FBI Agent Acknowledges Trump Backers Discussed 'Revolution' Before Jan. 6 1

FBI Agent Acknowledges Trump Backers Discussed ‘Revolution’ Before Jan. 6


According to court records, an FBI agent has acknowledged that supporters of former President Trump were openly discussing a "revolution" days prior to the January 6 Capitol riot. NBC's Ken Dilanian has details.
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    1. @Muddy Water
      How about election fraud with no evidence. Is that disinformation. Asking for a friend.

    2. @Muddy Water Evidence? Weird. Im looking through Sidney’s and Rudy’s court filings and it’s just the darndest thing…none of them mention a single instance of fraud. Probably because all you have is debunked youtube videos and no court in their right mind would hear those as evidence.
      So what page and paragraph was this evidence listed? Go ahead. Take all the time you need

    3. @Muddy Water Also- You’re right. It isn’t illegal to question and election. It is however illegal to act on those beliefs and storm a government building because your to much of a snowflake to accept the results.

    1. @Im My Opinion didn’t Trump tell people to leave the country as well?
      You and him are a lot alike. Both also getting banned accounts over your propaganda rhetoric. I knew you were a planted shill in the comments section. Neither Trump nor Obama have a clue. This country is bought and paid for already. Get with the program. Your a tax slave just like the rest of the population. You think the government cares about your race or what gender you decide to be. Just go back to work, pay them and keep the health care to a minimum so you don’t live to long after retirement. Your just a $ number.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas yes, the southern states went for trump ..
      Are you in a fact free universe where you can’t look up facts re: southern states that voted for trump?

    3. @Demetria Karnavas Hmm I can see why the Democrats want statues gone. It’s a reminder of their dirty past. That’s the same reason some Republicans might reason keeping statues around. So Democrats could lie there way out. Democrats fought to keep the slaves, 90 years after the north free the people.

    4. @B. T.
      Absolutely correct, lol, fbi & msdnc is afraid of mentioning blm storming the Oklahoma state capital, threatening republican law makers.

    1. Only interesting to partisans living in the past. The VAST majority of the country has moved on. Which, explains CNN and MSNBC ratings. Even FOX doesn’t talk much about Trump, anymore. Let me remind you Lefties, AGAIN. Hillary Clinton was never President. Donald Trump is no longer President.

    2. @Duncan Macpherson
      Absolutely correct, fbi & msdnc is afraid of mentioning blm storming the Oklahoma state capital, threatening republican law makers.

    3. @Duncan Macpherson I’m sorry Duncan Trump didn’t do it. You know Democrat started this whole thing. How do you unlock a magnetic door from the outside you can’t there’s so many pieces of film that we can’t we haven’t seen yet that proves that it wasn’t Republicans in there. We’re never going to know the truth not ever not unless someone has a bleeding heart and wants to show us the truth stop it

  1. Anyone with the computer and Facebook clear told you that the 6th was when it happened they wouldn’t have guns pretty much pronounced it to the world

    1. Did you forget they did have guns….just kept them out of DC, just in case they would need them? Did you forget about the 2 planted bombs?

    2. @JJ Strumr ah yes the planted bombs with a car full of weapons, sound like a setup. No ones that stupid, nor could you have gotten past security wth such weapons lol so dumb

    1. Had the rioters insurrectionists been the BLM or people of color this would have gone much much differently! The racists that perpetrated this crime should all be tried for treason!!!

    2. Right. They can snoop into everyone’s phones, but pretend to have known LESS than literally anyone who had simply taken a superficial look at publicly available information. Only a complete imbecile would buy into their lies.
      The FBI had prepared to be servile tools under Dictator Donald. Countering his coup-attempt would not have fit into the picture.

    1. Right! All Trump appointees OUT. Wray seems complicit and gave NON answers to congressional inquiry!!!

  2. The FBI needs to be a whole lot smarter. The place to start would be to fire the Trump supporters on the FBI payroll.

    1. @Richard Clarke
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…….

      Did you know the hair
      where you used to have
      a “stone sack”,
      doesn’t smell
      NEARLY as good,
      as little girls’ hair ?….. ….

    2. @Alex we really out here silencing political opposition? 80 million Americans? Jeez people like you really hate America

    1. Perhaps their undercovers agents went to far again… That could be the reason the two that were helping organizing it weren’t arrested!! Read The report that the FBI wrote!!

    2. Meanwhile some are beginning to understand why others are saying that the GBI was behind January 6.

    3. Absolutely correct, msdnc is afraid of mentioning blm stormed the Oklahoma state capital, threatening republican law makers.

  3. This much knowledge and anticipation of the attack publicly and privately just shows how much planning and effort they put into this. I knew that it was a inside job by the trump communist party, but i actually didnt expect it to be so sophisticated to the degree.

  4. Of course they openly discussed this. How else would they all know?? ding ding…bells are ringing.

    1. @Ted Roe And that’s the problem. We’re probably worlds apart with political issues. I’m very much a leftist. But I love this country, sometimes, and democracy. I’ve seen this fascist chatter for years before Trump, and it’s like people just want to sweep it under the rug. It’s shocking to see so many people, who supposedly are so patriotic, are cool with seeing democracy die.

    2. @Troy Baisden yes documented proof that there was supposed to be some type of problems with antifa and BLM don’t say anything about Republican supporters Democrats are the ones that fight Republicans usually don’t you’re never Trumper he did more for us and his four years and any other president before him you guys don’t like it but really do you want your children grandchildren you go through a Marxist type regime they won’t be free remember how great it was and we can play outside and not worry we can’t do that anymore our children can’t do that anymore I might go back to the way it was before where we didn’t have to worry so much don’t you if you don’t then you’re a liar if you don’t like Freedom then you’re a liar

    3. @Han Seoul-Oh but actually we don’t want democracy to die die they go hand-in-hand. You see we feel Republicans feel that there is some Shenanigans going on and it’s been proven that we are correct. I don’t know what news you listen to but all of them report the exact same thing you put on ABC NBC msbc and so on at the same time their main report their main story is worth the word every single station I’m being totally real with you. There was a lot of fraud and it’s going to come out I hope you’re ready for it we don’t want to have it overturn which I would love for it to be but the main thing is knowing that our vote counts

  5. My angry lays with the National Guards and who was blocking orders for them to come into Maryland to defend the Capitol.

    1. President Trump suggested bringing in the national guard before all this happened and Nancy Pelosi denied them.

  6. “And I’ll be right there with you..” (runs to WH, turns tv to insurrection for entertainment and grabs a Big Mac & Diet Coke)

    1. @Greg Bors
      You’re not implying that President Trump advocated for the overthrow of the government are you? I didn’t think so….

    2. @Doug Lowe
      Seems you have a lot of experience. Your sister told me you were a good kisser…that true?

    3. @Juan Fortharoad Yes, Trump still wants our rightfully-elected President to be deposed and himself installed in the White House, little the little tin-pot dictator wannabe that he is

    4. @Juan Fortharoad Ah, you called me a FANUC Sorry babes, but I’m already taken. You’re gonna have to find yourself another boyfriend

    5. @Juan Fortharoad There is truth in humor. Sorry if your little Trumpfite feelings were hurt.

  7. “ he’s not going to be president is he ?”
    “ don’t worry,we have a plan .” ————fbi. 2016

    1. Would you like to expound on that? Did you know of any FBI interference in the 2016 election? Nope? Thought not.

    2. Is there something wrong with Republican brain always going backward in time, it’s 2021, not 2016. Hello! Are you home?!

    3. @Juan Fortharoad BECAUSE you don’t know how to logically argue, you do that name calling juvenile stuff, yawn Juan yawn

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