Ali Velshi: Now Is The Time To Protect The Right To Vote 1

Ali Velshi: Now Is The Time To Protect The Right To Vote


As Senate Democrats debate amending the filibuster rule to pass federal voting rights legislation, Republicans at the state level have already passed a wave of laws intended to make it more difficult to vote. Ali Velshi says it’s time to ring the alarm so Congress takes action, because “if one person's right to vote is threatened, the overall will of the people is threatened.”
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  1. Now is the time to protect the value of your legal vote and to reassure the population on the credibility of elections….but then that wont be able to feed the drama that corporate media is trying to feed on.

    1. @Cathy with a C oh you mean how in 2022 early voting will be in Delaware? That’s the only law they have considered draconian. That they themselves are doing away with in 2022. So again what are you talking? Your red meat was found to be a impossible burger. Fake blood no red meat.

    2. @Sarah Petty yeah because that happened in 2020. Though there is 0 proof of that. Yet it’s what y’all live on. Sad. Just sad

    3. Mandatory. That’s the new word you need to prepare for. Mandatory. Click on that red icon to the left there, watch one of the short videos, leave a comment, if you want to.

    4. You mean real professional investigative truth to power journalism and not the thin wall of propaganda 101 crap they put up every night at Fox? If you can’t find your way to truth facts and reality through credible sources with real journalism and fa free and independent press which is our biggest defense against tyrants and crooks you ae lost in the wilderness.

    5. @Boik you’re a dim bulb. There’s not one detail about the supposed suppression in the 5:27 seconds of this video.

  2. Do guys remember when they said the patriot act was for our national security? SMH we never learn huh

    1. @nerd rage man you must be young to be that naïve just look at how everyone else replied

    2. Yes, and I voted against The Patriot Act and will voted against these voting laws that are trying to consolidate election control at the top so that it’s easier to control. Funny people can’t see this because of their blind partisan allegiance. I voted against Bush and will vote against the left now. When almost ALL fortunate 500 companies have jumped ship from the right to the left and have gone woke….it doesn’t take a rocket scientists to figure out they are jumping ship hopping where needed to keep control among corporate elites.

    1. @Stefan Jakubowski That’s false. I live in Texas… I don’t even know where my report cards are, I have no receipts of residence, no passport but I registered to vote with my drivers license and nothing else. Where do you get this stuff?

    2. @Darcus Taylor
      You sound triggered, must be a CNN viewer how is that Russian collusion hoax going again?, remind me again how many times Trump has been proven wrong and MSM right I’ll wait.
      Funny that you people can never articulate what Constitutional voting rights Republicans are trying to impede.

    3. @tea42 how condescending to think you are soooo incompetent you cant find your grade cards, well no voting for yoy

    4. @Stefan Jakubowski I lost all my records in a house fire… why are you so incompetent to think everyone has everything you have? I AM a registered voter in Texas…. can’t you read? Are you a troll? Get a life.

    1. @Sam John what the actual F are you saying? Let us know where you can buy a gun without ID……. Because….. you can’t.

    2. @Lester TM Bwahahahaha!!!!! Ok snowflake. I’m complete sure absolutely no one abused them lefties universal mail ins. The ones that required absolutely nothing. At all.

    3. @Manhole Eunuchsbane do you oppose requirements such as i.d to vote?
      Got mixed signals from your last message.

    4. @Sam John gun IDs? We already have such. You don’t literally think a separate ID is being lobbied for? If so you’re pretty stupid. Voter ID utilizes the same premise of ID to buy a gun, a beer or to prove your identity. Not that hard of a concept. ID to buy a gun is fine as is to vote. Move on sheep

  3. Who’s access? Who is being suppressed? Never gets answered on any of these infotainment programs.

    1. @Emblem of Vigilance Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels said “I can turn a triangle into a square. I just need to repeat it often enough.”

    1. @Jeremy Backup I’m the 1860s computers would alot harder to hack to. Fool.

  4. Heaven forbid someone need to show ID when they vote how unconstitutional, to prove that your actually an American citizen or who you say you are when you vote, the audacity

    1. Yeah next thing you know you will need an ID to donate blood, fly in a plane, buy an alcoholic beverage, or buy a gun. It’s like Jim Crowe all over again.

    2. Why be forced to buy a special ID when your drivers license, state or federal ID’s or a passport is all you need to cash a check or vote up until Republicans started losing that is , and the RNC sees the pooling and demographics closing in on them as they are now down to 23% of the electorate and shrinking. How do they have so many seats even as the minority? Pretty fishy and messed up. Time to end minority rule. They have no honor or morals, cant compete without lies and conspiracy theories and a 24/7 propaganda 101 channel, feeling too entitled to actually get up of their butts and work for it and earn it. Disgusting. The people behind thes fraudit fundraising stunts need to be imprisoned like any other huckster selling a product full of phony and dangerous ingredients.

    3. If the demographics favored the “democratic” Party they wouldn’t have had to use activist courts to bypass election laws in 2020 @Boik.

    1. Yes but the media didn’t tell people to be mad at Biden for it, therefore they aren’t. 99% of the outrage over the past years was manufactured by the media. The sheep don’t get angry unless told to do so.

    2. Because cuba knows what dictatorship is like and wants out of it..

      No good for the current establishment.. they want a dictatorship, silly.

    3. @Linda Walters I challenge you to discover the answer yourself by doing your own serious, in-depth, time consuming research and not regurgitate the garbage coming from the MSM, which by the way, has spent millions of dollars on behavioral research to learn how to keep the ignorant ignorant. Don’t fall for this trap, unless you are in favor of Socialism and Communism. If that is the case, then know you have aligned yourself with a bunch of losers. The U.S. Constitution will not be saved by those who walk the halls of government. It will only be saved by the righteous citizenry of this great nation. Be Aware and Be Prepared. Those who fear are easier to control.

    1. No, vote by mail and drop boxes are very secure and all our elections are super tight and closely monitored. We all shouldn’t be punished and suffer just because some GOP fanatics in state legislatures are throwing hissy fits over losing.

    1. @The Bitter Truth what about back when they fought to keep black men and women as slaves?

      That was pretty dumb of them.

  5. Let me rephrase this correctly.
    MSNBC – Now is the time to protect Democrats ability to commit voter and election fraud.
    There, fixed it for you.

    1. 😁😂😁😂…This reads like a comment I would’ve posted. Like if you read any of these bills, you see many extend time to vote and simply establish ways to verify a person is rightfully voting.

  6. It’s starting to get easy to tell when these people are lying, their lips start moving.

    1. Every audit is a “sham” according to this liar. It’s time to investigate who’s running these news organizations


    3. I noticed that too.. you don’t even have to use your ears anymore.. you just watch their mouths real close and you can tell.

    4. @Robert Evitt try to string a coherent couple lines of text together..

      And stop watching the garbage, it will turn you brain into trash.

  7. So in 5 mins, w/ such a “great threat” he never actually explained any suppression. This is literal misinformation but what isnt anymore.

  8. The “right to vote” in EVERY first world country involves the verification that you are an eligible voter.
    Not in our country?

    1. Don’t forget the good ol’ Texas Democrats that had to show their IDs to fly, buy alcohol, and get into the capitol on their tantrum across the U.S.

  9. “Now is the time to protect the right to vote.”
    Absolutely. The right to vote by people who are _legally allowed to vote_ and *ONLY* those people.

  10. The “for the people act” is the same package of laws that have given democrats permanent power in California and now they want to do the same thing to the country.

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