AMA Calls On Doctors To Immediately Stop Prescribing Ivermectin For Covid 1

AMA Calls On Doctors To Immediately Stop Prescribing Ivermectin For Covid


“We are asking doctors to … follow established guidelines and do the right, safest thing for their patients and stay on the side of science here,” says Dr. Gerald Harmon, president of the American Medical Association, on their calls for doctors to stop prescribing ivermectin. 
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    1. @Paulos Macleon mRNA is “used against the spike protein” – where did you study biochemistry, genetics or microbiology? Messenger RNA, in the Pfizer jab, is the message to your own protein synthesis machinery to make the spike protein. Hence create an immune response.
      So little knowledge within your comments.
      Ps the Astra zeneca jab is different so doesn’t fit this explanation.

    2. @Tim Banwell the immune response due to the synthesis of the spike protein from the messenger RNA therapy, which is unnatural considering we have our own immune response naturally, is what causes so many issues from this man made therapy.

    3. @Paulos Macleon another partially and garbled response, still waiting to here where you studied immunology?
      Ps if Your concern is the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, try AZ vaccine. This is centered on an adenovirus (mRNA virus) carrying a covid spike “gene”. The adenovirus illicits an immune response more naturally judging by your standards….don’t be concerned that adenovirus they genetically modified came from chimps.

    4. @Tim Banwell it is obvious that we will get nowhere with your feeble attempts to obtain a response as to where I received my education as if it matters in regard to an alleged “vaccine” that does not even work obviously. Covid-19 has a 99% survival rate when you take into consideration the number of infections compared to the number of deaths, so therefore no “vaccine” or therapy is needed. Every time someone who has had the “vaccine” gets infected, they call it a breakthrough infection and say, “Oh thank goodness I got the vaccine or I would be dead or feel a lot worse!” One of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard in my entire life! We should be 1,000 times more concerned about creating a “vaccine” that cures obesity if you consider the leading cause of death in the U.S. So, tell me, what is your BMI since we are both here to assist each other?

  1. Please, please, take the horse medicine. If you really think this is the right thing to do, a whole bunch of us won’t stop you. It ‘s now to the point of natural selection. Even the president of the AMA won’t change one, solitary mind. I’d be shocked if Gerald, here, did the same speech on Fox or OAN. Doc, you’re already preaching to the choir.

    1. @ClockworkGearhead so you are ready to take a horse dewormer from Pfizer but not a vaccine from Pfizer. Weird

    1. @Rick Simon Still getting it and spreading it after the shots. It’s more rampant with more getting vaccinated….not adding up.

    2. @Freedom0103 Freedom0103
      It is not adding up for conspiracy morons who refuse to believe that Delta is more infectious than what we had in 2020.

    1. @HappyIan Here’s a bet. You hold your breath waiting for me to end up in an icu bed suffering from covid! Sorry, AINT’ GONNA HAPPEN!

    2. @HappyIan Yes I did know that and Yes it is the proof that Ivy does NOT work in treating covid. the results of at least 12 studies are on the net right now, and they were all randomized, double blind studies, and they show NO EFFECT on humans in the treatment of covid. That means, in its current formuation, it does not work

    3. We’re all sheep in one degree or another, even if you are an open minded individual you follow your own ideology and thus a self imposed sheep. The difference is half the flock is being lead to safety and the other lead to the slaughter.
      Which flock are you in?

    1. You are a demon for spewing misinformation about Ivermectin. Obviously you don’t know Ivermectin is a Nobel Peace Prize award winning medicine that has been widely used for a long time with no problems.

    2. @The Good Great Spirit Yes…for parasitic infections, not viruses. That’s the point. You might as well be shilling the idea of tourniquets being good against Covid. After all, doctors have used tourniquets in the past, therefore they must be able to cure ALL diseases and medical issues…right?

    3. @kingintyellow , there are many medications that can treat many different infections and diseases. Do you know entirely that Covid is a pure virus infection? Have you investigated it in a laboratory for yourself? This is a genuine question not meant to be arrogant?

    4. @The Good Great Spirit : Did you know that covid is a virus and not a parasite ? You clearly need a hefty dose of senna with a vodka chaser.

    5. @The Good Great Spirit To answer your second question first…yes! I don’t need to be the head of the WHO to know that a virus is a virus and not a parasite. Those are two completely different things. In order to Covid to be both a virus and a parasite, and therefore susceptible to anti-parasitic drugs, then it would have to be some completely new, never-before-seen, single-cell parasite that looks and acts exactly like a virus. And how likely do you think it is that every single medical professional in the world has missed this over the past couple of years?

      The key word here is with regards to medicines is ‘different’. You don’t treat a virus with an anti-parasitic drug any more then you would apply a knee brace to someone with a head wound. Different medicines work on different symptoms/causes. You take an anti-viral treatment to deal with a virus, and an anti-parasitic to deal with parasites. You don’t just take whatever going ‘all medicines work on all diseases’ and hope for the best. That’s provably stupid.

      The people shilling ivermectin over on Fox have all had the Covid vaccine and do not take it themselves. What does that tell you about how effective ivermectin really is compared to the vaccine?

  2. Remember how trumpf got COVID and hydroxychloroquine was NOT among the drugs in the cocktail that he was given? Remember that?
    Yeah. 😕

    1. @Dragonslairminis Yes I never said it was. It still works and Trump has also recommended it. It has saved thousands of lives. Do REAL RESEARCH before you comment

    1. @Pete Gromov You wrote, “”Smartest people”? The ones that attacked Pearl Harbor?” That is an totally unfair and rude thing to post. That was 70 years ago, are the sons guilty of the sins of their fathers?

    2. @Pete Gromov WTF, Japan? They are not attacking anyone now, that was 70 years ago. that was then, this is now.

  3. Hey folks, I trust you will make the right choice. Whatever choice you make, you will get the most likely results, and you will most likely deserve it. Peace!

    1. Thing is, these morons then go to the hospital and take up badly needed beds for their stupidity when they invariably overdose.

    2. Lol do you really trust they will make the right choice? As we’re discussing this on a video saying don’t take livestock dewormer for your viral infection?

    3. @CecileCSurprisingly, yes I trust them. Whether it’s those that listen to science and take the vaccine or those that listen to other sources & take other remedies, they will get what they ask for.

    1. @Tuffy Layton the doctors should be under review too. It’s absolutely ridiculous to think that a parasitic drug can cure or help with a respiratory virus. These two they have nothing in common. But same can be said about the doctors who were prescribing the other crazy drugs that Trump was promoting. Conservatism is CANCER, you need to wise up!!!

    2. @Tuffy Layton okay my bad for not listing out each benefit or use. 🙄🙄🙄 it doesn’t treat COVID and that’s the topic.

    1. Lol, Tokyo medical association has begun reccommending all doctors treat people who have covid with Ivermectin because of the ovewrwhelmingly great results. John Hopkins did a study in Africa showing countries using Ivermectin as a anti-parasitic all had much much lower per100k person death rate than countries not using Ivermectin. It also has been a miracle for India. Lot’s of Doctors do prescribe it in the US but the majority will not challenge the regime and it’s narrative.

    1. @Eric Alabiso Yes, this is completely dishonest by the media. I wonder if they are owned by someone with a large stake in the vaccine or Remdesivir?? This is all very strange.

    2. @Wilco Destroyer strange and tragic… and these bad physicians, the AMA and bad actors have blood on their hands.

    3. @Wilco Destroyer If you have a death wish you can take it, like I said if you want to take it sign up for a medical trial, simple right? I remember when the doctor wanted my mom to signup for one but she had the brains to decline. The trial her doctor wanted to signup for DIDN’T help anyone other than to find out it was useless. Self-medicating is the WORST thing anyone be it it doctor or anyone else. Bleach WAS taken by Republicans because a CRAZY Orange dude in the Whitehouse said it would work. I didn’t get that from MSNBC but FROM tRump. BTW before I would self-medicate, I would ask my Niece who is an RN and works in a Doctor’s Office. I never said Ivermectin wouldn’t help if you had Worms, but I really doubt it would help you if you had a Virus.
      Worms are NOT the same thing as a Virus…
      Forgot to add, I have heard of an Egyptian study but that got retracted, where is your mythical South African trial? A link would be nice. At least you are on the right continent.

    4. @Dorothy Gilmartin That is not the only mechanism of action of ivermectin it actually helps to prevent the virus from penetrating your cells. You really should listen to Dr. Pierre Kory

  4. “Aren’t a lot of established treatments”? The antibody treatment is effective. Don’t pander by saying you “understand”… there is no understanding people taking quack cures from weirdos.

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