 27, 2021 at 10:10pm

    2. Lol, wow, another fool who knows nothing about meteorology or virology. When was the last time you actually read a book on the subjects ? Never ? Colour me surprised.

    3. Nice obs about the Jet stream, which correlates to very much to the average heat map for June.

  6. Democrats: Republicans are fearmongers! Also look at this new scary variant oh my god shut everything down!

  7. I need to know the science behind the difference of distance between all public places being six feet (6), except for schools, where the distance is only three (3) feet. Thank you and I look forward to your response.

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