Family Of Fallen Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Speaks Out 1

Family Of Fallen Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick Speaks Out


Brian Sicknick's mother, Gladys Sicknick, and his longtime partner, Sandra Garza, joined NBC’s Mehdi Hasan to discuss their meetings with lawmakers and the GOP’s continued refusal to investigate the insurrection that preceded Sicknick’s death. 

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  1. The republican party doesn’t back the blue, they stab the blue in the back. And they stab them with American and confederate flags.

    1. They back seizing and holding power by any illegal, dishonorable and deceptive way possible. Morally and ethically bankrupt. No shame.

    2. They back the blue, against the Black! But don’t back the blue against the white! A quote from my 14 year old grandson!

  2. Their “Revolution” Was A Dramatic Farce
    For Propaganda Purposes.
    But The Ultimate INTENT
    IS Still The Overthrow Of Constitutional Rule.
    And Thereby An Act Of War

    1. On our Democracy, our Constitution, our Republic…and against the people, the citizens of our great country!

    2. Exactly!!! Democrats still don’t understand the GOP has become a literal enemy of the United States.

  3. I can’t believe what this mother has been through. It’s outrageous that this is being brushed under the rug. The denial and gaslighting is such low behavior – absolutely weak and disgusting.

    1. How do you “”unmurder” someone? Siknik was struck on the head.. and the us gov now saying “natural causes”..

    2. @Jake from statefarm I also heard that it’s being said by some that Officer Sicknick is not dead.

    3. @Lucia Delia No he is dead af…. he was MURDERED and the gov is pushing that natural causes bullshyt

    4. @Jake from statefarm He died from a stroke. A stroke is a burst blood vessel in the brain. The brain is in his head where it was bashed by a fire extinguisher GEE WONDER WHAT HAPPENED THERE??? REPUBLICAN SPIN DOCTORS TRYING TO ALTER THE FACTS OR THE PERCEPTION OF THE FACTS. IT WAS NOT NATURAL CAUSES !!!!

    5. @Kevin um.. pause.. you may want to calm down and read what I wrote. I was the one saying it was NOT “natural causes”… he was SLAMMED on his head.. and developed blood clots and died.. Notice his DAD isnt willing to play along and push the “natural causes” lie..He stated his son told him he was “struck on his head” but the media isnt allowing him to say this… There is a reason why they needed to ‘UNMURDER” sicknick and push the “natural cause” Lie

  4. I admire your bravery but it’s pointless to try to talk to a co-conspirator and that’s what McCarthy is along with Mitch McConnell and a few other representatives and senators to the one six attack

    1. More than a few. Every one of those GQP who voted to not accept the certification of the election were complicit in this heinous attack on democratic principles. Every one of them who are repainting this horror show as a typical tour of the Capitol (forgetting that tours were suspended during the pandemic and don’t usually result in $30 million in damages that taxpayers will have the burden of) is complicit.
      They might as well have stood at the top of the steps holding the doors open in welcome.

  5. Sorry you, along with a lot of naive people, believed the lie and voted for a monster. You’re own biased hearts went along with the heist.

    1. @John Poltz wait till you find out that trump thru inaction and action will be responsible for WWIII? what then?

    2. @jerry jerry sure Jerry Jerry, Thank all that is holy that we NOW have a commander in chief that has the MENTAL ABILITY of an adult as opposed to the mentality in-stability of a 12 year old losing a game of Fortnite. With pumpkin face there, nukes are flying.

    3. @John Poltz Office Sicknick was not killed by “an angry mob”. He had spoken with his mother after the protesters were “let into” the Capital building and told her he was “OK”. Why was he cremated so quickly after his death? Where is the autopsy report? Where is the autopsy report on the other two officers who “killed themselves”???? This is just a very odd sequence of events. Reminds of of the Vince Foster “problem” when Vince “killed himself” and then wrapped himself up in a carpet??????!!!!!! Theres something odd here.

    4. Trump told us in many many ways that he was a monster. He showed us time and again. I believe that the USA will be become an authoritarian regime in 50 years. How can anyone at all support the Republicans at this point.

  6. “We fought too well that day.”

    The only reason Republicans can afford to be so brash about this is because the attackers never got their hands on someone on their side of the aisle. Would Republicans be so cavalier about the attack if one or more of them had been ripped limb from limb by the mob?

    1. @Chris Dupree After watching some of the footage?……. Not really. “Shoot ‘im with his own gun!”, someone shouted while Officer Fanone was being beaten with an American flag pole, on top of kicked and tasered in the neck. Remember the footage of the officer wedged in the door, screaming while being crushed. All while insurrectionists shouted to keep pushing? I do. Imagine what they must relive afterwards.

    2. @Marvellous132 exactly right “some” of the footage. Have you not wondered why the media won’t show but selected snippets of the more than 14,000hrs of video from that day? We are only seeing what they want us to see! If everything was as plain and obvious as the narrative they are pushing why did that one news outlet buy up ALL the independent video from people there and now are refusing to release it?

    3. @Chris Dupree are you always a day late and a dollar short? Notice tuckems stopped using that bullshty? All he had to do is what MSM did to get the footage from cops body cams, fill out a FOIA request. There’s 55 mins in one camera alone. You can fill out a FOIA request, go for it.

  7. Thank you Ms. Sicknick and Garcia for continuing to speak on behalf of the courageous men and women who protected our elected officials.

  8. mccarthy told her, once again… It was just another typical capitol tour group. Yes that kinda stuff happens daily here on capitol hill. Sad bunch of boot lickers who don’t represent anything except their own interests.

    1. One worked in the Capitol for years a long time ago, including every one of the office buildings. Typical tour groups didn’t break windows, commit thievery, smear feces on the walls, break into offices, storm the Floors of both the Senate and House, call for the execution of anyone — much less the vice-president — and leave the Capitol holding a bill for $30 million in taxpayer funds to repair their “typical” tour.
      Given the amount of video footage there is, this is deliberate gaslighting and for a party that claims to be supportive of law enforcement, they sure are being quiet about this debacle.
      What is really sick about this whole scenario is that these members of the GQP for the most part are not idiots, many are highly educated and long-time members, and they are participating in and spreading the falsehoods in complete disrespect to those who fought and died to protect their sorry behinds.
      One would label this nonsense as delusional, but they know exactly what they are doing. So let’s gloss over the facts and evidence to give succor to the insurrectionists and leave those sworn to protect them by the wayside.
      Beyond disgust.

  9. Every single one of these people voted for Trump, you see what he is now huh? We have been trying to tell you what he was for years, you didn’t want to listen.

    1. And we learn more everyday. How many ppl just pretend they did not see or hear these horrible things.

  10. Why does the mother of the fallen police officer have to convince these people to knowledge his death…..this is so messed up.

  11. Coroner says he died from a stroke but if not for the stress and the injuries he went thru that day….would he have had a stroke???? Has anyone said anything about that?

    1. Yes. His mom and his girlfriend both said that it was the severe hand to hand combat that is responsible for his death. He was subjected to so many brutality.

    2. Samething with Mr Floyd, he was walking around fine with drugs in his system.. Until the the knee on his neck for almost 10 minutes killed him!! They both had assisted in dying

    3. @Chrystal Weaver head trauma can cause a stroke I don’t know why that wasn’t added to the cause of death. Stroke due to injury and head trauma. Unless the coroner was a trumper

  12. Yeah, and then we have girls like Carlson who never served and calls people who want to investigate this insurrection pigs and stupid… I hope people will never forget about individuals like Carlson!

  13. Ma’am, please know that the Real American people stand with you. He should be remembered, and have his face and boots displayed I n the Capitol. At a new Capitol Police Memorial. Dedicated to your son and the others that died due to this event and the brother that lost his life weeks after. Protecting that American Institution. He died during an attack on ground that he swore to protect. He and his comrades deserve medals and they deserve answers and action.

  14. Can you imagine if this was a real millitary? And not a bunch of clowns. Most of us would not be living the life we are right now. We would be locked up,dead or fighting for our lives.

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