1. Yeah, but Muscovy’s nuclear weapons work as well as their army, lol. Are we sure they have any that can hit a target and not explode in their bunkers because they sold the propellant and possibly even the warhead?

    1. putin might just be crazy enough to nuke finland with a small nuke and demand they along with sweden surrender and join russia’s new empire, meaning they would be dominated by moscow

  2. What would make Russian leadership think that threatening Sweden and Finland would convince them not to join NATO at this point? It really makes you wonder about the disconnect from reality they’re experiencing…

    1. @Brian Korth in reality the official numbers and rubble value is actually International institutes define not russia

    2. @램 Its not the same. We are the good guys totally innocent with perfect moral. Gretings from Sweden.

  3. Threatening Baltic nuclear deployment is rather irrelevant. They can be fired from the deepest Siberian wasteland and get to the European area anyway. Putin has shot himself in the foot, he really has proved himself to be an incompetent strategist.

    1. Listen to 4biddenknowledge where Billy explains (2) options to take Poot out:
      *The Real Reason Putin and Russia are Attacking Ukraine by Billy Carson*

    2. @Jame Gumb the Russian army are not suddenly going to materialise on the borders of Poland or anywhere else for that matter, so NATO has more than enough time to prepare.

    3. @Tendies Offmyplate Tendi, how long have you worked for Putin and how do you feel about people pointing out the weaknesses Putin has shown lately?

  4. Wells done to the USA for sending heavier weapons – hopefully some that will sink the Black Sea Fleet. Here in the UK I’m pleased we have been able to send NLAWs and Seastrike, but of course we don’t have anything like the military and industrial might of the USA.

    1. Does anyone know what the specific process of US dollar military aid is to Ukraine.
      – Would assume that US does not send dollars directly to Ukraine. But rather Ukraine gets a credit to spend those dollars with US defense contractors for the weapons they need.
      – then the US government pays the US weapons contractors directly for the weapons that are sent to Ukraine.

      Anybody know if that is more or less the way the process works.? Would doubt that US sends dollars directly to Ukraine due to corruption concerns.

    2. At least you have Universal health Care in the UK. We don’t have it because we decided to spend that money on military arms.

    3. @westyk52sparky No, they haven’t, yet. It has only been announced a few days ago. Ukraine has had their own Neptune anti-ship missile since 2013, so its not a huge leap.

  5. With the naval competence your Navy has shown to date, you shouldn’t let your nukes leave the dock, you’ ll likely never see them again!

  6. I think we must also recognize the horror at the war crimes in Bucha and how this has changed thinking. We now know with absolute certainty that we are fighting a monster.

    1. @John Smith I agree. Yet this being the real world, we take what we can get and try to improve next time. In the meanwhile, better late than never.

      It could be worse! Look how long it took the world to understand to what Hitler was really up to. At least we improved on that, a bit.

    2. I saw an interview with an 83 year old woman who’d been raped in her home by a Russian soldier, her disabled husband was in the house. Babies and children have been raped and it was filmed. I’m a pacifist by nature but I’d gladly sign a death warrant for these monsters.

  7. As a Finn I’ve hoped for a long time that our country would join NATO. Having a psychopath dictator/kleptocrat next to us is frightening. Together we stand strong🇫🇮❤️🇺🇦❤️🇫🇮❤️🇺🇦

    1. @Stefan Börjesson Pretty sure that no country actually wants to send their boys out in a war, can you perhaps list those that do and how you determined that?

    2. Finland is a great country that understands freedom and democracy, we Americans would be honored to have you as an ally.

      And I know the only reason you haven’t joined yet, is because you guys probably think you can handle Russia on your own. For everyone else out there, Finland isn’t stupid and after the last time Russia invaded them, they have spent the last 80 years preparing everything from wartime supply storage to underground bunkers in case the Russians come back. They are very ready to defend themselves and even if they went to war with the USA, we would be scared to try and invade them.

  8. This is if an aggressive violent neighbour broke into someone’s home and assaulted the homeowners, and when the neighbours who didn’t have home security systems planned to get one, the violent neighbour threatened to attack another neighbour if they did. How is that supposed to prevent people from wanting protection?

    1. @Beijing Charlie Actually its a pretty good analogy to someone not living under a communist or dictatorship regime.

    2. MAC, you need to sit down with someone who actually understands this complex situation and not use simple analogies based on your limited experience.

  9. Every time novo-Stalin makes a threat, call him on it. Call his bluffs, every time. Appeasement of novo-Stalin should NEVER be done.

    1. YES! YES YES YES! You don’t appease a burger who breaks into your home, why appease a government who illegally invades a country.

  10. “If you join NATO we’re going to point nukes at you”
    Weren’t they doing that already?

    1. @John Smith the latest ICBMs have unlimited range… As can hit anywhere on earth once… They obviously can’t fly around the planet 6 times then hit but you know what I mean.

      No where is technically safe… However 5 to 10 years and counter measures will advance passed Russia as they won’t be progressing their technology much at all now…

  11. IF Putin hadn’t already given Sweden and Finland enough reasons to join NATO already, then he most certainly has now, by threatening them with such an ultimatum.

    1. You seem to be confused. See, the way an ultimatum works is that there is ONLY fallout if you DON’T abide by the terms of the ultimatum. Put another way, it’s only when you contravene the terms of the ultimatum that there’s fallout. To point: Russia will only attack Finland IF it joins NATO. Or, put another way, joining NATO will see Finland being attacked. It’s really quite a simple premise Tim.

    2. alexwestconsulting Let’s imagine that Finland narrowly decided against joining NATO. Are they now safe from Russian aggression? Or will Russia consider their mere interest in joining NATO a threat worthy of preemptive attack? After all, Ukraine hadn’t joined NATO and they were attacked just because they expressed an interest in joining. But what if Finland does join NATO? Are they safe from Russian aggression? I think it’s reasonable to say that they’d be safer than prior to joining. Had Ukraine been a member of NATO, it is highly unlikely that Russia would have invaded them. There’s a lot more to it than “here’s how an ultimatum works”. The risk/benefit analysis favors joining. The risk of joining is not that Finland will be attacked but rather that nukes will placed placed in the Baltics (which is a strange threat seeing as they already have nukes in Kaliningrad). The benefit of joining is that they won’t be attacked. So, in my estimation, the risk of being attacked is probably greater if they don’t join. It’s quite possibly a false ultimatum. You have to trust your counterpart in order to agree to the terms of the ultimatum. Russia has lost that trust.

  12. This from Lithuanian newspapers: Russia’s talk about the deployment of nuclear weapons in its exclave of Kaliningrad “seems rather strange”, given that those weapons “have always been kept there”, Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anušauskas has said.

  13. I live in Sweden. Does anyone really think Russia doesn’t already have nuclear weapons in Kalingrad?

    1. Omg what is the mood there rn in Sweden ? For against joint NATO? Can’t imagine the hand wringing with your government !! I hope you guys join up…call pooptin’s bluff

  14. Sweden has always prided themselves on neutrality yet is now rethinking that. Thanks to Putin. Sweden has conscription, a very good armed forces and their own arms industry.

  15. Imagine a child barging into your house, and threatening to burn the whole neighborhood down if you don’t give it to him.

  16. When we were kids in high school, there was a bully. And I mean a MEAN bully. Everyone avoided him, afraid to get his attention and get his wrath. After walking on eggshells for a couple years, one guy said he was going to stand up to the bully. Everyone said “no, you’ll make him madder, and he’ll really start laying into us”. But you know what, after we all stood up to him (and ya, he kicked our a**** several times after that) he finally stopped bullying everyone. But he was never, ever going to stop bullying us anyway, and after we stood up to him, we realized he was already bullying us as much as he could anyway, and could not do any more to us than he already was. Putin is NEVER going to stop bullying other countries until we all stand up to him.

  17. It’s easy to understand Putins ‘miscalculation’, he’s either mad, thick or most likely BOTH.

  18. This reminds me of WWII when the US and allies were shipping cargo to Europe for the war. We had a heck of a lot of ships sunk with all hands but we were not going to stop supplying Europe. Same thing is happening now. We Americans support Ukraine and all people fighting for freedom and we are maintaining that open pipeline of aid. I’m pretty sure what we have given Ukraine so far is in the billions but if it’s takes several billion that’s OK with America. Our taxpayer dollars will go towards something we all support for a change.

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