Belarusian Opposition Leader One-On-One With Ayman 1

Belarusian Opposition Leader One-On-One With Ayman


Ayman speaks with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, exiled Belarusian opposition leader.

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    1. @Ryan Draytonzero Jewish people in Arabic countries such as Egypt , Saudi Iran and Iraq and 1.9 million Arabs living with full rights in Israel. Arab counties are completely intolerant of any other religion and it proves that with mass genocide of Christians

    2. Dave Theseller – do you even know the definition of Palestinian and why they are called that?

  1. Jesus is the way.
    EWTN News: On a mission to report the truth. God bless the United States of America.

  2. I object to the Equality Act proposed by the Democratic Party.
    The Equality Act is a lie. From the Father of lies, Save Us, O Lord.
    God created mankind in his image; in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

    1. Sorry, did you literally just say you don’t support equality? Because that’s what it looks like.

  3. Countries like Belarus don’t mind doing things like
    This when Biden Is president because they don’t care about what he says . He won’t cut aid to countries who act appallingly in fact he gives them more . Look at Palestine

    1. Under trump didn’t the Russians poison a dissident and put bounties on the heads of Americans; didn’t trump get steam rolled by the erdogan and allow our Kurdish allies to be taken by turkey; didn’t trump allow the saudis to kidnap and dismember Washington post journalist and Saudi dissident Jamal Kashoggi.

  4. When l rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, wowwww, I noticed the BLM muraI in a brown dye

    1. So you’re saying you rub brown stuff all over your buttocks with ‘a toilet paper’? Wow! Most people just drop the tissue in the water.

    2. There’s something fishy about this person for whom English isn’t his/her 1st language being so preoccupied with BLM.

  5. Many Palestinians killed and killed heir infrastructures destroyed. Europe was very quite. One man wanted for sedition and all Europe complains about atrocities of Belarus. This double standard and unfair.

    1. – “Many Palestinians killed and killed heir infrastructures destroyed.”

      You mean the incident where Palestinians first fired rockets into Israel? What kind of response did they expect? A rain of candy?

      – “Europe was very quite. ”

      No it wasn’t, but it would have been easier to condemn the actions of Israel, if the Palestinians wouldn’t have first fired rockets into Israel.

      – “One man wanted for sedition and all Europe complains about atrocities of Belarus. This double standard and unfair.”

      One man? Sedition? In non-authoritarian speech hat’s called revealing human rights violations. You are losing your credibility fast. Why didn’t you also tell about all the rockets that those Belarusian seditionists fired against their government? Oh wait, they didn’t, unlike the Palestinians, who fired rockets into Israel.
      You are missing the point badly in other ways too. Belarus hijacked a European flight, forced it to land to Belarus, and removed a passenger from it. Tell me which developed country wouldn’t react strongly to such incident? If Israel hijacked a passenger plane of the future Palestine state, would the Palestinian state complain about it? It would? Would you? You would too? What again did you say about “double standard”…

      I have for supported the Palestinian cause and state for decades, and defended them in numerous discussions. For a passing moment your arrogant comment made me feel less supportive.

  6. it’s good to know that Tsar Vlad the Intriguer
    and his boys in the basement are still on the job

  7. What more do you expect from the filth of man. As they see the defenders of Democracy turn their backs on their own people.

  8. I’m telling you, in order to stop governments from oppressing their citizens we are going to have to remove some of there leaders openly in broad daylight

    1. Ok let me ask you a question. Are you ok with a Russian, Chinese or Iranian sanctioned hit on Biden because if we engage in that kind of behavior, they will have 0 qualms in return.

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