Anti-Vaxxers And The New ‘Civil Rights’ | MSNBC 1

Anti-Vaxxers And The New ‘Civil Rights’ | MSNBC


Republicans around the country are trying to use civil rights protections to push their anti-vax agenda. NBC’s Mehdi Hasan takes them on in this mini-rant. Start the clock!

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Anti-Vaxxers And The New ‘Civil Rights’ | MSNBC


    1. They did visit, 2 years ago. They went to the leader of the most powerful nation in the world, found no intelligent life and departed.

    1. @atheist28403 so you listen more to random people than the people who actually know more of the vaccine. Not the smartest thing to do. Those who say it gives “guaranteed full protection” are not only lying to themselves, they’re also giving misinformation. The guy who answered you is actually correct on this because that’s what most in the medical profession are saying.

    2. @S F nobody cares. Like you said “my body, my choice”. Wtf should we care about your body, IT’S YOUR BODY

    3. @shadows221 Reading comprehension is obviously not your forte’. As I responded to kat doe, *I* do not take advice from or listen to random people, I simply pointed out that others do.
      That said, I also don’t trust the word of the MSM propaganda machine or a medical “expert” whose only consistency is consistently flip-flopping on the advice he gives to the American public, the extent to which he and the CDC were involved in this outbreak, and the likely origins of the virus.

    4. @atheist28403 you said just scroll through the comments to find example of this … so i took it to mean you think that is where they get their info from. all i am saying is that maybe we should actually talk to the people in our lives that do believe this and find out why and get them to talk to their doctors

    5. But its ok for scientists to do gain functions experiments to see how to see how Zoonotic virus can become?

      Just look what Shi Zhenlig and the people that funded her SARS-CORONAVIRUS experiment did!!!!
      Now we’re dealing with SARS-CORONAVIRUS 2 aka Covid-19/Caps.

    1. @cheryl challacombe go look up the world death statistics for the past 10 years… no uptick, all within the variances yet so many people have died?? And if this “pandemic” is so bad why lock down Americans yet open the border, provide zero testing and usher them into the interior of the country?? Seriously, you can’t be that stupid????

    2. @Billy Goat Well remember when you get sick in general not to go see a doctor…try reading a few random Bible verses and burning some witchhazel…let us know how that works out for ya👌

    3. @Secretary of Education since when do I not support modern medicine??? I just don’t support experimental vaccines that don’t stop you from getting the virus and one no one is responsible for side effects… drink the coolaide all you want I’ll pass and take my .01 % chance of an issue…

  1. The UK has 88% single-vaccinated, 67% double, and still proceeding apace. We also have a Delta spike coming. That’s the bad news. The good news is that far less people are getting hospitalised and/or dying because the infected tend to be younger and therefore less likely to get it badly. Less likely, but not completely unlikely.
    As for those who have so far refused to be vaccinated, and continue to do so? In your case it’s the Darwin variant (not Delta). Good luck.

    1. @Drought Tolerant In the UK, all clinically vulnerable groups and those over 80 were vaccinated first, then groups by reducing age. With a functioning National Health Service people could easily be invited in order by their local GP surgeries. Right now, all over 18s not vaccinated can get appointments or go to a walk-in centre.

    2. In my area in Belgium we are up to 92% single vaxed and 66% fully (of 18+ age that is). The effects can be seen already. The end of this 2 year madness will end soon i hope.

  2. Matt Gaetz must have misunderstood when he was told people use Venmo to make minor purchases.

    1. @Ghost of the Tuskegee Experiments Some of us know the 76 swine flu propaganda was exactly the same without the internet, it turned out very bad, they lied, they recalled the vaccine after 50 deaths, and a 60 minutes episode exposed all of it. This vaccine gets a pass with 11k deaths in the US alone and that’s admittedly only 1% of the actual number via CDC Vaers data site.

    2. @Ghost of the Tuskegee Experiments Just by your name I thought you would know that historical episode.

  3. Require childhood vaccinations to quality for all the new proposed government benefits like they do here in Australia and watch the parental anti-Bax sentiment m

    1. No taxation without representation. A key, fundamental principle of the US.

      Put simply, if I’m not eligible to receive services from the government (that my tax dollars pay for), the government is no longer eligible to collect taxes from me.

    2. I’m all for that… as I do not receive government assistance and I no longer wish to be taxed for those programs.
      THANK YOU =]

  4. My husband and I are both cancer survivors and are fully vaccinated. Neither one of us ever considered not getting the vaccine since we both know the horror of a potentially terminal situation. I truly don’t understand anti-vaxxers’ thought processes, but I also don’t care. I just want them to stay home if they get covid and not utilize hospital resources. Leave those beds open for those who need them. You have made your choice.

  5. The Republican legislators would have far more anti-vax credibility if they themselves had not been vaccinated.

  6. It’s scary that the executive branch is colluding with social media to suppress speech. That goes against all of the values our country was founded upon and is about as unamerican as you can get. Also this push for ids to be tied to social media accounts is hilarious. You want to Id people for social media, you want vaccine id, but you don’t want us to vote? The hypocrisy makes my head spin.

  7. *Im not getting vaccinated and Ill go where I want to go.* Dont like it? Stay home.

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