Amateur Pro-Trump ‘Auditors’ Tainted Election Machine Security In AZ

Rachel Maddow shares a letter from Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs to Maricopa County officials informing them that the clumsy, poorly run election 'audit' ordered by state senate Republicans has compromised the security of the elections equipment being examined that it cannot be used again for future elections. '
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  1. It’s almost as if this was totally foreseeable by making the incredibly dumb move of handing them over to a private firm, regardless of reputation. It’s almost as if these senators are totally clueless.

    1. @Some Guy

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      Australia, Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, U.K., U.S., Israel and Japan have pilots and maintainers either fully trained or at some point in the training process.
      Suppliers in all nine of the program’s partner countries are producing F-35 components for all aircraft, not just those for their country. There are also more than 290 U.S. and international suppliers contributing to the F-35 Training System that prepares pilots and maintainers to maximize the jet’s 5th Generation capabilities.”

    2. @Bazooka Joe I’m pretty sure China is first in line. But probably Russia, Iran, UK, ….

    3. So democrats doing 3 fake audits in closed doors is okay but republicans doing a full forensic audit alliwed by the constitution and election laws through an accredited certified auditing firm with high security clearances is “not okay”? Ok jinglebells👍😁👍

    1. @dunhillsupramk3 bs, you didn’t witness diddly… give it a rest. Jesus, you Republicans just love to make crap up, don’t you?


    3. @Daniel Hostetler uh huh… let me ask you a question: what business is this of yours??? why are you so concerned over an investigation that doesn’t use taxpayers money???

  2. This is great that it is being taken care of!! I was worried that these machines would be used again.

  3. (Mentally pictures Cyberninjas randomly stabbing the machines with Bushido Blades to try and see if there were any tiny people inside, illegally swapping the votes.) “No, no blood from this one either, Gerry!”

    1. ​@Jim Lincoln The reality is that the company has no practical experience in trying to do what they are doing. They’ve violated multiple elections and chain of custody rules as specified in the AZ Code.

      Calling themselves Cyber Ninjas doesn’t make them competent at what they are doing. They have never conducted an election audit prior to this. In fact, they’ve repeatedly demonstrated just how inexperienced and incompetent they really are. The sole reason they were chosen was that they buy into the crazy QAnon conspiracy theories.

    2. @Jim Lincoln You seem to spend an awful amount of time talking about grown men going into little girls bathrooms🙄😖🙄🤦‍♂️🙏☮🖖

    3. oh Maddog , you are amazing ! nothing else make it up , right . You are aware there are what some may call poll watchers there and they are permitted in . And Ver Coda , you have quite the imagination . not always good . Do you aspire to be another Maddog ?

    4. @Bernard Gilbert Because you democrats think men going into little girls bathroom is a good thing.

    5. @ecostarr You are so wrong. The audit team has a complete chain of custody and it is also on video nothing is hidden, it’s the county that does not have a complete chain of custody. Why are you scared of this audit? What have they done wrong? If anything was done wrong it can be checked as EVERYTHING is on video.

  4. Its not just you. We’ve glamourized cheating. Winning is now more important than democracy, and self governing won’t survive in a culture of cruelty. If you want it, take it, is not democracy.

    1. We’ve always been like this but you clarify it nicely. “We’ve glamourized cheating,” we always have. What we tell ourselves we aspire too is not what we are…but we’re working on it.

      VOTE! Make us become what we can become!

  5. If you haven’t watched the movie “Idiocracy” you should really give it a watch. The parallels between the modern day situation and this movie are striking.

    1. @Wonka GoldBar By educated, you mean going to a school that teaches you socialism is a good thing and you can be any of an infinite number of genders? Not sure college grads are so smart, they may have a degree, but make little sense anymore. And it also sounds like your not informed on how many of these “pillars of education” are spending the money the government gives them. Golf course and crying lounges (LMAO) and things like that.

    2. That’s very true, but I think you got the players mixed up. It’s the leftists who are clearly the idiots with zero common sense and no critical thinking abilities

    3. @Wonka GoldBar Conservatives are smarter and more intelligent than leftists. All you have to do is look how the covid situation was handled. Even the “educated” leftists keep getting it wrong.

    4. @Edwin Garcia I love the poorly educated. Your point? Do you think you are superior to the poorly educated. I think perhaps you are poorly educated.

  6. I really thought that was bob in the thumbnail lol, I had a double take while scrolling

  7. Sounds like something done by characters from PJ Masks. I kinda wish they called themselves Ninjalinos!

  8. One of the things that really galls me about this is I can’t get past the fact that a company called ‘Cyber Ninjas’ was tasked with assisting in this circus. It’s like the plot from a movie that would be beneath even Steven Segal.

    1. @Juanjose Negron There is a great video of a state hearing talking about why there are so many duplicate ballots with out originals. Of course, no one on the election board showed for this meeting (although they were ordered to) because they knew they would have to explain. 12% adjudication rate in Maricopa County, should be about .008%. Ballot boxes do not have the stated number of ballots in them and the boxes delivered to audit had been tampered with. You’re probably not well informed, so I thought I would bring you up to date. “Nothing to see here”. lol

    2. @J C really!!!!! Do you happen to know the amount of those casted by Republican in favor of trump? The answer is “NO” you dont!!! You wouldn’t have commented if you knew!!!! I’ll let you go back before I completely tea bag you. P.S. please provide verifiable info, ill do the same. REEEEADY!!!!! GO!!!!!!!

    3. But you trust an election to a company called Dominion – (noun · the power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority. ·to rule; control; dominate.)

    4. @Juanjose Negron so it’s only ok if one side does it right? Or should we be more concerned about the integrity of the election process?

  9. It’s funny how the concerns of tampering during the election were of little to no concern. But now that the cyber geeks get a chance to look at the hardware, all of the sudden it’s a huge problem. How quickly we forget Russia, Russia, Russia.

    1. These aren’t cyber geeks. They’re literally just internet warriors 😂😂 but sure, let’s believe the people who are looking for bamboo in the paper.

  10. Someone should examine the voting machines that were returned.

    Dollars to donuts Cyber Ninjas put some programming in them!

    1. oh, now that someone from the opposing political side has come into the mix, we need to examine the machines? if I said we should examine the machines, I would get called a conspiracy theorist, trump cultist, and a Q-tard.

  11. Cyber Ninjas in cowboy hats are walking around with cell phone jammers as other Cyber Ninjas check ballots for the presence of bamboo fibers and use ultraviolet light to check for watermarks…and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why it’s no longer possible to write good satire.

    1. I know right. I have found myself searching in vain for The Onion logo on official White House news releases and legitimate news stories a lot over the last few years.

    2. actually, the real reason it’s impossible to write good satire is because coca cola wants their employees to be “less white”, Joe Biden called our servicemembers “dumb *bleeps*” and liberals claim that milk is racist…

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