‘Why can’t they stop this one idiot?’: Ukrainian woman on Putin

CNN's Clarissa Ward visits Sloviansk, Ukraine, on Orthodox Palm Sunday where citizens are preparing to leave as Russian troops approach the town. #CNN #News


  1. Resilience, bravery and unity of the people of Ukraine are second to none. Glory to Ukraine..👍👋

    1. https://youtu.be/dI8-UO9M_msА вы знаете что после «Слава Украине» кричат «Слава нации»???? Нет не знали!!!!????ваши СМИ вам про это забыли рассказать или не захотели????

    2. She spoke words as a deadly sin ( see bible ) That means she will die soon. God is greater !

  2. Just now, I was telling my wife that one subhuman brought so much grief, children, old people, peaceful people were killed and raped, it’s unimaginable. .I am a Russian from Russia, I was recently beaten by the police because I just went out with a placard “No to war”, they said that if I go out they will put me in jail and take away my children. I couldn’t imagine that it was possible.

    1. I’m sorry that you could feel safe one day and existentially threatened the next. This is coming soon to a country very near to all of us. There will be no place to go.

    2. @Макар Бескровный excuse me, sir, wasn’t this kind of media blocked in Russia? How do you manage to get access?

  3. God Bless Clarissa, she really is very strong, we can see how tired she is and she has little children back home. Her role as a journalist is so important right now. Just want to take a moment to appreciate her.

    1. ‘Why can’t they stop this one idiot?’: Russian woman on Zelensky…
      ‘Why can’t they stop this one idiot?’: All woman on Biden…

  4. God Bless the people who are so loving and are absolutely right about everything being said here because that man needs to be stopped if there’s ever going to be peace in this world, put dad Trump and Kim Jung-Un (sp?) to it!

  5. I understand that the depersonalization of saying
    “the city” (strategic land) may fall can feel less disturbing, yet “the
    FAMILY MEMBERS in Mariupol” (& in other besieged cities)
    “falling” {being
    tortured, held captive, &/or
    slaughtered) has been the
    true need for greater

    1. I would love to have five minutes with Putin in a locked room. One of us would walk out but it wouldn’t be him.

  6. “Why can’t they stop this one idiot?” As a resident of the U.S. I’ve been asking myself the same question for the last 6 years. 😒

    1. Me too. Unfortunately as the Jan 6 committee is showing, it’s not just one idiot. It’s an entire party.

  7. I learn so much from Clarisa Ward. She’s an amazing sole, and she puts everything in to bringing us the story. I hope she and others doing the job of news know how important they are. I hope they all stay safe…Victory for Ukraine 🇺🇦

  8. My heart breaks for the Ukrainians. Pray for the senseless war to be over. I pray for the one idiot to be stopped. 🙏🏻😢🙏🏻😢🙏🏻😢

  9. The human element is heart wrenching. It’s easy to just look at numbers on a page but… each one of those killed, hurt or even just scared by this are people with a life as rich and full as my own.

    I think of this every time I see conflicts whether they are instigated by my own country under flimsy pretenses, civil wars or “justified” conflicts.

    1. Millions of lives destroyed by one delusional sadistic old monster trying to recreate a dark horrific chapter in history to boost his faltering ego.

    2. @Zen Zen an old man who was bullied and has a fragile ego looking to make his mark like Peter the Great on Russian history. He won’t, no matter what, he will be viewed as a failure.

      It is sad because Russia had the chance to be a vibrant and prosperous democracy, instead it is this

  10. Thank you, Clarissa Ward, for your brave and honest reporting! ‘Under the shadow of russian war…’ hope noone ever has to even imagine what that is like 😔

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