Chicago Turns To Community Policing Amid Crime Spike | MSNBC

NBC's Shaquille Brewster reports how community policing is affecting Chicago amid the crime spike there. 

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Chicago Turns To Community Policing Amid Crime Spike | MSNBC


  1. Law enforcement can only pick up the pieces. The neighbor hood residents know who these shooters are. It’s up to them to decide if this is the life they want for there Children.

    1. All depends where. Break a window downtown and SWAT is called. Most murders just get a report and a statement.

    2. Was thinking the same thing. I will go one step farther-
      If things are going to change in some of these areas it will take the neighborhood joining together to weed out the rift raft.
      Only then can they live in peace.

  2. Chicago hires Rahm Emanuel to run their city and then doubles down with Lightfoot. Careful what you ask for you just might get it.

    1. You are insane. Maybe if leaders, or SO CALLED LEADERS, would say, hey, don’t run, don’t fight, don’t pull some type of weapon be it a gun or knife, then shootings would be down wouldn’t they? But no, lets say cops are RACIST and then praise the criminal as some hero.

  3. This use to be the way policing was, before patrol cars became more available for cop’s and you’d have Cops Who lived nearest to communities They patrolled, OH there were problem’s but nothing like today.

    1. @Armandhammer Oh my god do not blame bad or absent parenting, do not blame defund police. The violence is too many guns, isolation from the plandemic and not enough diversity. Seriously, this is what the morning propaganda shows said caused the violence.

  4. The rust belt lost a third of it’s manufacturing jobs due to technology and jobs being outsourced. Compounding one problem on top of another makes the challenges greater.
    As long as people are pointing fingers, look at Chicagos corruption by organized crime.

  5. Bravo!! Serving, protecting, connecting. Knowing “Who are the people in your neighbourhood?”🎶 Changing a fad (awareness of policing) into a trend (community policing) into a way of thinking and doing. It took decades to get to this point and it will take a while but thankfully not as long.

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