Amber Tamblyn: What Happened To Britney Spears Was A 'Human Rights Violation' 1

Amber Tamblyn: What Happened To Britney Spears Was A ‘Human Rights Violation’


Actress and author, Amber Tamblyn, joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss Britney Spears' bombshell testimony about her conservatorship and shares her own experience as a famous young woman battling control over her personal decisions.

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Amber Tamblyn: What Happened To Britney Spears Was A 'Human Rights Violation'


  1. How deeply sad for Britney Spears. On Saturday, I read her words to the Judge in Los Angeles. From what I was able to get out of several articles on her life, she was struggling with the result of a mental breakdown.. once she was divorced and lost custody of her two boys. But, she went produce three albums …and have a successful show in Las Vegas. (Gifted and talented in her own right, despite her losses.) Maybe, the speaking out to a judge over her situation, was the first step in her healing. Prayers to Britney Spears.

  2. Her family, brother, mother, sister and father…her management, medical team all of them are complicit…. they did not have her best interests at heart. The judge needs to act in a forensic way and do a deep dive into all the outgoings of her Money since she has been in the conservatorship. Conservatorship should not be a money making scream for all of those looking after her but it seems as if it has and the Judges have not listened to her and not done a fricking thing to look after her while still allowing her to function as an adult. Their job was to help her get back to life but they have all held her back and impacted her mental health. I hope that this Judge has listened and will help her

  3. The conservators should be charged with human rights violations and the LA Courts need to have the Justice Department look into their egregious, misogynistic record of judgments.

  4. I am concerned that if Britney is not set free after this testimony something bad will happen to by the hand of her team and family.

  5. sadly tamblyn didn’t go far enough in explaining how this clearly happened. especially since the dots connect to weinstein moonves cosby et al and lead to the stereotype that is really what then leads to abuse to make americans happy / entertainment!!

    in fact the stereotype of innocence that’s promoted so that the lowest common denominator that’s geared toward white supremacy, is the entire engine for conventional representation…

    that’s the stereotype that was actually nested inside the golden globes for a long long time. so it’s breadth and depth don’t surprise everyone when it’s shown how spears was abused. she was actually disney level innocence in fact as her main selling point. so that from there she was allowed to be racier and racier because it always was just it good fun. except it was all along the weinsteins of the world running the show!!

    long story short : innocence isn’t a stereotype and / or somebody’s property either, period!!

  6. Stories like this make no dent in the misplaced belief that the rest of the world admires America.

  7. My question is, if Britney was a man would this have happened?? 🤔 Would a man be told he could not reproduce…and be stopped from doing so?? I doubt it..

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