Analyst breaks down loss of eastern town to Russia

Control over the city of Kreminna has been "lost," according to Serhii Haidai, the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, as Russian forces try to break Ukrainian resistance in the country's east. Retired Air Force Colonel Cedric Leighton weighs in on Russia’s gain in eastern Ukraine. #CNN #News


  1. Not even two month’s into the War. It’s amazing Russia has so little for so much loss they’ve lost more people in two month’s than during eight years in Afghanistan. Wow!! The Ukrainians are amazing people across the World. 🇺🇦🇬🇧

    1. @Gary Neither can the United States or China, it takes a long time to make modern guided missiles since they are highly computerized.

      Unfortunately the nature of this war is that there is a lot of urban fighting and the Ukrainian and Russian militaries will use civilian infrastructure for the war effort, thus resulting in civilian casualties.

  2. Nice to see Briana Keilar is back from the front – I think all the CNN anchors, and every journalist, are very brave to travel to Ukraine now. The situation is completely unpredictable and it seems anything could happen anytime – it takes courage merely for a human to exist in Ukraine now!

    1. @Douglas Brady Unfortunately she didn’t cry when the US was bombing Afghanistan , Syrian, Libya, Somalia, Children & Civilians on the contrary she was cheering 📣 Genocide perpetrated by the US in those countries including Yemen right now…☝🏻💀🇬🇧🇺🇸

  3. Resilience, bravery and unity of the people of Ukraine are second to none. Glory to Ukraine..👍👋

    1. Elvis, you mean misery, frustration, uncertainty? Glory for who? Who shelled their own people, who wanna be independent and live their lives? Is it what you glorifying?

    1. @Radi the usa had nearly 100 per cent of the british population, but that did not prevent a war of independence. However they are not 14 million, let’s stop with this misinformation.

  4. Japan strongly condemns Russia’s deployment of nuclear missiles in the Kurial Islands and considers it a step to threaten security in the Pacific region and vows to respond to provocative steps

    1. @Nana khreis The difference is that the US helped Japan rebuild after the war, and kept no Japanese territory. Russia, on the other hand, came in opportunistically in the last six days of the war and stole the Kuril Islands from a nation that had been laid prostrate not by Russia but by the US.

  5. I fear our optimism in the West for the great Ukraine effort may be tested in the weeks to come. What happens when two strong armies refuse to lose?

    1. The one with the less money looses. Ukraine has most of the world behind it. Russia has its citizens

    2. @Hunter&Gatherer you act like its been a cakewalk for russia! Russia is severly being depeleted of its long range missles, tanks and soilders.

  6. What I fail to comprehend is why these newscasters never ask their experts how Ukraine can re-capture these towns, and indeed the two entire regions. What can Ukraine do to win?

  7. What worries me is What happens to the people living there everything is just territory for analysts but for the people that live there what are they going through

    1. @Dmytro Khomenko No. Back in 2001 there was only a slight ethnic Ukrainian majority in Luhansk and a slight Russian ethnic majority in Donetsk. That is per official Ukrainian census data. And I’m sure you will understand that even within those oblasts with those metrics that there is a trend towards ethnic Ukrainians in the West and ethnic Russians in the East, making the justification along purely ethnic lines that much more complex. Further, the ethnicity of the population is but one factor, where the language, culture, and industry of the region is highly steeped towards Russian, 90%+, again per census. But that was 20 years ago. Since the civil war the population has certainly slid to a Russian majority even along ethnic lines. “all regions except Crimea are mostly ethnic Ukrainian.” is either an intentionally intellectually dishonest assertion, or you don’t know the facts.

    2. @Dmytro Khomenko As you well know judging by your last name, “Ethnic Russian” and “Ethnic Ukrainian” don’t mean anything at all for most of Ukraine east of Kiev. Most of the country is completely intermingled (my dad is Ukrainian, mom Russian), my wife is Ukrainian (her dad Russian, mom Ukrainian), I’m born in Russia but lived most life in Ukraine. Does that make me “ethnic Ukrainian” or “ethnic Russian” lol?

  8. You know in a time when this world needed stability, love peace and understanding after the pandemic Etc somebody had to come along and F it up! Somebody that couldn’t get what he wanted in the negotiated second term, that was lost, from our prior Administration had to eagerly invade a sovereign country to purposely continue the chaos! If it’s not known already all these secret meetings will be known. When you negotiate International policy and cut secret deals in private the super majority of Americans don’t approve of this style of negotiations or the results Within on their behalf. Remember he was the federal government….With secret negotiations between Middle East leaders and Russia Etc it troubles me and others why Putin is treating Israel like it’s little blank? Why Putin is concerned about Israel’s justified disapproval stance on this war more than he is with any other country? Think on what you people are selfishly and inhumanely doing to this world cuz it seems like you really don’t give a f about it.

    1. @Wessex Druid for who?? And why did he want a private meeting with Israel Representatives ASAP?

    2. @James Severino Suggest improving your sense of humor at the same time you improve the clarity of what you write.

    1. Speaking of civilians… Richard Irvin is a horrible mayor, who takes credit for the hard work of the previous mayor who passed away. He would make a bad Governor too, so lets NOT…!!!
      Of course all lives matter, but that’s the point. To too many cops; black lives DON’T matter Uncle Irvin, we aren’t scared of you, we think your politics SUCK!

  9. This is not “lost”, it’s temporary. Why? look what happened in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and others. You can’t win or stay forever, eventually, you will leave at a big loss to all involved.

    1. @John Falstaff You seem to know a lot about what Putin thinks and intends to do. Do you go out bar hopping with him and he tells you all that?
      Look at a map; Ukraine is slowly becoming a landlocked country. The port of Mariupol is an important port for the economy of Ukraine which consists largely of wheat and other feed grains (when I was in school it was called the granary of Europe). With Mariupol closed, the only port left is Odessa and who knows what the Russian intentions are in that respect.
      Germany is so dependent on Russian oil and gas and by their own industrial exports that Kaliningrad (although in Ukrainian hands) is unlikely to be touched. Besides the Germans are still traumatized by their expansionist policy during Hitler’s times.
      I keep believing that the Russians are not looking for additional territory given their economic situation.

    2. @ISeeEverythingTwice! Not sure that with your double vision seeing everything twice, you see the right answer.

  10. I am so proud of Ukraine the people there are brave strong and very effective in their military strategy and I will be thinking of that country and it’s people because they need all of our support and they need as much help as we can give eventually Russia and Putin may actually cause an incident between NATO and him were the war will get bigger we need to keep this confined but yet support Ukraine with weapons supplies and food and medical care supplies for all the people and find a way to get people out of Ukraine they do not want to be stuck there possibly behind enemy lines which Russian troops cannot hold because they’re too scattered they have no direction and their leader Putin is insane

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