Amy Klobuchar: ‘All Is Not Well’ With Iran, Despite President Trump’s Tweet | The Last Word | MSNBC

Amy Klobuchar: ‘All Is Not Well’ With Iran, Despite President Trump's Tweet | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. @Dave Schultz Afghanistan was the first place (2001) then Iraq. The taliban didn’t fly planes into our buildings remember. Seems Saudia Arabia did, an no one bat’s an eye.

    2. @Brien , I didn’t say anything about Afghanistan. “There” is Iraq not Afghanistan. Its ok to make a mistake, I’m not rubbing your nose in it. 🐩

    1. Grace Grit and Glory Nope not a Bot they don’t exist and real account with real live body Stop living in fantasyland!

    2. @Massachusetts Militia Dude, they aren’t bots, they’re just a few 100 Macedonian & Romanian peasants paid 50c per post to disrupt CNN uploads, they’re real, pathetically obvious, but real…

    3. Bad Cattitude….her home state has a lot of crimes, a lot of trouble makers, how can she run the countries and the world?

  1. Of course the puppets are directed not to say there are casualties until the globalist pigs figure out the reaction from us slaves to see whether or not we’re ready for another world order assimilating war Smfh

  2. Why should it be alright when Iranians Iraqis and others are being occupied by Americans and other Westerners for the sole purpose of controlling their resources?,?

  3. Eww why are these people trying so hard to represent you and I? What would happen if we boycott their authority, validity, and manipulation?

  4. I’d hate to hear her voice constantly if elected by Russia. Trump is bad enough. Will someone please ask Russia to elect us a nice president this time?

  5. Until we have Men with strength to move their maturity along with pride and decency. Innocent People would be placed in senseless WARS. This is definitely not about any Race more than its about respect. If a Man knows that he has wronged a Woman in Business dealings, Court, and Government. There is not any unwarranted surveillance. He owns up to his faults. No One should be given wrong information in America to carry out Men without maturity deception that leads to War. Their pride has to go elsewhere. Women carry pride as well. They are not second Citizens to Men. Women are Patriots. Badges do not ever make you a Patriot. It makes you a TRAITOR of your Country.

    1. She’s brushed up on …. looking and appearing serious in a way appearing unthinking about taking money from those that stream the monetary benefit dividends from IPO ARAMCO. Also streams her way into the office job she has so she is going to be as serious as she can appear.
      She takes money if she looks mean, but talks about hope and stays calm and peculiar with the public through a platform through the TV station of MSNBC.

  6. the mentally deranged WH Mobster creates his problems as to be a hero when the consequences are not taking over. THe Bast***d needs to be removed NOW from the office. He’s a very sick waste of space.

  7. If Trump were an honest man he might have said “I am not at all well in the head” and “I attacked Iran because I’m angry with America, again”. With compulsive liars, people need to fill in the blanks for themselves.

  8. The eminent threat is Trump’s impeachment.

    All means Trump. He’s a narcissist remember. Only himself matters.

    He’s very well because the focus is no longer on his impeachment. Now he’s looking forward to seeing his approval rating goes up.

  9. Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light, this avoirdupois-rich joker playing his usual cryptic atonal arpeggios for ten thumbs?

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