1. The two-tiered justice system we’re sick of is the one where if you are not rich and powerful, you go to jail, and if you are rich and powerful, you don’t.

    1. ​@JustSomeDudeThe point is dufus, Trump did it to prevent it being in the news before the 2016 election

    1. ​@MrTobyboby Nail on the head. A superb way of putting it. What’s startling to me is the amount of evangelical support he receives. For a bunch so noisy about not allowing yourself to be deceived, they’re about as shortsighted as it gets on that front. Cult

    2. @Kim Chee Maybe,he’s done a lot so far.He passed the Chips Act,infrastructure bill the economy is starting to gain momentum upwards.

    3. It is inconceivable that Bragg has not got every sliver, of every fact in place. He has information not available to you or me. We can only be sure that he cannot afford to get this wrong.

  2. Republicans 2018: You can’t indict a sitting president, wait until he leaves office
    Republicans 2023: Why would you indict a president after he leaves office?

    1. Republicans 2016: You can’t appoint a supreme court justice in an election year.
      Republicans 2020: We can appoint a supreme court justice a week before an election.

    2. It is inconceivable that Bragg has not got every sliver, of every fact in place. He has information not available to you or me. We can only be sure that he cannot afford to get this wrong.

  3. I am neither republican nor democrat so I believe I am quite neutral. I had a great deal of respect for Mr. Pence how he handled the events on Jan. 6th and afterwards, how he condemned Trump and Trumps actions. I thought wow what backbone the man has to speak up against a fellow party member. For him plainly to say, what was wrong was wrong. After all I have read and watched on this issue to now see this interview with Mr. Pence …well all I can say is my respect has demised significantly. That Trump is being indicted is absolutely correct. If any “normal” us citizen had only done half the things that Trump is being acused for they would have been behind bars in an instant. And Mr. Pence in your opinion of what a “bad signal” this indictment is sending out to the rest of the world …. well let me tell you how very wrong you are. The majority of the rest of the world greets this decision. For the majority of the rest of the world this shows that justice is now finally being done. This decision shows the rest of the world that nobody is above the law and which is exactly how it should be. This indictment shows the world that america prosecutes crimes and its criminals, it shows the world that justice is finally being done. It shows the world that lying and cheating has its consequences. It shows the world that all these comittee’s and investigations since Jan 6th about Trumps “wrongs” before, during and after his Presidency have not been for nothing. It shows the world that America’s Politics are still to be taken seriously and that this is not just a bad soap opera. Mr Pence the majority of the rest of the world and their governments were ashamed for your country during Trumps term of power. In the eyes of the majority of the rest of the World Trump will most likely go down in history as America’s most least respected President.This Indictment returns America’s credibility on the world stage.

    1. Don’t kid yourself, man: a suit is a suit. You can probably count on one hand how many of our elected officials do what they know to be right and best for America. The rest do what they do to maintain power.

  4. pence: “i dont want to answer that but what i will tell u is” “i dont want to answer that but what i will tell you” “i dont want to answer that but what i will tell you” every question

    1. How did he get through school if he never answered a question in class or on a test? LOL. You get an F Mr.Pence.

  5. OMG, I just lost what little respect I had for Mike Pence. He thinks Donny should get a pass after he had people wanting to hang him. Unbelievable. The Don must have plenty on Pence then. He was trying to deflect with Biden this and that. I’m not a Biden supporter either but this is sickening.

    1. I honestly think Pence wouldn’t mind if Trump went to jail. But he’s a republican and Trump still has a lot of influence. Pence can’t afford lose Trump supporters if he plans on running for office in the future. This isn’t about supporting Trump, it’s about protecting his political career

  6. “I can’t speak to the merits of this case.” Next breath “A question of campaign finance violation should never have risen to the level to bring an unprecedented and historic prosecution.”

    Did he break the law or didn’t he? That should be the only question considered.

  7. Wow can this guy talk out of both sides of his mouth. My goodness. He is contradicting himself one sentence after another, and when he realized he was talking himself into a corner, he starts dramatizing and spinning reality. Wow. It’s conniving, but in such a well-presented kind of way.

  8. I’ve noticed these politicians are good for saying “the American people are outraged.” They love to tell us how we feel! 🤣 For the easily manipulated it works. For the rest of us…🤷

    1. It is inconceivable that Bragg has not got every sliver, of every fact in place. He has information not available to you or me. We can only be sure that he cannot afford to get this wrong.

    2. Anytime a politician says “Amercan People” just scratch it out and substitute the politician’s own name and it will always be clear what they’re really saying!

  9. He love giving answers without actually giving answers. He sure knows how to dance around a question

    1. I live in Los Angeles. I had a guy stop traffic and point a gun in my face literally last week, never seen him before, wasn’t provoking. All the crime and homicides in every major city is double what it was 5 years ago. There’s people with mental health issues everywhere. The streets are full of potholes, needless trash here in Hollywood and LA. I had to replace 2 tires in the last few months because the roads are so bad. Yet California gas tax is the highest in the country.
      Pence is TALKING ABOUT THESE PROBLEMS and the morons in the comment section are saying he’s not answering the question!!?? HE IS LITERALLY TELLING YOU WHAT’S GOING ON, AND YOU’RE NOT GETTING IT.

    1. These people hate trump and talk about him behind closed doors and really want him gone but every time they have an out they won’t take it.

  10. The rule of law needs to apply to all. If he’s found guilty, then justice needs to be applied, regardless of political stance.

    1. @not really I Perfer Americans that Don’t Deflect from the Facts/Evidence have Critical thinking Skill instead of Repeating Republican Talking Points like a Parrot! 🦜🦜🦜. Criminal/Corrupt Behavior should Not be Tolerated whether is Democrat or Republican! Be a Good American 🇺🇸!

    2. @not really : “I prefer an America that doesn’t witch hunt its political opponents”

      So, because someone you dislike got away with a felony, you’re willing to dismiss the felonious actions of your guy? Got it. The hypocrite line is —–>

      And for your information, if your outrage is genuine, then don’t advocate for your felon to be set free – rather, go after the felon who you think should pay. Funny how that works when you think about it.

  11. His campaign partner ran on a ‘lock her up’ chant. He has a lot of nerve calling Trump’s indictment an outrage.

    1. It was just a chant, nothing more, which sounded good at the time. Trump never actually did anything to Clinton. It was never a campaign policy, thats the different.

  12. Funny he had different thoughts when his supporters ( who later chanted for his death) chanted lock her up.

  13. Imagine waking up and putting your best suit on then going on national TV to defend the guy that wanted you hanged…literally. what kind of man is that?

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