Alberta's top doctor admits the province lifted COVID-19 restrictions too early 1

Alberta’s top doctor admits the province lifted COVID-19 restrictions too early


Alberta's chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw says it is now clear that the province lifted restrictions too early.

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  1. She was too greedy. She went along with the politics to keep her job. Now she’s useless. Nobody will believe anything she says.

  2. This is today’s news from 660 NEWs Calgary :”Worse than you can even imagine”… Alberta healthcare workers battle burnout..
    The Alberta government under the leadership of the premier, the health minister and her should be responsible for this !

  3. It’s flu season again just like every year this time thru to jan-feb, amazing how they never interview the health care workers, RN’s and Doctor’s who won’t take the poke.

    1. @Tanya Wieczorek True but it changes every year, last year it actually started in Aug but was minimal, some places are stating that it already started in early Sept but again it is minimal.

  4. – The Difference between Rumor/Conspiracy and Government mandated Policy – About 2 weeks –

    -*ATTENTION* – Alberta Hard Lock-Down to be announced the week of Sept 26th –

  5. Perhaps, the title should be “Alberta’s top doctor admits the province wanted but could not have its own way dealing with COVID-19 as they would have been punished by getting less money from Federal budget”.

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