Anita McBride: The First Ladies’ ‘Stories Need To Be Told’ | MSNBC

Former Chief of Staff to Laura Bush and Director of American University’s First Ladies Initiative, Anita McBride joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the launch of the First Ladies Association for Research and Education (FLARE) at American University. FLARE is the first national academic organization focused on “the evolving roles and lasting legacies of the First Ladies.” McBride also reflects on the past First Ladies and the important issues they championed.

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Anita McBride: The First Ladies’ ‘Stories Need To Be Told’ | MSNBC


    1. @FactsarenotdirtyFwords Is that the new buzz word MSNBC has taught you? Fascist? It use to be white supremacist, then it was racist, then bigot. Now anyone who has a different opinion is a fascist. You fool

    1. Stop the hate..First ladies have done great for our country. They need to be thank and remember their accomplishments.

    2. Actually, medical doctors are not exactly at the pinnacle of intellectualism.
      Any high average IQ person can be a doctor (excluding research doctors); real scholars are “paper doctors” who spend their lives in research/scholarly pursuits (most doctors just read light summaries of the findings of recent medical research, if that).
      If you look up degrees and professions by IQ and educational levels (both formal and autodidactic), medical science isn’t all that high on the list.
      I am a Mensan and I’ve met my share of unimpressive doctors, some of which even hold irrational beliefs (like in “alternative” medicine and therapies), and I only know one, a research doctor, who is a Mensan.
      It’s just like an unintelligent troll (or non-intelligent bot) to actually believe that medical doctors are some sort of ultra geniuses when most fall into the high average to bright category, not gifted, much less genius.

  1. Yes, let’s hear how Melania felt when she learned that a week after their son was born, Stable Genius was banging Stormy.
    Good ol’ republican family values! 😅😂

    1. @Bat Boy According to the maga cult, sharknados are real and they are caused by space lasers. 😅😂

    2. @Ro G – Don’t talk smack, about my girl MTG. Her intelligence is only outdone by her beauty. 🤣

  2. Liberals: why do we always get boat parades with Trump flags?
    Answer: because there is currently no government programs that give away boats, you have to earn it.

  3. The participants of the 6th January were heroes and patriots. Furthermore, Trump was the best president, the USA ever had. Trump will be a president again. No job, and prices are up for 500% since Trump left the office. We need Trump back ASAP

    1. Are you one of those heroes?

      I heard they have started an new movement while incarcerated.
      Called : Soap Drop

    1. @Bat Boy Little BOY blue sheep if you don’t ANSWER the QUESTION now BOY you are racist!! Do you condemn Biden for using the N word several times????

  4. “I don’t wants to Tony I don’t wants to. Where’s my knight in white shiny satin?”

  5. I would leave Jill Biden out of that nobody wants to hear about her affair with Joe Biden while she was married and the fact that the only thing she seems to know how to teach her kids is to smoke crack.

  6. Great idea! Tell the story of the “doctor” who isn’t even a doctor, who married “Truth over facts!”

  7. The stunning and brave Doctor Jill Biden needs to tell her story how she feeds Joe his pudding cup, puts him down for his nap and then gets the work of President done. Does she write Joe’s note cards?

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