Andrew Yang: We Have A Ton Of Momentum in NYC Mayoral Race 1

Andrew Yang: We Have A Ton Of Momentum in NYC Mayoral Race


Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Andrew Yang joins Morning Joe to discuss his standing in the polls, his plan to increase NYPD detectives as a means to reduce city crime and his plans for the city's budget.

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    1. Just pick your candidate leave the rest blank don’t help the the candidates that are corrupt don’t help the candidate that are only for their own issues.

    2. Very little understanding of details by these hosts. That was one of the worst explanations of ranked choice i have heard. And this is a major network!

    Yes, it’s complicated, that is why I like APPROVAL VOTING better. But anything is better than plurality voting.

  2. Presidential primaries should be based on rank choice voting. Its called single transferable vote

  3. At least they can get his name right now instead of calling him John Yang and using a different Asian man’s picture.

  4. MSNBC try to do a got ya question but Yang turned into his strength nothing other candidates haven’t even done the math yet……if they can even do the math.

  5. To lead this country move forward, we don’t chose races, but knowledgeable and brighter idea.

  6. NYC is such a sad and negative place. Andrew is more than welcome to come to California and lead here.

    1. @Waryaa Wariiri none of that has anything to do with NY , I don’t see you going out there to flex. And furthermore he never said he supports the things the Israeli government is doing he said he supports the people of Israel which spoiler alert includes the palestanian population living among the jewish population. Unless you support the senseless killings through the decades committed by the so called resistance. I don’t see you mourning those innocent Israelis who were killed on that side of the wall.

    2. Why did he comment and support the bombers of Palestinian children then?

      He commented amd we condemn his biased, massacre-supporting disgusting comments.

  7. Andrew Yang will be amazing for NYC.
    I was hoping he was going to be President.
    Maybe someday.

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