Alleged Capitol Rioter Tries The 'Tourist' Defense 1

Alleged Capitol Rioter Tries The ‘Tourist’ Defense

Today is the preliminary hearing for alleged Capitol Hill rioter and self-described "tourist" Benjamin LaRocca. Scott MacFarlane reports.
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  1. that’s funny…I never saw any tourist beating the crap out of Capitol Police to get in before….

    1. @johnny hensley sure thing Johnny. A failed coup attempt is just like the largest civil rights movement in US history. .

  2. Video’s don’t lie and try to rewrite reality of events on Jan 6th. The GQP sure do though

    1. They are such filthy hypocrites – how they demanded a Congressional Commission on Benghazi, on mere speculation – lasting two-and-a-half years, costing hundreds of million of dollars, but now they refuse to deal with REALITY that we were all witness too!

    2. It’s so obvious with the videos when Trump sent them to the capital he didn’t send them to go out there and do prayer no he sent them to destroy. We all see these videos on TV and on YouTube we see destruction of our country and the ones that did it are getting off lightly with a so-called mental issue f*** that

    3. Pretty naive if you think video’s dont lie..

      Granted, they generally come from Hollywood, but it’s been progressively getting easier and easier for average individuals to do the same type of things with video…

      Don’t believe everything you hear and only about half of what you see……

  3. It’s like a bank robber getting caught in the act and saying “I’m just here to open a bank account?” Yea ok

    1. @nucker figure You say im living in lala land … When in fact its reality.. Who runs the government? Oh ya Democrats .. You’re funny

    2. @spicy peach I’m pretty sure Trumps not President.. What you taking? I need some of that.

  4. Ok not showing any remorse, lying and taking the judge for a fool…give him the highest possible punishment.

    1. @Billy Pardew
      No it isn’t the worst charge. The Worst Change that many now face is “Obstruction of Congress”. This carries no more than a year in prison and a $100,000 fine. Using Violence to Obstruct Congress carries ten years. If a Conspiracy between two people to Obstruct Congress is proven then that’s Conspiracy to Sedition and carries 20 years.

  5. The excuses…. Don’t let them off on a psych eval. They know why they were there and they participated. Or the tourist BS! Great souvenirs from the tourist tour..Pelosi’s lap top!

    1. @Larry Tierce You called antifa fascists when antifa actually stands for antifascists??!! You look really dumb when you start throwing out labels that you don’t even know the meaning of. SMH

    2. @Larry Tierce Uh huh… I guess that would be Q’s satanic pediphile claim. It’s on the laptop….. and info on the Jewish lasers from space, oh and probably info on the micro chips in the vaccines! A treasure chest of info………………………..
      Glad she got the laptop out of the Capital having to get through folks bashing police with polls with American flags on them. She could’ve dropped it !

  6. I wish they would do a poll to see how many of these people arrested still LUV the orange fart!!

    1. Twice as many people love him now especially since Arizona Georgia Pennsylvania Michigan and Wisconsin will soon prove that Trump was right all along about the rigged election get your popcorn it’s going to be good and all these people at the White House at the Capitol building our heroes

    2. @Billy Pardew PFFFTTT!! Nothing to see here but a delusional Trumper still beating the same dead horse of conspiracy theories and brain dead hope.

    3. I wish they would release the numbers showing how many of these “outraged patriots” didn’t even vote.

  7. Huh, criminal history, spousal abuse, terrorizing wife, arrested for DUI, going agro in the hospital and damaging equipment then storming the capital, assaulting police with chemical spray, coordinating attack….uh, yeah that checks out.

    1. @nucker figure At least you acknowledge Jan 6th was an attempted coup by America’s enemies.

    2. Different defendant, but he’s not walking around. He also had a walkie, and likely they’re going to work him for co-conspirators, hopefully a couple of congresspeople in that net.

    1. Which reminds me to publish the recipe for this famous Covid remedy:

      *Kool-Aid A La Trump*  
      1. Add 2 oz of good quality bleach, 1 oz of Lysol, and a can of Diet Coke
      to a mixing glass with ice, and stir until well-chilled.
      2. Strain into a chilled coupe.
      3. Sprinkle with powdered hydroxichloroquine and Sudafed.
      4. Garnish with a brandied cherry.

    2. @Bill Foster Yup. And if DeSantis has his way trump will be back on twitter as he just signed a bill that would fine tech companies for not allowing far right wing extremist politicians on social media.

    3. That’s funny! But they what you mean ! They’re just trying to play it down to get their self out of trouble

  8. “A submissive sheep is a find for a wolf.”………..trump has been feeding voraciously

    1. @Roxanne McCoy yes it is very embarrassing to have such a nut job so called “PRESIDENT”

  9. Yes, He’s A Tourist and Rikers Island is a Polynesian Resort.lets send him there for the next 30 years.

    1. @Victor de Jung This Tourist is going to need alot more protection then sun Screen at his new VACATOON RESORT!!

    2. Or, he can come to Kansas the land of Oz, and tour our rigorous federal penitentiary Lansing 30 years; our bad boys will show him the thrill of his lifetime.

    3. @Beverly Elzen So Many Choices . New York has a Lovely Penitentiary, I mean Resort, called Sing Sing, overlooking the Hudson River.

    1. Exactly. He may be too stupid to differentiate “tourist” from “terrorist”.
      But either way, he did the crime.

    2. Not Griswold at Wally World. There was moose punching and a BB in the buttock and everything. I mean i had no idea reality would make movies so tame.

    3. That gets me to thinking. “Tourists” also have reverence for history, context, and the velvet rope for sure.

  10. “I didn’t steal that television! I was just walking through the shop after closing hours, uninvited just holding the television to see if I liked the weight”
    Yeah…that’s what it was…

  11. They don’t even have the backbone to own up to their failed coup. I would expect nothing less.

    1. @Larry Tierce They sure are all of the Insurrectionists. Imbeciles and traitors all of them.

  12. Tourists don’t get to the “tour area”by smashing windows and fighting with police officers

    1. @Larry Tierce Why would Antifa raid the Capital to put Trump in Office?
      That was the goal and your statement that it was Antifa make no sense .

    2. @unclepatrick2 come on man. Gimme a break. They would raid the Capitol a d pin it on the Republics s so they(Pelosi and the rest of the devils) could do what they are doing now. Democrats REALLY are geniuses when it comes tO treachery

    3. @Larry Tierce I do not buy that argument.
      A group of people who are demanding that Congress appoint Donald Trump President instead of the man who won both the Popular vote and the Electoral Vote , are some how members of a Left wing organization ?
      Sorry that is just nonsense .

  13. I’m guessing he was one of the ‘Tourists” that Rep. Clyde was frantically barricading the doors against !

  14. The Capitol was closed to “TOURS” due to covid. Except, of course, for the elicit tours some members of congress gave the day before the INSURRECTION.

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