1. It would be an outrage if co-conspirator #1 wasn’t indicted while everyone else received prison time…. whoever that is 🤷‍♂️

    1. They keep acted like the investigation started after trump announced his run for president when it’s the opposite, trump heard they were getting close to charging him and he rush to start up a campaign run.

    1. Not even Kings. Henry VIII had to create a religious schism to bypass the rules of marriage annulment

    1. @Brendan Akers So then Presidents should be above the law? Let me ask you this, would you feel the same of it was Biden? Probably not. Let’s be real. The issue you have is not that it is stupid or petty. Your issue is that Trump is the one facing indictment.

    2. @george howe This is why I could never be a politician. I would not defend a person who agreed with the people that wanted me dead. My pride just wouldn’t let me.

  2. To answer Pence. Many more Americans are very happy to have our faith in equal justice under the law for Americans upheld.

    1. How, that stood by oh boy side…. Only for him to send a mob. This, my friend would of been my evil origin story.

  3. And when will the Republican lawmakers that were complicit in the entire January 6th insurrection be brought to Justice indicted jailed tried and sentenced they deserve the same thing that Trump is getting

  4. Yeah Mr.VP You should talk. If it weren’t for the capitol police, you could have been dangling some where on Trump’s instructions. Yes sir, you should talk.

  5. Tell me he didn’t just say indicting a former president for apparently breaking the law is an outrage- now do we understand the problem better with the GOP?

  6. A president engaging in acts for which he can be extorted – and allowed extortion – is not only unbelievably stupid, it is absolutely dangerous to the US. No one that incompetent should be anywhere near a position of responsibility.

  7. Between Pence and Lindsey Graham’s flip-flopping on every issue when it comes a Trump and what is currently happening is utterly disgusting

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