1. @Joy Hopkins Wow, so many words and rants yet you make so little sense! Are you trying to make a point or do you just like sputtering along?

    1. There was an anti-vaxxerlady whose daughter caught covid and was hospitalized…when a reporter asked her if she was going to vaccinated now, she she said “absolutely NOT”. I guess she wants her entire family to get it!!!

      Also, Back in March of 2020 when they first started closing schools down, there were so many RWNJs who were mad about that…….they still wanted their kids to go to in person school. There was one guy from Tennessee who said ” I would rather my kids die of covid than give up their freedom”. SMH and sighing deeply!!!!

    2. If they were made to take care of there own children after they get covid we might but dont think so hear another cry. Yeah
      Democrates killed our kids never will they say
      Its my fault.

    1. i dont blame them. I would do it myself on a bad day living in the prison state of CA.

      And has anyone determined if the UNvaccinated are eligible for the vaccine? Meaning that I wonder if cancer patients, emphysema patients,organ failure patients etc etc can get the vaccine with their poor health? If not, then it is hardly surprising that they are the ones dying —since they have ALWAYS been the only ones dying per the CDC data .(**data showing that the mainstay of the dead fall in very ill prior -to groups)

    2. Pretty scary video. My little town is so Republican I couldn’t run for “dog catcher” and win on the Democratic ticket. Good news is the Republicans have all of the money so there should be some real nice properties up for sale all over the United States soon. Prices will go down.

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot actually no, that is not “politicizing it”… when one party has literally downplayed, ignored, and flat out lied about LITERALLY everything from the start of the pandemic, you dont get to pretend its being “political” when people accurately call out PROVEN LIARS for spreading flat out lies and disinformation that is getting people killed.

    2. @Will Whitez why are you asking strangers on the internet for medical advice you nutjob? go talk to a real doctor or medical professional ffs..

    3. @Noreb, I still don’t even know which party you are talking about. I could site examples from both parties spreading misinformation and downplaying the pandemic.

      What I can say is there hasn’t been a politician anywhere who has been entirely successful against Covid and the best approach moving forward is to stop blaming our political opponents and start working together.

    1. Made me think of the cult radio announcer who just died of covid leaving a pregnant wife & 3 kids.
      I realize it is all his fault but it is sad for the children. How can they not give it up for the children? If this was a tv production it would have to be a movie because on a series the audience would get bored with the stupid.

    1. @TheChiefEng – The problem as I see it is you will just be replacing one kind of Republican monster for another who doesn’t care if people die needlessly. The grownups in the room will have to have some hope they will eventually see the light or everyone’s quality of life will be horrible.

    2. It obviously cost him some votes and he knew it would. He “jokingly” endorsed the vaccine because he was forced to say it, but did it as conservatively as he could to minimize damage while fulfilling his task.

    1. By reading your post, you would think the mortality rate of the Delta Variant was 50%.
      People aren’t dying in droves like you sound like you believe.

    2. @Dusted2021 So Fourteen hundred more dead Americans a day in America is no big deal. I remember when four dead Americans in Lybia caused several House Investigations.

    1. @CIA Doesn’t know the difference between graphite and graphene. LOL

      Doesn’t know that the graphene lie has been completely disproven. ROFLMAO

    2. @parajacks4 This is what I find shocking. In school they just lined us all up and gave us the smallpox and polio shots. They didn’t send permission slips home for our parents to sign or anything. We just got the shots. Can you imagine how these folks would freak out today.

      But there’s no more polio, in the US at least, or smallpox.

    3. @Ken Shaw
      It is the modern tragedy that those with the strongest anti vaccine feeling are among the least educated and yet they have such power to harm a population.

  1. Proves two things.
    1. How committed most Republicans are to their agenda.
    2. How utterly depraved that agenda is.

    1. @Lisa Kazmier Best T-shirt of the week. I would def throw a party with the people who commented on this post. Stay well, Lisa.

    2. @Intercat Sure, but they insist on dragging everyone else with them by trampling on everyone else’s right to be safe (e.g., wear masks, etc.).

    3. @Intercat Lol. 1st: stealthily powder some girls uniforms 2nd- eraser fight with the boys 3rd: use the brick Bldg. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. I’m just a regular person in Boston media. We lie about massacres n stuff. Day1 US HISTORY CLASS.
      I fight media wars on a desk.

  2. The stubbornness of stupidity:
    The sad fact about stupidity is that very often stupid people don’t realize their stupidity. And if few of them suddenly wake up from their deep sleep, they become even more stupid and prefer to remain stupid in the name of pride or save face or just by blindly obeying their leader. Those are absolutely undignified human behaviors, when it comes to global fight against covid.

    1. Cognitive dissonance. It’s easier for certain people to keep believing what they already believe instead of admitting they’re wrong and resetting their way of thinking. Facts be damned.

  3. Creationists pushing “intelligent design” proving Darwin’s theory on natural selection through their sheer stupidity: the sweetest irony.

  4. “It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance.” – Thomas Sowell

    1. Its sad to watch these My Body ppl not even try to or come up with anything beyond violence to stop killing there own children. Is that what they call the
      Sacrificial lamb.

    2. They won’t even face the facts when they’re dying, about to be intubated and know it’s over. They’ll go to their deaths swearing “it’s just the flu!”. Now that’s commitment to stupid.

    3. @Calvin Bright let them go I guess they thinking of god being a trump lover but he’s not he do not have anything to do with antichrists are these people who voted for him so let’s just let him die let them and the kids die that’s what they want give it to him

    1. @Marshall Vaughan Louisiana ranked #52 in education last year. Gosh darn, lowest school stats, highest death rates; hmmm. Is there a correlation?

    2. @ajs11201 Wonder why? Democrats outnumber Republicans in vaccination rates by as much as 40% and the unvaccinated represent 99% of deaths. Beautiful isn’t it?

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