Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Congress Could Pass Roe V. Wade 1

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Congress Could Pass Roe V. Wade

The new Texas abortion law that bans abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy is denounced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Sen. Warren tells Joy Reid, “Let's remember that 70% of Americans want to see Roe v. Wade as the law of the land.”
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  1. Congress could pass an accountability bill so that members of Washington and the Whitehouse aren’t unpunishable.

    1. @Coco Crisp NO evidence for your claim kid.
      Toddle off, you have no credibility here with claims and no evidence.

    2. @Coco Crisp Little boy, again, your delusional hyperbole is laughable.
      Yes, there was a foolish invasion of the Capitol by protesters with NO WEAPONS, the only death being a protester who was CLIMBING and not threatening anyone, shot by a police officer.
      Nazi? Dear gods, look up the word in an unabridged adult dictionary, little boy, not your crayon scrawled children’s illustrated which you wrote yourself.
      You look a fool making up meanings, uneducated and ignorant.

    3. @ethics first Disinformation pusher with NO credibility using a <3 month account> how sad move along Comrade

    4. @Cynthia Gonzalez Look at the meaningless, juvenile crap this Democrat (or ally) pushes:

      Cynthia Gonzalez
      5 hours ago
      @Pein Deus Disinformation pusher

      Cynthia Gonzalez
      5 hours ago
      @Rosco Schmosco Fascist

      THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE! They’re laughable posers! Too funny.
      Try getting a backbone and debating the issues, or toddle off, proved a cowardly fake.

    1. Short sighted Politicians…Look what Prohibition did, look what criminalizing Marijuana did, look what banning gambling did….ban’s have never worked…sadly when it came to abortion being illegal…thousands of woman lost their lives getting back street abortions……Woman will have to hold the ‘fathers’ legally and financially responsible….they will have to sue for pain and suffering and for ‘daddy’ to take full responsibility until the child’s 18th birthday….let’s see how long the law will last……Then the anti-abortionists will have to pay back the environment in carbon credits for the additional carbon emitted by every child added to the environment.

    1. Has become. Just like climate change, it has happened. It’s not going to happen. It’s not happening. It’s done. It’s over. And it’s been over for a very loooong time.

  2. No rule of law for poor people. Can we deal with it? How about “separate but equal” Can we deal with it? We dealt with the rise of America; can we deal with the collapse?

  3. Just start suing the wives, daughters and girlfriends of Texas Republicans for having abortions or suspecting they had an abortion. Watch how fast the Catholics on the Supreme Court act to rule that the Texas anti-choice law is UnCoNStiTuTiOnALz!

    1. You eat word soup , and regurgitate out crap just like so many others, how about you try to actually make sense.

  4. Well… Texas prisons need a continuing supply of inmates and their large corporations need their supply of poor minimum wage labourers.

    1. @Wayne T Because most who go for an abortion are poor and do not have health cover so will be drowning in debt for the rest of their lives and more than likely forced to raise money any way even selling access to the child they did not want which is most likely the real reason for the abortion ban, the shortage of desperate women with young children since Rowe v Wade means pedo’s had to spend money and go overseas. Now they can get their kicks locally

    2. @J . P Goodwin omg! What is this obsession about pedophilia to you guys? Look. The average Christian wants abortions banned because they believe that life begins at conception so killing a fetus is killing a baby, which is the most heinous crime imaginable. The GOP leaders want abortions almost banned because they want their base (Christians) to support their candidacy and keep them in power. The corporations want abortions banned because keeping poor people poor like u mentioned means more desperate people to work their lower than minimum wage job, therefore lower pay = higher profits. The private prisons want abortion banned because the poor and desperate are most likely to end up in their facilities which they can charge the govt for. None of these are about pedophilia. You don’t have to take such ridiculous leaps just to fit everything into your nonsense Q conclusions!

    3. Wayne! So true. The American Nazi Klan is salivating with the prospect of selling children is now possible on a much larger scale.

  5. The law is about Crushing Women…..come-on…..this is a travesty. Ms Warren you should have been on the Supreme Court. And don’t forget the war…costs 200 mil. A DAY…..for 20 YEARS! ….and Republicans say we can’t afford to help women and families. ALL Bull ST. LOVE your passion. Go girl!

    1. @Donna L. Padilla – You’re so right. The Southern confederate Democrats called themselves Dixiecrats and they formed the KKK. They left the Democratic party after the Civil Rights legislation was passed and they joined the repub party. They were welcomed with open arms and they’ve been there ever since.

    2. @Mary Clawson yes…I just didn’t use exactly right words. Today the parties we know have switched roles. I used to be of the Republican party. But what they are today is not my beliefs. Nor beliefs of my family. Now I don’t fully agree with Democrats. But they are the party for the working & lower class.
      Personally I hate the class concept as it programs people to be prejudicial.
      Blessings to you.

  6. I was born in Dallas and live in Texas. This new Texas abortion law is the craziest law I ever heard. How many times will women have to defend themselves in court even if they naturally miscarry! How are they going to prove that?!?

    1. If you’re an uber driver and you drive someone somewhere to get an abortion, the law would allow some random citizen to be able to sue you for being an accomplice.

    2. @harrison wintergreen The time limit in most EU countries are much longer than this law. In Texas, a woman can’t have an abortion after six weeks, in Sweden it’s 18 (or 22 with special permission). I know Poland have some really restrictive abortion laws, but they are pretty lonely in that regard. Six weeks is practically nothing. Given that most women discover that they’re pregnant at the very minimum when they don’t get their next period, it means it’s already been 4–6 weeks. Then she will have to make a decision (preferably together with the would-be father), and then book an appointment AND get the procedure done before the six week timetable. Impossible.

    1. It’s to pay for the fish they raise on public lands 😛
      In guns, you pay for your own ammo. You pay for your own gun.

      For fish, someone has to maintain the public fishing spots.

    1. @Mary Clawson Oh dear gods, folks, read Mary’s response. Talk about projecting, Mary. The intellectual, educational, and ethical response of Democrats to debate, read it and understand why Democrats have degenerated in cultish believers rather than the intellectuals they used to be.

      Mary, you are a poster girl for the LEFT, thank you for representing.
      When you get the backbone to debate, bring it, until then, toddle off, you’ve embarrassed your side enough for one day, adults are talking.

      Mary Clawson
      5 minutes ago
      @ethics first – Take your meds.

  7. The Taliban is learning a lot from America, keep the women barefoot and pregnant, keep them home, keep them out of school.

    1. Republicans are already trying to introduce legislation in red states to charge women who get abortions with murder charges. As for Texas, I guess it is now “Don’t mess with Gilead!” Fits.

    1. @bryan jacobs Historically, the rich will never have a problem getting abortions when they want one but the poor will be stuck with babies they can’t afford or, as last resort, a clothes hanger to do their own abortions. I don’t see that as being sane, forward looking or remotely enlightened for people of any political persuasion. Turning it into a profitable witch hunt for snoopers just makes it even more unconscionable and cruel.

    2. Like 80% of the country ( non scientific but educated guess ) , maybe you ( respectively ) weren’t paying much attention .

    1. @Anon Unknown say it enough and people will start to believe it but we know better. How many kids are killed each week by gun accidents ?

    2. That argument makes zero sense . If you want to make the argument that conservatives are usually got capital punishment or not caring for the lives of poor and working people then okay. The pro gun argument doesn’t work

    1. RIP RBG! We miss her fighting for us on SCOTUS. I hope RBG haunts Thomas, Gorsuch, ‘lil Amy & Brett “Boofer” K.

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