Gary Sinise: Our Veterans Deserve Our Support | MSNBC 1

Gary Sinise: Our Veterans Deserve Our Support | MSNBC


Actor Gary Sinise joins Morning Joe to discuss the Gary Sinise Foundation's partnership with Bob Evans Farms to honor military heroes and their families.

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Gary Sinise: Our Veterans Deserve Our Support | MSNBC


  1. Army stole my destiny too, Lt. Dan. 😏 Pass legislation to appoint special investigators for sexual assault and domestic abuse cases. 🙏 Provide benefits for burn pit veterans. 💥 Mental health services and support for ALL veterans. 💜

  2. You know it doesn’t make any difference whether you agree with war or not these are people and they deserve our support! It has always made me so angry the way our service people are treated, it’s just NOT right!!!!!

    1. I don’t blame all of them for believing that they were doing an honorable thing by joining. A lot of them just wanted to leave the farm or get an education. They were duped, and left out in the cold after serving.

  3. Human beings are raised and elevated for their service, dedication, loyalty, sacrifice, and losses suffered during service and sacrifice to honesty, integrity, righteousness, benevolence, kindness, people, society, humanity, nation, and truth. The value of their dedication to decency, morality, principles, and justice are irreplaceable and invaluable. In service of truth, you gain everything even when you lose everything. They are integrity and loyalty to the country defined and deserve our full concern, value, and respect.

  4. My daughter loves her job at the VA. She fights to make life better for our Veterans every single day, proudly. Thank you for all you do, Mr. Senise.♥️😎☮️🇺🇸

  5. The thing that I don’t understand is that my husband is a veteran, but didn’t retire. He doesn’t have a military ID because he did his 6 years and got out. There are no discounts for vets who don’t have an ID (Veterans day and the like), no points for employment (unless you served from 2005, I think it is). He volunteered to go to Desert Storm. Where is the appreciation for those people who in theater and did their jobs but didn’t become career men?

  6. May God comfort, aid, and richly bless our veterans and their families, the Gary Sinise Foundation, and Mr. Gary Sinise 💐

  7. Shame on President Bush for sending troops to Iraq. Iraq had NOTHING to do with 911. He knows it and for some reason no one wants to bring that fact up..

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