1. Yea, they’re not going to ban guns. You people out there who think the USA will ban guns are out of touch with reality.

    1. Bs…you really believe she’s genuine lol. It’s so obvious she was told to do this for money lol. People will believe anything

    2. Yeah kinda strange she survives one shooting and somehow KNEW to be in Nashville this same day kinda odd

    3. ​@Rebel Mouth I’m sure it’s not to odd she just so happens to be there after surviving another shooting and ain’t fron tn to odd to be a coincidence

  1. We the people put these lawmakers in office. They are not doing their job to protect us. Vote them out!

    1. What do you mean they did everything they could. And they didn’t wait four hours for a small army to form outside they went in. How are you gonna blame the people investigating the scene. What could they have done to stop a WOMAN from going to a school and targeting CHILDREN. How could they have known explain. How come you ain’t know? How come you did nothing to stop it? Where was you? Exactly you couldn’t have suspected a thing. That woman that walked in there and did that was pure evil. It wasn’t the gun or the armor or the man or the child or the president or Putin. It was a woman who made her choice no one made it for her. What could be done to prevent people from becoming like that? NOTHING. They have to make the decision to change on there own. She went down a dark road that lead her to her fate and there was nothing the chief of police whom was in tears, nothing the president nothing Obama, nothing Trump, or anyone else could have done. People blame the gun I blame the individual. Not like we over giving praise to the five guns held by the officers to put the shooter down. I think Nashville is the safest place to be right now cause them police don’t play.

    1. ​@Miles Christiwrong, you have a higher chance of ending up dead by having a gun during a home invasion 😂 more people kill their own family members and get killed during fire fights with intruders..

  2. I’m sick of it!!! Why is this soooo hard??? When I was a kid, I never ever had to deal with this BS!! What has changed?? People’s hearts, that’s what’s changed! It’s like we forgot what is means to love your neighbor as yourself….or maybe the problem is that we don’t know how to love ourselves either!!! DARK, SAD TIMES!!!

  3. Speaking out against mass shootings, can become tiresome. Respect to this lady don’t stop and become numb to speaking out.

    1. @Bewlay Brother as usual the deflection begins, what is ridiculous about my comment? It is a proven fact that YOU can research for yourself, cars were the leading cause of deaths for YEARS that is a fact. Like i said, i never heard anyone try to ban cars that is also a fact so please tell me what’s ridiculous?

    2. @Bewlay Brother great idea! Then we have no way to protect ourselves from these crazy people…
      They will be the only ones who have them.

    3. @Coty Stiehl these people seem to think that criminals care or listen to the laws. But that’s literally what makes them criminals….they dont care.

    4. @Smoove …were they automatic cars and smooth bored cars. The answer to America’s problem stares right into their eyes..take the blinkers off😂

    1. ​@Kevin He so you shouldn’t have 1st amendment rights? How about civil rights? Or due process? Or do you just cherry pick what you like?

    2. Politicians hate lobbyist,they love drama, politicians use them for entertainment, because they don’t take anything serious,blame it on Putin.

  4. Total respect to this lady – this is a subject that just cant be ignored anymore,,,it just cant, too many innocents are dying,,,,

  5. I love that woman. Praise you, lady, for jumping in & asking an incredibly important question. ❤. One that the majority of America is asking but the GOP won’t do sh1t about.

    1. Im just curious why nobody asked that question when cars were the leading cause of deaths for years? Nobody wanted to ban the 2 ton machine with the power to mow down a crowd of people

    2. “The majority of America is asking.”
      No, they aren’t… People would be pathetic in doing so. I love this, Let’s give up more rights to the state because of fear… fear, that always works throughout history.

    1. Yes, all comes from the mind. But when you have disturbed minds with a gun in their hands it’s a shortcut. I am from Europe and we often feel people in US live in a parallel universe with their stand on guns.

  6. Appreciate that woman. People just looking around covering the story watching the news. We the people need to do something. Fast

    1. Get rid of guns. As someone from the UK, it seems Americans care more about owning a gun than children’s lives. 129 school shootings this year and we are only in the third month.

    2. @Laura just because you gave up your defense doesn’t mean we will. No guns in the uk and what did y’all turn to? Stabbing and pouring acid

    3. Agreed, or hire military veterans to walk the school grounds. Allowing teachers who want to carry & get qualified to do so would change everything.

  7. Americans need affordable, accessible and free mental health care . Our violence , anger and hate are constants in our lives.

    1. @G Gonzalez i just did, for years cars were responsible for the most deaths and where was the “ban cars” movement? 43k people die per year via car, yet you wouldn’t give up your car to save those lives. Its like you care about your precious cars more than children

    2. @Smoove car ACCIDENT’S 43k ok now check how many were yes ACCIDENT’S so don’t compare ACCIDENT’S to people with weapons of war killing children.

  8. a crazy person does something horrible, and the first reaction is to take away the rights and property of law-abiding citizens.

  9. We need laws that put armed security in our schools. Gun restrictions make people that are innocent more vulnerable to the wrath of lawbreakers.

    1. That doesn’t work. There was one at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. The guy ran in the other direction. Also, AR-15 style guns were illegal until the law expired in early 2000s. That’s why it is a problem today. They need to be outlawed. Also, school shootings weren’t a thing until Columbine High School in April 1999. Please tell me why you deserve the right to legally own an assault style gun?

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