Another Republican Telling The Truth Becomes The Target Of Trump 1

Another Republican Telling The Truth Becomes The Target Of Trump


The Atlantic’s Tim Alberta discusses his profile of Michigan State Senator Ed McBroom who debunked claims of voter fraud in his state, and how that has drawn the ire of the former president
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    1. Let’s see paying criminals bail when they riot attacking Rep senators by giving out their address to rioters promoting the terrorist org BLM unprotected borders that put the whole country at risk and Rep are the cult… glad to see that bs CRT training is paying off for you!

    2. I don’t understand America. The GOP has been a cult for decades. A death cult based on racism and Christianity to hoodwink their followers into going to war, sending their money, and dying young. What more did the Q-tips add other than a few amusing narratives!?!? I actually like this breed of Republicans a lot more.. they are cute in an innocent way. The old guard were NOT cute in any way at all. The new guard is also young, that means they might learn a few things along the way unlike the dinosaurs. I’m not fan of either iteration but if I had to choose it would be the ones criticizing their own country rather than pointing across the ocean.

    3. @Hibernia If you want to talk about ruining a political party, look to the Republicans. The sheer stupidity, and gullibility, of the people, is allowing the so called “Public Servants” in the GOP to destroy the whole Party. And along with the Party, they’re destroying the Country. Not that this is anything new. trump didn’t start this ball rolling. He just kept it rolling, and sped it up!

    1. @SilortheBlade stay off of CNN quit watching Rachel maddow and please don’t brag with your community college diploma

    2. @Ann Onymous a lot of people can say the same thing about the writing and violence and all other kind of spots in this country

    3. @Lurch lol you do not get how investigation of police shootings work. No not all police shootings go to a grand jury. The police run an internal investigation to determine if the the shooting was justified. They are not obligated to supply the officers name if cleared. We already know the reason why she was shot. I repeat she was disobeying a lawful command from a Capital police officer. Republicans always say when police shot a suspect who disregards commands to stop multi times, they deserved what happens. She disregarded those commands. She was shot end of story.

    4. @Lynn Meyers
      I’m sorry, but your mistaken, most all police departments, for transparency , have a different law enforcement agencies investigate the shooting and present the evidence to the Grand Jury.
      Now answer one question
      If it was a black unarmed female shot by the police, how long would it take for the officer’s name to be released

  1. trump giving people mcbroom’s phone number is like saying: “now go get him and his family!” no wonder there’s fear in telling the truth cuz trump will destroy them using his supporters! what is that – trump, a mob boss. he needs to be stopped and put in jail! he is dangerous …

    1. @Earthlings United Are you okay? Because you definitely have something missing above your shoulders

    2. @Gugenheimer Who and what are you talking about? Whataboutism is meaningless in this context.

    3. I hate CCP,天安门大屠杀1989年6月4日,共匪,五毛,光復香港,時代革命 says:

      trump is the best president in decades

  2. The only fraud to be found is Trump himself…he was a fraud before he ever got elected!

    1. @Jairo Hernandez sorry,let me be clear. Biden did not get Shokin fired over Hunter.
      Shokin was NOT investigating Hunter, Shokin was not even investigating Bursima, at the time of his firing.
      Biden got Shokin fired because most of Europe, the WTO, and even Republicans in Congress wanted Shokin fired.

      this is old news, anyone who has paid ANY attention for the past 3 years knows this.
      so why don’t YOU?

    2. @V for Wombat can’t say I know those numbers to be accurate but if I’m not mistaken between 3 and 4 million fatalities were predicted. I love how you say ignoring politics and in the same post you politicize these deaths

    3. @michael lleb the only clowns I come across r the one’s who voted for a circus clown to be president

    4. @Victor Basta not to the extent where it could change the outcome of an election…if any of u had common sense u would realize there is no scenario where Trump would admit defeat…remember him loosing the popular vote to Hillary an somehow there’s 3 million illegal u morons not see the pattern with Trump

  3. We’re in a nation full of suckers. People willing to believe the rantings of a well known liar without any evidence to back it up.

    1. Yes, Biden is a disgrace. He’s been a liar his entire life, starting in college when he was nearly expelled for plagiarism.

    2. @Love & Hate hang on, corporate media (all democrats as well) keep telling us democrats are just good decent people trying to help the american public while bad evil mean racist republicans are doing bad evil racist things.

      They totally wouldn’t lie to us and manipulate the public on behalf of democrats, that would never happen..

    1. Biden is a flunking fumbling buffoon who will provide Republicans of all the stupidity the left

    2. @John Edward Voting WAS the most important thing for change. The ruling in AZ has sent a message and may have set a precedent. GA already signed into law an independent counsel appointed by the GOP that has the power to overturn and certify votes. This case is in court currently. Hopefully the ruling in AZ doesn’t affect this and other state cases, otherwise so much for democracy.

      Unlike the Proud Boys, KKK, Q and the like. Antifa doesn’t claim a political party but most are on the left. It is not an organization with a leadership tier. It’s an ideology that opposes fascism, nationalism, far right ideologies, white supremacy, authoritarianism, racism, homophobia and xenophobia.

  4. He’s just noticing how crazy his constituents are now lol. I could of told him that 20 years ago

    1. Me too. I grew up around Flint, and still live in the area. In the 80s, my ex and I liked to vacation up there to see the fall colors. We always were treated with suspicion because we had the wrong accent. They knew we weren’t from around there. Just like in the 70s when you went down south – keep your mouth shut because they were still fighting the Civil War. Barry.

  5. HEADLINE, “Rats Desert Sinking Ship” as the USS Sycophant nears the port of Justice.

    1. Rats are just too smart to be used in this sort of analogy. Don’t other creatures also bail?!!?

    2. @norm simpson Parasites will shed a sick host but nothing vile enough comes to mind as a descriptor.

  6. I’ve always researched issues before forming an opinion on anything. I also live in a highly conservative, republican state as one of few Democrats, so keep my thoughts to myself a lot, because no matter how much evidence you show these Trumpites, you’ll never, ever convince them that Trump lied and even did much worse.

    1. I hate CCP,天安门大屠杀1989年6月4日,共匪,五毛,光復香港,時代革命 says:

      msnbc = fake news.

    2. Joe Biden is the most popular president ever elected in the history of everything, and so is his VP, Kamala Harris.

  7. Funny how friends and family members of cult members also say the same thing: “I don’t know them anymore…”
    So did the characters in Invasion of the Bodysnatchers…

    1. @S Miller just like we had the plandemic we also had the planned insurrection. You should really look at other news sources besides MSM so you can learn the truth and wake up

  8. Tim, “These lies can lead us down a very dark and dangerous road.”
    It already has, and the promoter of the big lie should be made to atone.

  9. “It’s difficult to teach a man something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it”, said Upton Sinclair.

  10. Still “anxiously” waiting for National Intelligence briefing/update on the real and present danger posed by armed, militia-type insurrectionists!

  11. This is what “The Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers” was actually about – and now it’s coming about (and it’s not too much better on this side of the pond, either)

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